German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is generally considered the most popular breed in the world. Many people dreamed about such a dog, and when it comes to service dogs, an image of a border guard with a faithful and courageous companion, a German shepherd dog, immediately appears in front of his eyes. The prevalence of these dogs is not affected by any global cataclysms, or time, and to this day, the representatives of this breed are an example of loyalty, courage and real courage.


The origin of the breed

German Shepherd - the most famous and oldest breed. According to popular belief, their ancestors are northern wolves, but researchers do not reject the participation of Indian predators. As a separate breed, the “Germans” appeared only at the end of the 19th century. They immediately established themselves as the best service-searching dogs, excellent livestock guards. Therefore, they have been successfully used in the service and in agriculture.

German Shepherd

Max Emil von Stephanitz made a great contribution to breeding. It was he who fired up to get a dog that could become the national symbol of Germany. Max took the shepherd dogs from the central and southern regions of the state as a basis. The work was painstaking, and it was only after several decades of numerous crossbreeds that a dog appeared that responded to all the requests of von Stephanitz.

The first in the genealogical book of this breed was a German shepherd named Greif. The dog had the best performance in livestock grazing competitions, and besides, it was the fastest responding to the commands of a person. However, its appearance, or rather the dirty white untidy coat, did not fit the dog, which is a symbol of the nation. It required an animal with a more aristocratic appearance.

Therefore, the date of the appearance of the first, truly German shepherd, the researcher himself designated April 1889. It was at that time that he drew attention to a dog with a complex nickname, Horand von Grafat, who had a size and appearance similar to a wolf. He was distinguished by good quality characteristics, although not without gaps in upbringing.

The dog was declared the same year the winner of the exhibition in Germany, and Von Stephanitz founded the club of this breed, of which he became president. Later, Khorand became the progenitor of the breed, and as a result of selection work with a male dog, his descendants, who were crossed with females with a similar set of genes, several lines of German shepherd dogs with pronounced pedigree qualities appeared.

At that time, Arthur Meier joined the selection activity of Von Stephanitz, and by joint efforts they create a breeding book, which included important data on the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs. They also made the breed standard. The breed was gaining popularity and a new problem appeared - for the sake of a quantitative indicator, not all breeders properly focused on the cleanliness of the representatives of the breed.

World wars had a different effect on the development of the breed. During the First World War, the excellent working qualities of these dogs were identified and rightly appreciated, and they performed their functions perfectly on both sides of the front. But the Second World War almost brought down all the works of Von Stephanitz to nothing, and the breed almost disappeared from the face of the earth. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that, being Nazis, many members of the breed club did not allow its founder to lead the organization to the world level.

German Shepherd Dogs

As a result, Von Stephanitz died after spending the rest of his life in endless persecution, experiencing disappointment in the activities to which he devoted almost all his life. And after the war, only a few purebred pedigree "Germans" remained. But the founder of the German shepherds left followers who did not allow the breed to fade. However, the division of Germany into the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR resulted in the appearance of two breed lines with some differences.

Today, the German Shepherd Dog can be called a universal breed, as it is used in detective work, in various services, it shows itself perfectly on guard and at the border. This dog gets along well with children and it makes a sensitive guide for blind people. The data of official studies confirm that German Shepherds are among the three most intelligent dogs. Until now, in the breeding of breeds all over the world, the standards set by Emil von Stephaniem are applied. All of the above confirms that the work of this researcher was not in vain, and thanks to him, all over the world one can meet these smartest and most beautiful dogs.

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Description of breed German shepherd

If we talk about the general impression, the thoroughbred representative has an average height with a slightly stretched body and dry bones. The dogs are powerful and have a developed muscular corset. According to standard data, the weight of males varies between 30-40 kg, height - 60-66 cm. Females are somewhat smaller and weigh about 22-32 kg with growth of about 55-60 cm.

Description of the German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Breed: photo

The standard provides breed characteristics as follows:

  • The head of a wedge-shaped form with a slightly prominent forehead that has no furrows is devoid of coarseness and excessive lightness, with an average width in the area between the ears. When viewed from above, you can see a uniform, smooth narrowing of the skull from the ear to the nose. Black color
  • Both jaws of the dog are powerful, well developed. Bite dog like "scissors". Muzzle with dry lips that fit snugly and a straight back of the nose.
  • The eyes are small, almond-shaped, slightly slanted and devoid of bulge. The darker the iris, the better. Light eye color affects the expression of the animal's muzzle.
  • The ears are medium in size and standing upright. They have the same direction, sharp ends, but fractures or hanging ears are undesirable.
  • The neck of the Germans is quite strong and strong, with developed muscles and has no suspension in the neck. Similar characteristics and has the back of the animal. The croup differs in length, slightly subsiding, smoothly passing to the beginning of the tail.
  • The chest part of the body of the dog is characterized by moderate latitude, with a long and pronounced sternum. Special requirements are imposed on the ribs; they should not be either barrel-shaped or flattened.
  • The tail is long and ends at the level of the hock. The lower part is covered with a longer coat. The position of the tail in a calm state is soft, hanging down, curved, when moving it is somewhat elevated, but only slightly.
  • The front legs are straight and parallel. Thanks to the developed muscles, the scapular and brachial area tightly adjoins to the body.
  • Paws are rounded in shape, tightly assembled, with stiff, but devoid of brittleness pillows, with dark-colored claws. If an animal has a proportional body, then its movements, respectively, are light and sweeping.

German Shepherd Colors

Skin with a light fit, not forming folds. The coat is dense, straight and slightly harsh, shorter in the head and front of the paws, and slightly thicker in the neck. On the hips, the fur forms tight, but not too long pants. The undercoat is present. There are several Shepherd Dogs:

  • black with markings - yellow, red-brown, brownish, light gray; Common Shepherd
  • pure black; Black german shepherd
  • black and tan; Black and tan

The standard allows small white spots in the chest area, as well as too light coloring on the inner surfaces of the body, but they are undesirable. Regardless of color, the nose can only be black.


German Shepherd Character

Of course, each dog has its own characteristics of character, but still there are common data that characterize the German Shepherd Dog. From it and breathes confidence, and this is noticeable in appearance and behavioral manifestations. Pets of this breed are very strong and fearless, and their family will be defended not for life, but for death. Moreover, having a good physical form, they have every chance to win over the offender.

German Shepherd Character

German Shepherd Dog: photo

The main desire of the shepherd dog is to become ideal and beloved for its owner, and it will confirm this every time. Purebred representatives play an excellent role as a watchman, and it is almost impossible to pass by them. Do not think that these dogs are created only for work, they are also excellent companions. The “Germans” feel great in the family, but in this case it is extremely important that the pet is well educated and socialized.

The German Shepherd Dogs have in their blood to take care of the weak and younger members of the family, whom they perceive as their flock, and therefore begin to automatically take care of their safety. Also, dogs are nice to get along with other pets, including cats. But they are difficult to experience loneliness, as they are accustomed to constantly contact with others. As a result, they are calm and balanced, they can be taken on trips and not regret it.

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German Shepherd Care

Care, above all, requires the coat of the animal. Since wool is prone to tangling and churning into mats, it should be scratched every 3-4 days. Several times a year it is necessary to carefully trim the long hair coat on the thighs, especially on the inside.

German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppies: photo

These dogs do not require frequent washing ; this hygienic procedure is carried out as needed, using a stiff brush. It is necessary to use detergents for dogs, and wipe the pet with a soft towel. After the bath, you should take care that the dog does not lie on its side until it dries completely.

Clipping claws produced every 2 weeks. Brushing your teeth is a must-have daily procedure that will save a pet from bacteria and unpleasant breathing.

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German Shepherd in the apartment

If you want to have a similar pet for apartment maintenance, you must be prepared for the appearance of wool on carpets and furniture. And this does not change, even if you comb the dog every day. Assistants in this business will become a powerful vacuum cleaner with vacuum suction.

When choosing a place for a new family member, you should take into account the dimensions of an adult dog, but they are not compact at all. The area should be enough so that the dog can calmly stretch out. And mattress or bedding should be of similar size.

Since shepherd dogs are highly developed guard instincts, from its place should be viewed all the premises and doorways. A deaf corner or a corral in this case is not suitable.

How to raise and train a German Shepherd

In order to grow from a puppy an obedient, docile dog, who would be loyal to his family, the owner must prove that he is a leader and is worthy of the respect of his pet. This will require the strength of spirit and positive moral qualities. However, becoming an authority for a dog, this status will periodically require confirmation. But we are not talking about constant confrontation, but only about a serious attitude towards educational issues and training.

Yes, the German Shepherd requires a clearly structured hierarchy, but to call it difficult the training of a pet of this breed will be wrong. Being a puppy, the dog will be cunning and naughty, but with a patient approach you can teach your pet the correct behavior and make contact with it, which is extremely important for subsequent interaction.

How to raise a German Shepherd

An excellent company for a puppy are children from 9 years old, however, it is not worth to fully charge them with the responsibility of raising a pet. Yet in this case, control of adults is necessary. You should not delude yourself that the intelligence and intelligence of the German shepherd will greatly simplify the process of training . These dogs can be very cunning and quirky, so only the right incentive will force them to do what is required of them. With insufficient stimulation, the dog will use all means to trick it in order to avoid work and rest.

Periodic use of mechanical stimuli for stimulation is allowed, however, it is impossible to educate and train a pet using this technique alone. But experts recommend another effective incentive - the use of snacks. They act smoothly on the German Shepherd, and for a tasty morsel, the pet will do the impossible. The main thing is that this product is useful and liked by the pet, then the commands of the dog will be associated with pleasant memories. Shepherd dogs also highly appreciate the praise of the owner and are happy to please their owner.

If this is the first dog in the family, then it is recommended to visit at least a few lessons of professional training in order to gain basic knowledge of the correct contact with the pet. If the dog is intended for a child, then it can engage in its training at the age of 10 years and under the supervision of adults.

German Shepherd Photo

German Shepherd in the snowGerman Shepherd in the winterGerman Shepherd in the fieldBeautiful German ShepherdGerman Shepherd in foliageGerman Shepherd House

German Shepherd Video

German Shepherd Puppy Price

Prices for German Shepherd puppies vary greatly. Naturally, offspring with documents from titled parents is not cheap. It is possible to buy a high-pedigree dog that has all chances for a championship, for 60000-600000 rubles, and sometimes they are much more expensive. They are usually sold at the age of 6-9 months, when the animals have already been able to prove themselves in the ring and even win prizes.

Dogs that do not have a pedigree, cost from 18,000 to 36,000 rubles, but this is on condition that the buyer, if desired, can issue all the necessary documents, which means that the puppy is 100% purebred. The same price category includes representatives of the breed that have a club lineage, and not the Russian Cynological Association or the International Cynological Federation. The offspring, which has no documents at all, costs from 6000 to 12000, and this price applies to the capital, and it may be lower in the region.

The German Shepherd is an excellent pet for active and motivated people. A dog can be an invaluable helper, or just a friend and companion. But at the same time she will never cease to protect and protect her family. Naturally, all this is possible with the right approach to her education.

German Shepherd Nurseries

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