It is possible and necessary to soak dry dog ​​food

Modern owners of dogs have a choice - to feed the pet with natural food or industrial forages. The simplicity of the method and the balance of the product speaks for the latter, so many owners stop on it. But here the following question arises: can and should it be soaked with dry food? The only correct answer is not, it all depends on the situation.


How much water should a dog drink?

When feeding a dog with dry granules, it must be ensured that it receives the required amount of water. Such dry food contains a minimum (no more than 10%) of moisture, so the pet should have round the clock access to clean drinking water. It is not necessary for the liquid to enter the body with food - it is quite normal if the pet drinks after eating. the dog drinks water

There is a way, using which you can determine how much water the animal needs for its normal life. The minimum volume is calculated by the formula - 20 mg multiplied by the weight of the dog, the maximum - 70 mg multiplied by weight.

Thus, a pet with a body weight of 20 kg should drink a day from 400 ml to 1.5 liters of liquid. This difference arises because of many factors. These include the following:

  • in the heat and in dry climates the dog needs more water;
  • dogs, receiving intensive workload, drink much more than their more lazy and calm brethren;
  • like humans, dogs have individual characteristics, for example, some of them like to use water more than others.

In winter, animals drink naturally less and do not suffer from thirst, and in summer, especially after active activities, the pet can drink about 2 liters.

If the owner feeds the pet with canned food or natural products - porridges, soups, broths, sour-milk products, then the body of the dog receives a part of the moisture from the food. In this case, the demand for water is somewhat reduced.

In winter, the dog can practically not drink, and thus its state of health will not worsen. When feeding the same dry diets the dog must additionally receive water, regardless of the loads and time of the year.

To soak or not

Usually the feeding of the pet with production rations is standard: they put two bowls, one - dry granules, the other - clean water. When such a process does not require additional manipulation, for example, soaking the feed? Do not soak solid dry granules in the following situations:

  • the pet eats the feed with pleasure, and afterwards drinks it with plenty of water;
  • there are no violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the pet has healthy hair and skin;
  • the dog gladly responds to the call for food, and afterwards he is cheerful and cheerful;
  • eating food does not cause trouble for the pet; difficulties with chewing and swallowing can occur against the background of pathological conditions of teeth and mouth.

If there are no problems in the feeding process, then it is not necessary to improvise and add water or other liquids to the granules.

When you need to soak the pet food

There are a number of specific situations in which macerating in a liquid is the only way to feed a four-legged friend. When should I resort to this option?

  1. If the dog has problems with the mouth and throat - diseases of teeth, gums, tonsils, etc., but she refuses to eat other foods, with a more gentle consistency.
  2. When a veterinarian advises to soak the pellets, focusing on the condition of the pet. At some pathological conditions this measure is extremely necessary.
  3. When transferring puppies from mother's milk to ready-made food - crumbs are easier to eat food that has a soft consistency.
  4. If the dog completely refuses to eat dry granules, but adores them is in a soaked form.

Despite the fact that the majority of pets with pleasure crackle appetizing "crackers" and they do not have any problems with digestion, some dogs show clear signs that the use of "crackers" is not good for them

It is possible and necessary to soak dry food

For example, the owner should be worried if the dog who has eaten minutes 15-20 back, begins to torment nausea, and vomit consist of not digested food. When the body receives, in addition to feed, the right amount of moisture, then during this period its consistency should change. If this does not happen, then the dog does not drink after eating, thus disturbing the digestive processes and water balance.

Another situation that requires moistening the dry rations - the dog eats the prescribed portion of food, but continues to feel hungry: long lick the bowl, requires more food, behaves restlessly. You can offer the dog granules, swollen from the liquid, and then the behavior of the pet will change - after eating the dog will be full and satisfied.

How and what to soak dry dog ​​food

Most experts advise to soak the production rations in ordinary water. But it should be done in such a way that food does not lose its nutritional value. For this purpose it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • the food is poured into a bowl;
  • it is poured with a small amount of water to cover the product;
  • should wait until the granules absorb moisture and increase in size.

After you can offer a dish to the pet. Almost always dogs with some distrust refer to a new product, begin to sniff carefully. However, having smelled a familiar aroma, they start eating and even with more pleasure than before.

Do not pour the granules with boiling water, preferably if the water temperature does not exceed 35 ° C. In this case, the swelling will take more time, but the food will retain its useful properties and nutritional value. To make food seem more appetizing for a dog, you can warm it up a little.

Instead of water, you can also use milk, especially since such a combination of dogs like much more. The drink can be heated to a warm state and act the same way as in the case of water. If you want to feed the puppy with soaked food, then the food is prepared as well. Naturally, a special diet consisting of smaller granules is taken.

In addition to water and milk, rations can be poured with broths or sour-milk products. This will improve the taste of food and increase its nutritional value.

How much food is stored in the soaked form

There is no exact data on the storage times of the granules swelled from moisture, since the manufacturer does not take into account the similar application of its products.

Dry granules can be stored for a long time, but this does not apply to feed, previously soaked in liquid. Ideally, the dog should eat such food at one time, so do not store it for future use, and not eaten leftovers should be disposed of immediately. It is possible and necessary to soak dry food for dogs read the article

In the heat, the swollen product can quickly deteriorate, especially if it is filled with milk, kefir or broth. And eating spoiled food causes intestinal disorders and intoxication. In addition, even in the refrigerator, granules, saturated with moisture, are transformed into an unattractive gruel, which is unlikely to attract the pet.

Experts do not recommend maceration of dry granules, if there are no good reasons for this. Often, having made indulgence pet, owners in the future can not accustom him back to dry food, which greatly complicates feeding. If the dog with pleasure crunches "crackers", while drinking them with enough water, then do not stop him from enjoying a meal.

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