Eye burn in the dog

Veterinarians note an increase in the number of pets receiving burns of varying severity, including the eye. And most often from similar traumas the dogs suffer. It is not difficult to guess that this trend is due to the fact that the owners do not provide adequate security to their pets and allow for various dangerous situations. True, in good faith owners pets are also burned. Since no one is immune from such situations, it is better for a person to know what to do if a dog's eyes are burned and what actions should be avoided.


Causes and classification of burns

Dogs are quite curious animals, in addition, most of them have a dull sense of self-preservation. In most cases, the curiosity of four-footed friends is costly. The dog can get damage to the eyes in a variety of ways:

  1. Chemical burn. It occurs when poisonous substances - acids, alkalis, salts of heavy metals and other compounds capable of curing tissues, enter the mucous surface of the organ of vision. In addition, a burn of the eye mucosa may in this case appear due to improper use of medication. The severity of the damage, first of all, depends on how concentrated the composition is, the burn can be both superficial and affect the deeper layers of the dermis. If the poisonous substance is not removed from the surface, then the lesion can cause necrosis of the tissues.
  2. Eye burn ultraviolet. It can get a pet when a person for a long time leaves an erythemic or quartz lamp included, which are used to treat various diseases.
  3. Thermal burn. The effect of high temperatures on the mucous surface of the eyes can be called the most common cause of eye burns. Such a burn damage a pet can get as a result of a fire, thrusting a curious nose into the fire or accidentally peering into a saucepan of boiling liquid. There are many situations, but in each of them the dog does not have time to squint and the conjunctiva with the cornea is injured.

Symptoms of pathology

Any burn, including the eye, causes a sharp and sharp pain syndrome. The pet tries to hide from the light, its tear fluid is intensively allocated, the eyelids, the conjunctiva and the cornea swell. Eye burn in the dog

Vision of the victim greatly worsens, the pet becomes restless, begins to rub his muzzle with his paws, wipes himself on carpets and upholstered furniture, trying to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

If it is a serious burn, some of the cells in the organ of vision die, there is a significant clouding of the lens. In some cases, ulcers appear on the surface of the eye, where coarse scars form on the surface of the eye.

In case of serious damage, it is possible to damage the eyelid tissue with the eyeball. In the case of neglected pathology, the animal may develop an infection-septic process, for example panophthalmitis, etc.

First Aid Rules

How to act if a pet burns his eyes depends on what caused the damage:

  1. Thermal burn - 0.25% levomycetin droplets drip into the eye, pulling down the skin of the lower eyelid lays a little 1% tetracycline ophthalmic ointment.
  2. Chemical burn - immediately flush the affected organ with plenty of water. The event should last at least 10 minutes, a rubber pear is suitable for such purposes.
  3. Contact with the eye of solid chemicals (lime, potassium permanganate crystals, etc.) - it is important to remove particles of toxic components very quickly, using a tweezers or a cotton ball, and then rinse the mucous with plenty of water. Then - Sulfacil sodium is dripped into the eye, the eye tetracyclin ointment is placed behind the eyelid (the skin remedy can not be used!), And Baneocin powder and 1% Synthomycin emulsion are applied to the skin around. It is recommended to apply a sterile bandage to your eyes, use a bandage, gauze, but not cotton wool!
  4. Sunburn - you can not give your pet rubbing your eyes with your paws, you can put cooling lotions on your eyelids, which will reduce soreness and swelling. To reduce pain and photophobia, you can drip into each eye novocaine drops.

After all the manipulations, the pet must be taken to the veterinary clinic.

Treatment of eye burns

Upon admission to the clinic, the veterinarian must prescribe the treatment:

  • painkillers in the form of drops for the eyes - most often the choice falls on non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs or local anesthetics;
  • to eliminate pain symptoms can be prescribed drugs that dilate the pupils;
  • with severe burns, glucocorticosteroids may be recommended;
  • keratoprotectors are used to accelerate the healing of damaged tissues.

To exclude situations in which an animal can injure itself, veterinarians advise wearing a special protective collar. In some cases, drug therapy is not enough, and then the patient is surgically intervened.

Preventive measures

It is impossible to foresee everything, but the owner should take more care of the safety of the pet. You can not allow samovygul, home should not be poisonous substances in free access, it is also important to avoid dangerous situations. Eye Burn

A dog is the best friend of a person who unconditionally trusts his master. And it is desirable that the owner is aware of all the responsibility that appears when a four-footed comrade crosses the threshold of the house.

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