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The Central Asian Shepherd (Alabai) is one of the most formidable guard dogs. Having a rich history, Alabai could become real helpers of man. But it is worth knowing that being a formidable weapon, these dogs can, in inept hands, turn against their owners. What are the owners' reviews of Alabai?


1. Maria, Voronezh: "Our defender from the thief"

Reviews about Alabay

Having changed the apartment to your house, immediately took the opportunity to embody our long-standing dream - to have a large dog. Before that, because of the cramped living conditions, we kept only that toy-terrier. Especially we did not hurry, we set up a special aviary, we read information about large dogs. We did not need a dog whose main virtue would be barking on passers-by. We chose the real guard.

Most of the neighbors had yard dogs or shepherd's mestizos, but judging by the complaints of the people, they could not even prevent the stealing of chickens. Looking at this, we chose the Central Asian Shepherd Dog - the male Alabai.

My husband seriously approached his upbringing, being a military pensioner, he did not spare time for the pet. The method of training used his own.

It was important for us that the dog did not "bob" in vain, but aggressively treated the infiltrated aliens in our territory. Our dog quickly mastered the command "Its!", Though calmed down, does not cease to watch carefully and watchful of the guests. Naturally, people are somewhat annoyed, but not once the dog showed no aggression.

Over time, we realized that Alabai is the best guard, and besides, because of its appearance, no one even tries to get into our farmstead. Although there were attempts to poison our pet (they found pieces of meat and sausages that got through the fence from outside). Therefore, it is necessary to teach the dog not to pick up anything from the ground.

2. Alina, Krasnodar Territory: "Alabai is not a dog for amateurs"

Central Asian Shepherd Reviews

Listening for a long time to the praise of a colleague about her dog, they say, and clever, and the defender, etc., I could not stand it and bought a puppy from her alabayki. I took with a certain intent - to protect my apartment from thieves' raids, especially since there is no man in our family, only women - I, my mother, my daughter.

I bought my Almira in the very beginning of autumn, thinking that by the spring she will turn into a smart guard. Living in a spacious apartment with my mother and daughter, I calmly started to work, leaving the education of the dog on their household.

Having no experience, we grew a monster! Possessing high intelligence, our girl quickly learned a lot of commands. But! She performed them solely on the mood. The rest of the time, she only dealt with wrecking.

At the next fortune (eating my shoes) and trying to stop them, Almira (at 6 months old this is already a large animal) bitten me by the hand. The first thought: "Give it away!" Flashed, but who needs a malicious grown-up dog who does not know how to behave? And I did not even consider other inhumane options.

The only way out was to go to training courses. Fortunately, the expert assured that it is not too late to correct the behavior of our "evil". I had to attend individual lessons, because the dog was extremely categorical about other dogs, trying to gnaw each of them.

The case was partially adjusted, and Almira took me for the mistress. There was a lot of money and time. But the rest of the family she does not put in anything. Can not let go of the apartment, blocking the way. Therefore often lives on the balcony.

I can say that Alabai is not a dog for fragile women, it is not suitable for an apartment, and generally, without a certain character and knowledge, it is not worth it.

3. Nina, Novosibirsk: "Our friend is Alabai."

Our Alabai

Reading about Alabai, it seems a picture in eerie tones with a monster in the foreground. I do not know how, but we got an absolutely opposite representative of this breed, or maybe we influenced him so. Our Alabai is not just a member of the family, but a true friend.

Living in an apartment and leading an overly active way of life, we decided that a big dog is just necessary for us. Considering, as a candidate, St. Bernard, the idea of ​​the shallows - he is too calm. As a result of stormy searches and fabrications, they chose the Middle Asiatic.

Our alabaychik is not a terrible beast at all, which can frighten children and old women. The thunder is absolutely socialized creature - it goes with us on the car, with a muzzle and in the bus. Excellent communicates with other dogs on the ground, but here to unfamiliar dogs, especially males, and can manifest aggression. Fortunately, local dogs have a clear distribution, who, when walking. Therefore, we only go for a walk with friendly dogs.

Of course, the husband made an effort to bring up Thunder. No wonder he served on the border and has experience in dealing with service dogs. We are absolutely not afraid for our children, our dog will never touch them, and will not let others offend us.

How many people, so many opinions, but all the owners converge in one thing - the Alabai need a solid hand of a person who knows the nature of these dogs. Otherwise, you can turn to professional help or get a big-willed big dog, dangerous not only for others, but also for the owner.

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