German Toy Terrier

Low-key looks and unique abilities are a jagdterrier, a German hunting dog with an interesting, though not too long, history that has earned the fame of a true burrowing hunter. Breed rather rare therefore causes interest and certain questions. What you need to know about these dogs, before you choose to be a pet?


Origins of Toy Terriers

About this breed we can say that it is relatively young, because these dogs appeared less than a hundred years ago. The ancestors of the jagdterrier are the English and German fox terriers . The history of the breed began in the 20s of the 20th century, when a small company of enthusiasts took up the restoration of the working qualities of the once popular fox terrier dogs. The main goal of the work was to create ideal hunters.

German Toy Terrier

At the beginning of the activity, the mix touched various Fox Terriers, Germans with black color and English with light wool were taken. As a result, dogs with a black and tan color appeared, to which they soon added blood of another breed — a black and red Old English terrier with hard wool.

The selection work was carried out under the direction of Dr. Herbert Lackner. As a result of the labor-intensive breeding work and the successful selection of material (the founders of the breed were Old English hard-haired terriers and welsh terriers) in 1925 a black and tan terrier appeared. He had a developed hunter instinct and all the qualities required in this business: strong-willed, courageous, energetic, but also distinguished by a balanced character and devotion.

Breed received name German jagdterrier. A year after its appearance, the first breed club was opened. At the beginning of the 80s, jagdterriers were recognized by the International Film Festival, at the same time a standard of this breed appeared, according to which pedigreed representatives belong to large and medium sized terriers. It also clarifies that dogs undergo mandatory testing of working properties.

Description of breed German Jagdteriere

In breeding the breed, the priority was to obtain ideal working qualities, and this could not but affect the external data of the animals. In dogs of this breed, sexual dimorphism is quite well pronounced — the males are distinguished by a stronger muscular constitution, strength and courage. The females are somewhat smaller and have a more graceful constitution. Kobelinoy bitches are rejected.

Description of breed German Jagdteriere

Yagdterery have strong bones, developed muscles, dry, dense, elastic skin that fits snugly to the body. The disadvantages include excessive lightness or roughness of the body; light defects of bones, poorly developed muscular framework, loose skin, depleted or loose complexion are among the defects. The growth of the breed is from 33 to 40 cm, males weigh from 9 to 10 kg, females - from 7.5 to 8.5 kg.

The standard approved such external data jagdteryerov:

  • A wedge-shaped head with slightly marked cheekbones and flat cheeks, slightly flattened between the auricles. The muzzle is different in strength and strength, has a smooth narrowing to the ear. Nose is black in most cases, only in dogs with chestnut color it is brown or liver-colored. Lips have a black border, tight fit. Jaws with well developed muscles, strong, with large teeth and scissor bite.
  • Auricles are small, triangular, set high, hang on cartilage tissue. Ears in a standing position, small or heavy, are vices.
  • The eyes are small, oval in shape, with dark brown iris and dry, dense eyelids, deeply set. In a penetrating gaze a certain vigilance slips.
  • The neck is medium in size, with a pronounced nape, it is distinguished by dryness and developed muscles, it smoothly passes into a well-marked withers.
  • Blades with a slanting formulation fit snugly to the body. The back is straight, without bulges, with excellent muscles. The lumbar region and the croup are short, wide, muscular.
  • The tail is cut at 1/3 of the entire length, has a high setting, is slightly thick, is in line with the back or slightly higher.
  • The thorax is considered moderately wide, with an oval cross-section and a decent depth. The ribs are convex, elastic. The abdomen is taut, with a beautiful smooth line from the chest in the groin area.
  • As for the forelimbs , they are located in parallel, have strong bones and dry muscles. The hind limbs are distinguished by wider staging, strong, strong, with pronounced knee joints. The paws are small, oval-shaped, the pads are fleshy, with arched, tightly clenched fingers.

German dogs move easily, freely, along a straight path.

The colors and coat of the toy terriers

There are two types of representatives of this breed:

  • Smooth haired terriers - have a single-layer, dense, short hair, which evenly covers the entire body of the animal, has a natural sheen.
  • Wire-haired jagdterieri - with an elongated, hard, dense coat. From the guard coat is formed decorating hair in the form of small tows and beards.

According to the standard, German jagdterriers come in a black and brown shade.

Jagdteriera Colors

Regardless of the color of the coat, all dogs have symmetrically located, clearly defined burners, which are located above the brow arches, from the sides of the muzzle, in the chest, legs, and in the anus. The standard allows for a light or dark mask, small spots on the sternum and fingers.

Another popular German breed is the Great Dane .

The nature of the breed

Hunters to the bone - jagdterrier have anger towards the beast, they are brave and fearless. The dogs showed themselves well not only in the hunt for poultry living in burrows, but also in the search for the beast on the trail of blood, they also find field and water game well, they perfectly apporte.

Dogs are not too friendly to people, so they are considered quite complex pets that require early education and socialization. Therefore, the breed is not recommended for inexperienced dog breeders. Without training and educational measures, the dog becomes uncontrollable.

German Jagd Terrier Puppy

Yagdterrier need constant physical exertion and regular working out of working qualities, so it is better to start them with people who are overly active and mobile. This pet will always be happy to accompany the owner on long hikes, bike rides, any travels.

Dogs of this breed are perfectly accustomed to new conditions, therefore they are good for families who often change their place of residence. A well-educated dog is friendly to all members of the family, he truly loves his owners and is boundless to them.

Jagdterriers are good for children and love active joint games very much. They are excellent defenders, and are not afraid of opponents that exceed them in strength and size. Naturally, dogs are not suitable for sharing with other animals. The shortcomings of the breed include timidity and malice towards a person, to vices - unreasonable aggression, an unstable psyche.

Training and coaching of dogs

Given the specificity of this breed, the processes of dressing can not be considered separately from the coaching of dogs for game. Inborn burrow hunters still require proper training. It is also worth noting that their training is a rather specific process, since the character of the lizard terriers cannot be called simple.

They are malicious and stubborn, which even with a developed intellect, greatly complicates the learning process. In addition, due to strong hunting instincts, dogs have the ability, without receiving a command, to decide for themselves how to proceed based on the circumstances. On the one hand, this is a valuable quality, on the other hand, possible difficulties.

When training requires a serious approach and taking into account the age, mental and personal characteristics of the pet. It is recommended to start a pet from the first days, as he was in a new house. If everything is done correctly, the dog will quickly learn the standard commands, learn to behave properly, including in the house.

But in addition to the usual training , jagdterrier needs to be trained, which experts recommend to carry out in artificial burrows. This makes it possible to exercise control over the pet and help him if necessary. The half year old dog can be introduced to a raccoon, then to a fox, and by one and a half years with a badger. In this matter, haste can hurt, and it will be rather difficult to correct the situation. This is especially true for bitches, with the males, the pre-cut is much easier.

The results of tests of dogs of this breed on blood tracks show that they have the same qualities as huskies, but their scores, assessing the sense of smell and search, are somewhat higher than those of huskies, welsh and other breeds.


The coat of representatives of this breed is unpretentious in the care. To make the dog look great, it must be periodically cleaned with a special brush. Brutal haired terriers need to be trimmed 2-3 times a year to rid them of dead hair. The pet does not require frequent washing, the procedure is carried out when necessary. Take care of the ears and teeth of a pet, cleaning them. Claws are cut off as they grow - in the winter time, the procedure is carried out more often.


The dog feels psychological comfort if it gets a chance to move a lot. A pet of this kind is not suitable for people who like to spend their free time at the TV. Since the nature of this breed of dogs laid some aggression, they need to spend it and do it better through training and hunting. Ideally, dogs need 3-4 hours of walking a day.

Vaccination is very important for young terriers, because they are in contact not only with other pets, but also with wild animals. Antihelminthic drugs should also be given regularly and treated against external parasites.

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How and what to feed jagdteriera

As in the case of other breeds, the owners of the lugger terriers have a choice - to feed the pet with ready-made rations or natural products. When feeding in kind, the dog needs to prepare food every day, especially if we are talking about several pets. Among the permitted products are the following:

  • Meat: representatives of the breed perfectly assimilate beef broth, but boiled veal is not suitable for the diet, can cause indigestion and diarrhea.
  • Offal - great food for German terriers. You can take the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomachs of poultry and beef.
  • Dairy products and sour milk - low fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka should be present in the diet of the game lizard. Milk can be given, but only skimmed.
  • Groats - boiled buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, millet.
  • Vegetables - there are many options, you can boil potatoes for your pet, give raw carrots, beets, zucchini, cabbage. It is useful to add fresh greens, sorrel, beet tops, pre-scalded young nettles to food.

Adult dogs are fed once or twice a day, bitches in position and lactating - three times. If the owner chooses to feed the pet with ready-made dry rations, then this should be a high-quality product that provides the dog with everything necessary. It is better to choose feed from the category of premium and super premium . It is recommended to increase the portion of food in winter to dogs that are kept outside. Instead of water, it is better to apply clean snow to the drinking bowl.

Photo of German Jagdteriere

German Jagd Terrier breedJagdterrierBeautiful Jagd TerrierJagdterrier on the benchJagdterrier on the grassJagdteriera puppy

Video about German Jagdteriere

How much is a puppy jagdteriera

Despite the fact that the breed in the territory is not very common, however, in large cities there are kennels that breed these dogs. Experts do not recommend purchasing puppies from random sellers, since in addition to the risks of getting a bloodless pet, there is a chance to buy a puppy with behavioral abnormalities and genetic disorders.

In addition, professional breeders necessarily take care of the working qualities of their wards. The cost of pedigreed kids with documents varies from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles. Lower price should be alerted.

The German hunting game lizard is a pet, which is not quite suitable as a sofa companion. This dog is intended for hunting, participation in competitions and other active events. In addition, he needs compulsory education and training, a master with a strong hand. Otherwise, the dog will be uncontrollable, and cause a lot of trouble. If such difficulties do not frighten, then you can safely go for a new family member.

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