The Moscow guard dog

The Moscow guard dog is the result of breeding work to remove the guard and guard breed. And its representatives turned out precisely such - strong, powerful, efficient dogs with a stable psyche and innate qualities. But such large dogs require a special approach, and the owner will have to take on a great responsibility. How are Moscow watchdogs different from other giant dogs and what should the host expect?


Origin of the breed

The specialists of the kennel Krasnaya Zvezda started breeding the new breed in the 50s of the last century. The breeding involved St. Bernards, Caucasian shepherds, hounds, the work continued for several years. From the original breeds watchdogs received the best qualities: the appearance and balance of the St. Bernards, mistrust and anger towards strangers from Caucasians, endurance and a keen sense of smell from the hounds. Boy with the Moscow Watch Dog

Yes, dogs do not have a long history, everything is simple and clear, but they almost immediately gained popularity, which is understandable. In the postwar years, people needed good watchdogs, and the breeding of Moscow watchdogs provided the needs of the national economy. These dogs faithfully serve a person, are perfectly trained and perform the work entrusted to them.

Description of the breed Moscow watchdog

Modern breed representatives are often confused with Caucasian shepherds or St. Bernards, and indeed they inherited the common features of these giants. But with a more detailed comparison, you can see that the Caucasians are distinguished by their color and general proportions, and the St. Bernards - the width of bones and musculature.

Despite its impressive size, the breed's representatives are very mobile, hardy and dexterous. The minimal growth of males is 68 cm, weight - 55 kg, females are not much inferior: with growth from 66 cm, they weigh 45 kg and more. In the standard, dogs are described as follows:

  1. The head is voluminous, large, wedge-shaped, the cranial part is well developed. The forehead is high, the dividing furrow is not pronounced. The nape of the nape is well developed, but not strongly visible due to the developed musculature.
  2. The stop is well expressed, the area under the eyes is full, the cheeks are muscled. The muzzle is strong, with thick, not too dry lips, the back of the nose is even.
  3. Jaws are powerful, with a full set of large, tightly set, strong teeth, a scissor bite, there is no clearance. The nose is large, with round, open nostrils.
  4. The eyes are widely, round, with dense eyelids and dark iris. The look is calm, attentive, the dog watches and controls the situation, without fussiness.
  5. The auricles are widely distributed, medium-sized, semi-standing, triangular in shape, covered with abundant streaks. The tips are rounded, forward.
  6. The body is rectangular, powerful, athletic, with a heavy muscle mass and a wide bone skeleton. The neck is strong, has a slight bend and a well-defined scruff. In adults, the presence of a pendant-fold is allowed. red-piebald
  7. The withers are raised, evenly expressed, located slightly above the level of the croup. The back is elongated, broad, moving into a smoothed lumbar region. The croup has an inclination to the base of the tail.
  8. The sternum is spacious, oval in shape, with ribs widening toward the croup, and falls to the elbow joints.
  9. The limbs are straight, well muscled, placed under the body, outwardly it seems that the dog is very stable. In the extremities elongated scapula, middle forearms and shortened pasterns. Hind legs are wider than the front.
  10. Brushes of large size, resemble cat's, are collected in a dense lump, with curved claws and well-developed pads.
  11. The tail is sturdy, bent in the form of a saber, the length is preserved natural, covered with a luxurious fleece.

Coat and colors

The skin of Moscow watchdogs is thick, covered with dense, thick, straight hair with an abundant undercoat. On the neck of the dogs decorating hair forms a luxurious mane, on the feet there are strips. In the area of ​​the lumbar region, croup and thighs, the standard allows for a slight waviness. There are two breed types: dogs with long and short hair.

There are individuals with the following coat color:

  • red-and-white;
  • spotted - the main tone is white, spots are brown, red or fawn;
  • fawn - dogs have a dark mask on their faces.

The most spectacular are the red color with a white chest, mane, tail tip, limbs to the elbows and knees and with a dark mask, black hair on the ears and eye area.


Moscow watchdogs look very impressive, but at the same time they have a humble temper. They are confident in themselves and their own actions, are naturally endowed with pronounced sentry and guarding instincts. For the household - this is a benevolent, affectionate pet, in the street he becomes a formidable guardian. The enraged dog looks frightening and resembles a bear. He will not scamper and flirt with strangers.

Dogs of this breed have a balanced psyche, they get on well with children, but any threat makes them nervous and aggressive. It is not worthwhile to establish such a large and serious animal as a pet for adolescents, the elderly, beginners and those who do not have a strong character to engage in their upbringing. In a weak-willed master the dog can become excessively malicious or cowardly, lose its excellent qualities. Moscow guard dogs

The watchdogs are well trained, in this they are helped by a sharp mind and ingenuity. A well-bred dog will not give a voice without reason. But he can periodically be independent and stubborn. Therefore, it requires compulsory education and upbringing in order to correct behavior.

The ill will toward strangers in these dogs extends not only to humans, but also to animals. Therefore, in no case should the dog walk alone in the streets, threatening others.

Education and training

First of all, the owner must indicate the pet in his place. He must show the puppy that he is above the rest on the hierarchical ladder and is the leader in the house. Dogs of this breed are prone to domination, so this aspect should not be missed - you can not overlook how the dog will take a leadership position.

Representatives of this breed, especially males, may not immediately put up with the existing state of affairs. A person should not be afraid if the puppy tries to bite, you can not pull your hand back - you should release it slowly, grab the animal by the scruff, shake it and give the appropriate command. This should be done when the dog has not reached a large size and has become uncontrollable.

When raising such a serious dog, you should behave correctly, so as not to make it malicious and overly aggressive. At any display of discontent should immediately put the dog in place - it should not forget about its place and responsibilities.

Laying the foundation of obedience is necessary in puppyhood, as soon as the pet has crossed the threshold of the new house. Otherwise, in the future, you can not cope with such a large, self-willed dog. The dog learns the learned skills for the rest of his life.

If the owner understands that he can not train the pet properly, you can always seek help from experienced cynologists who know the characteristics of the representatives of this breed.


Already at the breeding of the breed it was implied that its representatives would be hardy, efficient, but at the same time unpretentious. However, the dog still needs basic treatment procedures:

  • an abundant coat is recommended to be combed weekly, during periods of seasonal mints it is advisable to use a brush-pouch or a fuselier;
  • wash Moscow watchdog once in 5-6 months, using a special detergent;
  • street dogs usually do not wash, it is enough to clean the pet hair with snow or to work with a mitten of coarse cloth;
  • should regularly inspect the mouth, ears and nasal mucosa - they should not be given off by purulent fluids or emit an unpleasant odor; if necessary, the ears are cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in water, the eyes are washed with tea solution or chamomile broth;
  • haircut claws - usually in street dogs they stitch in a natural way, but they should be cut off by the house dogs.

Like representatives of other breeds, Moscow watchdogs should be given the necessary vaccinations, to process fleece from fleas and ticks, to give anthelmintic preparations every 4 months.


The breed is distinguished by strong health and good endurance, but dogs are not protected from diseases that most of the giant species suffer: dysplasia of large formulations, food allergies and a tendency to obesity. The rest of the diseases in Moscow watchdogs are diagnosed no more often than in dogs of other breeds.


Dogs, in fact, are predators, and therefore, the basis of their diet is meat. The watchdog should be given raw, cut into pieces, but it is not recommended to feed the animal with minced meat. To ensure proper nutrition of the articular and cartilaginous tissue, the dog should be given a meaty vein, with cartilage. Best suited beef, lamb, horse meat. But pork to dogs is very harmful, because it heavily loads the liver. Beautiful Moscow watchdog

A useful treat is large bones, with cartilages and tendons - they are rich in useful minerals. The dog can be fed offal, pre-cooked: liver, kidneys, stomachs, lungs, etc., they contain a number of necessary enzymes.

A couple of times a week you can give the animal boiled eggs, boiled sea fish, kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk. In addition, the animal can be given vegetables, cereals flavored with vegetable oil. In addition to useful products, it is necessary to introduce vitamins that support the health of the pet.

If the owner decides to feed the pet with production rations, then it must be a food for representatives of large breeds, premium or super-premium class. Many brands produce separate lines of feed intended for large breeds.

Conditions of detention

It is desirable to keep such large animals in a private house with a spacious house territory. For the pet, it is necessary to equip a box of the appropriate size, and also the enclosure is allowed. Dogs perfectly tolerate high and low temperatures, so they do not require special conditions. But if the puppy is taken in the winter, immediately send it to the street is not recommended. He is kept at home, having allocated a warm and bright place.

Moscow sentry can be kept in the apartment, of course, after preliminary assessing possible inconveniences. First of all, these dogs need heavy loads, which means that the pet will have to walk twice a day, and the walk should last at least an hour, including classes, games, jogging. Of course, a street dog needs active training, but it can be done less often.

In addition, the puppy of the Moscow watchdog is not distinguished by his delicacy and obedience, he is capable of spoiling personal belongings, furniture. Having come from work, the owner can discover the consequences of this shaggy "tornado". Of course, upbringing and growing up will make the dog more flexible, but this period is very difficult to survive.

It should be borne in mind that such a large pet is quite expensive. First of all, it concerns nutrition, veterinary examinations and waste procedures.

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Video about the Moscow guard dog

Where to buy and how much is the puppy of the Moscow watchdog

If the family needs a good guard and a watchman, there are all conditions for its maintenance, then it is safe, as an option, to consider the Moscow watchdog. Today its popularity has slightly decreased, which affected the price, but there is no shortage of nurseries and breeders.

Naturally, it is important to purchase a dog without defects, genetic abnormalities, and most importantly - with a stable psyche. To do this, it is better to apply to experienced breeders, severely culling individuals with vices and not allowing them to breed.

Well proven kennels:

  • Grand Sentinel, Moscow http://storozhevaya.com/feedback.html;
  • The Royal Guard, Kiev https://pitomnik-korolevskij-strazh-kiev.uaprom.net/.

It is not recommended to buy an animal without documents from random vendors, since it is very risky to buy a mestizo or a puppy with serious physical or mental health problems. In addition, by purchasing pedigree progeny from the nursery, the new owner acquires the support of a breeder who will advise on any questions that arise.

The cost of puppies of the Moscow watchdog with minor deviations from the standard - a weak pigment, curly hair, etc., ranges from 6000 to 18000 rubles. The price of the offspring allowed before breeding is 20000-25000 rubles. Puppies from titled parents with excellent pedigree qualities, suitable for an exhibition career, can cost significantly more, more than 60,000 rubles.

The Moscow watchdog is the result of painstaking selection, thanks to which these faithful, quiet animals turned out. Such a dog will fearlessly guard his family, but he needs a strong hand and compulsory education. Buying a puppy, the owner acquires and responsibility for his behavior and exploits.

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