German boxer

The German boxer is a merry fellow with a warlike look who just needs discipline and unlimited love from the owners. This dog can perform most of his official duties, but being a pleasant companion doesn’t interfere with it at all. What is this breed and what are its features?


Historical roots

The researchers believe that the ancestors of the boxers were the ancient Tibetan dogs, which appeared in ancient Greece and Rome before the beginning of our era. On the territory of Greece, these dogs were used to breed military dogs, the Molossians, who quickly spread to European countries.

German boxer

According to another version, doggy dogs lived in the north of Europe, and it was the Great Dane that became the ancestor of the English Mastiff breed. Later from the mastiffs formed the first boxers.

Northern hybrid dogs of a family of dogs are trapped in the central European countries. For example, at that time in the territory of Germany, the Bullenbeisers were in fashion - small and large. These dogs were also the ancestors of the boxers. Having small dimensions, the small Bullenbasers were distinguished by fearlessness and mobility, which allowed them to be used for baiting bulls, as well as hunting for a large beast.

The appearance of the first boxers dates back to the 1850th year, it happened in Munich. Breeding activities with bulldogs, mastiffs and bullenbasers gave their results. Producers managed to bring a disciplined breed, combining healthy aggression, excellent physical data and developed intelligence.

German Boxer Story

Therefore, boxers can control themselves, have obedience and are focused on serving people. The complete formation of the breed occurred at the end of the 19th century, at the same time the standard was approved, and the first clubs appeared.

The breed got its fighting name because of the manner of its representatives to play, turning in the air with their paws, as if boxing in the ring.

Breed description German boxer

Dogs are of medium height, proud posture, stocky build. They have a developed, dry muscles, the relief of which clearly protrudes under the coat.

Distinctive characteristics in appearance are the following:

  • The head of dogs is quite compact, and the closer in size the width of the muzzle with the skull, the more perfect it is. On the attractive face there is a dark mask. The lower jaw protrudes forward, giving the boxers a warlike look. The teeth are strong, set symmetrically, they are not visible when the mouth of the animal is closed.
  • Nose slightly upturned.
  • Ears are quite high. If they are stopped, they acquire an acute form.
  • Eyes with dark iris, a look without aggression, energetic and inquisitive.
  • The boxers' body is square, that is, the length and height at the withers are equal. The back and loins are short, strong.
  • Limbs boxers massive, correctly set. Dogs are distinguished by wide croup, especially in bitches. The belly of the dog is lean, fully matched.

Coat of boxers is short, hard, tight to the body. There are two colors:

  • red (from rich red to light yellow); Redhead boxer
  • brindle (from golden to dark, gloomy tone). Tiger boxer

Bands according to the standard must have clear lines. White markings are allowed, they even make the dog look more aesthetic. Dogs with a different coat color - white, gray, black, with a lot of white and others are marriage.

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Character boxers

In the character of the boxer must be present the spirit of struggle, this instinct is called functional. Dogs are struggling selflessly and with pleasure. Moreover, this quality is already apparent in infancy. Gradually the games are getting tougher, turning into a real battle. But if you often meet the need of a dog in a splash of emotions and the manifestation of force, the dog can become overly pugnacious.

There are representatives of the breed with a low threshold of irritation and constant readiness to fight. They can be dangerous, but mostly pedigree dogs believe in their own strength and use them exclusively at times of danger.

Character boxers

German Boxer Photo

Boxers are merciless to enemies and boundlessly devoted to their family. Thanks to their playfulness, they are excellent companions for children, they can play without getting tired. And thanks to the natural instinct to protect the weak, the dog will never touch the child and will forgive any awkwardness, even causing pain. If the baby becomes very annoying, the boxer will go somewhere far away.

Dogs of this breed need a constant presence next to the owners and very difficult to tolerate separation. But unfamiliar personalities cause distrust and caution among boxers. No, the dog will not unreasonably attack, but will not let the novice out of sight. In case of danger, he will definitely show his fighting qualities.

Do not believe the fables that boxers are blunt. In fact, these dogs are very intelligent and clever, their training will not cause difficulties even for a beginner.

Power and endurance allows boxers to be used as service dogs. They can accompany a moving bike or a galloping horse.

How to care for a boxer

Caring for a boxer is not at all troublesome and uncomplicated. It is necessary to pay due attention to the folds of the skin in the area of ​​the muzzle and the nose lobe, they must be cleaned daily, cleansing from moisture and food debris.

The dog should brush the hair a couple of times a week using a rubber rubber or silicone brush. Such care will ensure the removal of dead hair and epidermis, remove dirt. In addition, combing will improve blood circulation and have a relaxing effect on the pet.

How to care for a German boxer

German boxer dog breed on a photo with the owner

The weak point of pedigree representatives is the paw pads, and, despite their hardness and strength, they are often injured. It is recommended to inspect the pet's paws after walking, whether there are wounds, cuts, abrasions on them. Many professional breeders grease the paws of dogs before and after walks. This is especially true when it comes to a puppy, a young or aging animal.

Since boxers are designed to live in a house or apartment, they need regular trimming of claws . This will save the pet from discomfort when moving and prevent rotation or bending of the nail plate. The procedure should be carried out once a week.

Boxers do not need frequent washing , it is enough for them to take a bath every six months. Naturally, with strong pollution, additional unplanned bathing is necessary. To wash your pet you will need warm water, but not higher than 32 ° C. This procedure should not be too tight. For the care of a boxer's coat, it is worth purchasing special shampoos for dogs whose pH is low.

Content Features

A boxer belongs to hyperactive dogs, but this does not interfere with his life in a person’s home. Many owners of small apartments are confused by the size of the representatives of this breed, but for many years adaptations allow boxers to have modest inquiries about the size of housing.

Boxing Contents

Of course, the dog bed should be spacious, despite the fact that most often boxers like to sleep, curled up. And one more nuance, these dogs have a habit of watching and keeping abreast of all events, their socialization is at a high level, therefore their place should not be located far from everyone.

Boxers - short-haired dogs . Their wool is able to protect the animal from cold at low temperatures only when the pet moves. Therefore, long walks during bad weather are not recommended. Yes, and the house should be placed pet sleeper away from drafts.

During the off-season, when it can be cool at home, it is advisable to wear a vest or other dog clothes on the boxer.

How to train a dog

The boxer is perfect for training, because he understands the owner from a half-word. If you give commands, clearly pronouncing the words, the dog remembers the information for a long time. The recommended age for the start of training is 3 months.

During this period, you can independently train a puppy or seek professional help. If we are talking about an adult dog, then it is better to entrust his upbringing to people who know canine psychology. Boxers are able to learn and being formed dogs.

How to train a German boxer

The purpose of training is to ensure that the pet performs the commands the first time under any conditions. Canine owners recommend boxer owners to undergo a special training course that allows them to teach the dog to protect the owner. If you plan to get not only a companion dog, but also a bodyguard, then you can't do without it. Learning will increase the self-control of the animal. Especially if the dog is timid, then this unacceptable quality will disappear.

Even a child can teach the basic commands of a boxer, provided that he is over 12 years old. Dogs quickly become accustomed to outdoor toilet. They are simply weaned from spoiling things and biting in the game of hands and feet. Also, representatives of this breed quickly learn that it is impossible to pick up anything from the ground, just like taking a delicacy from the hands of outsiders.

Difficulty may arise when establishing behavioral rules, that is, securing the leader’s role for the owner of the dog. But if the owner shows kindness and severity at the same time, plus perseverance, the pet will obey the requirements.

A boxer may be a child’s dog, but adults are obliged to help the little master raise a pet.

Commands for a boxer:

Boxer feeding

If we are talking about a dry diet, then the protein should be no more than 30%. Higher rates are permissible when feeding dogs with high physical activity or growing children.

When the pet receives natural food, half of the diet should consist of foods that are a source of protein. From meat the best option is raw beef and boiled offal. Meat before serving should be cut into small pieces.

Boxers are recommended to give raw vegetables - pumpkin, zucchini, carrots. Of the cereals for the dog useful buckwheat, oatmeal, corn grits.

Like other breeds , the boxer should be fed twice - in the morning and in the evening, and in hot weather, the number of meals can be reduced to one time. On the amount of food intake read the article how many times to feed the dog .

Photo boxer

German boxer cute

German boxer puppy

BoxerGerman boxer by the seaGerman boxer on the roadGerman boxer on the streetGerman boxer family

German Boxer Video

How much is a German boxer puppy?

Today the breed has somewhat lost its former popularity, therefore nurseries are located mainly in large cities of the Russian state. The cost of a boxer puppy starts from 20,000 rubles. With the same hands, you can buy a pet with a pedigree for 8000-10000 thousand.

Boxers are loyal and loyal friends, as well as great defenders with excellent mental data.

German Boxer Kennels

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