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There are a number of requirements for guard dogs. Such dogs should be able to master the following disciplines: guard and guard, guard, guard and sentry duty, as well as guard and guard. Naturally, only physically developed dogs with the necessary innate instincts and natural inclinations can cope with such volumes. People far from cynology and its features, look at this question easier, not knowing about the nuances - the guard dog must be able to protect the property, territory or owner. Breeds of this direction are united by one thing - they are universal, but at the same time they have a number of serious differences.


How to choose the best guard for the house and apartment?

What criterion is fundamental when choosing a four-legged guard? Should the dog be of impressive size, cause serious injuries to the attacker or have distrust of strangers? In fact, many factors, the wishes of the future owner and the conditions in which he is to live are taken into account.

Guard dog for home

People living in a private house need a four-legged friend, able to protect their property and protect the surrounding area. The dog must be suitable for street maintenance and free to enter the house or just move around the local area. Suitable captive content or living in a booth. The main wishes in this case include the following:

  • It would be better if the dog belongs to a giant, large breed or, in extreme cases, to an average one.
  • The dog must have a thick coat with well-developed undercoat.
  • The pet must be able to make decisions on its own and at the same time be loyal to its family.
  • Mandatory is the innate vigilance to strangers.

It is not recommended to keep the watchdog constantly on the chain. In this case, the leash is only a temporary measure when you have to keep the gate open or guests are expected to arrive. Representatives of guard breeds of dogs differ in their activity and endurance, bestowed on them by nature, therefore, if we limit their freedom, we can expect tragic consequences. wonderful guard dog for home

The dog will constantly experience stress, which will lead to mental disorder, and a large, aggressive, unbalanced pet is a real threat to others.

Apartment guard

It requires more stringent selection, because the pet will live side by side with a man. Sometimes the main criterion is the size of the animal, especially when it comes to modest areas. But for fans of large and giant breeds, this factor is not decisive, and they get a mastiff or mastiff, living in a small apartment.

If we talk about the average, the majority of future owners pay attention to the following:

  • the dog must be of medium or small size;
  • it is desirable that the animal molted little or did not have this tendency at all and did not possess the characteristic smell of a dog;
  • short coat;
  • the pet must not have excessive salivation;
  • the dog must be neat;
  • the animal should not be hyperactive and require a lot of space.

Of course, the owner himself determines what is important for him and what he is capable of “closing his eyes”.

The best protection for humans

Any dog ​​with a set of security qualities can become a bodyguard, even if they are not bright, and the animal is not a working dog. To protect the owner will help him unlimited love for the owner and his loved ones.

Of course, all dogs have teeth, but can they all use them if necessary? Hardly. Another important factor is the presence of a stable nervous system. For example, a tiny dog ​​that shakes from loud noises can bite, but only if they are in danger. dog guard

But good-natured, large dog will get involved in a fight if the threat hangs over his master. Certain conclusions can be made that, with proper education and a strong psyche, the dog can become an excellent bodyguard.

What breeds of dogs are not able to be guards?

Considering dogs of various breeds as a pet and a guard, some of them can be almost immediately removed from the list. According to dog handlers, they do not have protective qualities:

  • Hunting dogs, except those that belong to the universal breeds - likes, schnauzers and some types of terriers. And one more nuance - dogs who have anger and aggression at the beast at the level of genes, are not recommended to be kept in a private house. And not only a personal farmstead can suffer, but also a neighbor’s one.
  • Fight dogs - thanks to breeding, modern representatives of these breeds have a good-natured disposition. But if such a pet is properly raised, in case of danger, he will definitely come to the rescue.
  • Dogs intended for the role of rescuers , guides, as family pets - even a large dog, unrestrainedly rejoicing at all those who come into the house, is unlikely to be able to bring fear to the intruders.

Giant Guards

If there is a desire and opportunity to have not just a four-footed comrade, but a dog of gigantic proportions, able to perform a guard service perfectly, you should look at the following breeds:

Phila-brasileiro Phila-brasileiro

This animal at the withers can reach 75 cm, is considered to be a rather serious, large dog. Fila needs respect, but she shouldn’t give her any weakness - the pet should always remember who is in charge in the house.

The representative of this breed is suitable only for experienced dog breeders who know how to raise such giants. In addition to knowledge, the owner must be patient, have free time for classes with a four-legged friend.

From fila it turns out a great guard - balanced, intelligent, who does not get lost, even in serious situations. These dogs differ in special behavior in case of danger - they attack quietly, without giving a voice, and even mimicry does not betray their mood.

Bullmastiff Bullmastiff

Already in breeding the breed, it was assumed that its representatives would become excellent guards and watchmen. The bullmastiffs are agile, quick dogs that manage to hold onto the attacker, without causing heavy injuries to him, until the owner comes.

These dogs use a certain tactic when attacking - they do not make noise, and even at night they do an excellent job with their duties. But because of the short coat, they are not suitable for permanent street content.

Dogue de Bordeaux Dogue de Bordeaux

Bordeaux mastiff - powerful and colorful, he is an excellent guard, but requires special training. The pet has innate guarding qualities, however, these dogs also make excellent pets that are lying on the couches.

Dogo Argentino (Dogo Argentino or Argentine Mastiff) Dogo Argentino (Dogo Argentino or Argentine Mastiff)

Snow-white large dog with smooth hair, which is a serious weapon in the strong, skilled hands of an experienced owner. By attacking an intruder, a dogo of Argentina in a second can tear him to pieces. In some countries, there is a ban on the purchase and breeding of dogs of this breed, as they require an exceptional approach to the education and training, which is not possible for everyone.

Black Russian Terrier (Stalin's dog) Black Russian Terrier (Stalin's dog)

The amazing breed bred in the Soviet Union was originally intended for military service. These are big, shaggy, black dogs, capable of protecting local territory, but at the same time needing to communicate with their owner.

The black terrier, enraged, is a real storm, which can be stopped only by injuring the animal itself! Therefore, dog handlers warn future owners of the need for early socialization, education and further training of such a pet.

Giant Schnauzer Giant Schnauzer

Another black big handsome, who only in warm weather can live on the street. Like all schnauzers, this burly loves members of his family, but to the guests, if he does not show aggression, he is reserved and wary. In the event of an imminent danger, the pet will necessarily show all its protective qualities, and the household schnauzer will protect both the household and the property.

Moscow Watchdog Moscow Watchdog

This dog can live quietly on the street, has endurance and temperament. Jokes with such an animal are bad - the dog will not be just scary and if it attacks, then with all the ensuing consequences. It is not recommended to keep a guard in an open-air cage, it should “patrol” the territory round the clock and be aware of all events occurring on it.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog

A huge shaggy dog, reminiscent of a bear and already one of its appearance suggestive horror. And indeed, penetrating its territory, a person is extremely at risk. Although, above all, the dog is not aimed at killing, it is enough for him to expel a stranger.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog must see the leader in the host, otherwise one should not expect submissive submission. If the owner finds an approach to this difficult pet, he will become a faithful, loyal friend, able to protect him to the last drop of blood.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai) Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai)

The Central Asian giant , resembling a Caucasian, but with greater affection for his family. CAO does well with other animals, conflicts can only arise between Alabai and other large dogs.

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Dogs of large guard breeds

There are guard rocks and not so large, but still possessing significant dimensions:

German Shepherd German Shepherd

Perhaps the most common universal dog with protective qualities in the blood. The German Shepherd is able to perform any work, except for hunting functions, gets on with any animals and becomes not just a guard, but a real family member.

Belgian Shepherd Belgian Shepherd

Not so popular dogs, but have excellent qualities. They are more active than the Germans, live well both side by side with the owner, and in street conditions. They are well trained and trained, get along well with children, but need intensive workloads.

Rottweiler Rottweiler

Large, but at the same time compact dogs, which are best kept in the house, as they have a short coat. Rottweiler is considered a dangerous breed, so it is recommended to start an experienced dog breeders who are able to pay due attention to his four-legged friend.

Doberman Doberman

Dog, color and coat resembles a rottweiler, but more stately and lean, with a narrow, elongated muzzle. The breed was intended for the police service; therefore, guard and guard duties were cultivated when breeding. Doberman has a formidable appearance and excellent physical shape.

Italian Corso Dog Italian Corso Dog

Service breed, whose members have the power, endurance and serious impressive appearance. It is worthwhile to start a Corso dog for people who are self-confident, as dogs can be stubborn and require serious training and education.

Medium and small size guards

Dog guards, not large in size, can be more dangerous for a person who has plotted evil than huge family dogs. The guards can be fighting dogs, such as the Staffordshire Terrier or the American Pit Bull Terrier . They make excellent bodyguards, but only with appropriate training.

Small but daring dogs with guard instincts are Airedale Terriers, although their funny appearance may confuse. But the dog has strong jaws, congenital mistrust of others and sensitivity.

A mini - schnauzer is a dog suitable for housing maintenance, because it does not shed and does not have a specific smell. But at the same time he will protect his family and property. Miniature Schnauzer - the smallest of schnauzers has the same qualities.

Jagdterrier is a small dog with a hyperactive, restless character, fearlessness and special biting. The dog is able to put a lot of bites in just a minute, or even faster. For example, if you meet the raccoon one-on-one with a raccoon, then the latter definitely will not be good, the same can be said about a person. Of course, he may not inflict fatal wounds, but he will most likely discourage the hunt once again to invade his territory.

A special mission is entrusted to the guard dog - to protect and protect the person and his property, and the dog, with the right approach, perfectly copes with this task. In fact, there are many breeds capable of this, but representatives of each of them need a special approach, attention and training. Taking into your house not just a four-legged friend, but a serious pet with certain qualities, a person places responsibility on himself. This should not be forgotten when choosing a suitable puppy.

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