Mittelschnauzer is a representative of the Schnauzer, which is of medium size. He is the ancestor of the larger Riesen and small Zvergs . If translated from German, the "Schnauzer" is a description of the appearance of the representatives of this breed and sounds like "bearded and brogue" dogs. Initially, the dogs belonged to the pinschers, but due to their original appearance and coarse hair they were separated into a separate breed.

Owners of these pets note their wayward nature, however, if you ask about what breed their next dog will be, they answer without a shadow of a doubt - just a mittel schnauzer! What is the secret of these extraordinary dogs, forcing a person to forgive all their weaknesses and peculiarities?


History of the origin of the breed

The history of this breed goes back to the 15-16th centuries, and dogs have undeniable similarities with ancient peat-bred dogs. About the ancestors of modern mittels can not be said that they had exquisite appearance. But they differed endurance, perseverance and strong skeleton, their color was yellowish-gray, woolly covering hard.


The mouth of the dogs was equipped with strong, perfectly developed jaws. They were then called stable pinschers and used as guard dogs and fighter rodents. For a long time, schnauzers and pinschers were considered one breed, because if you do not take into account the different wool, the anatomical structure of them has similarities.

Already at that time dogs with pepper color were appreciated, although there were dogs with red-yellow, gray-yellow and brown hair. At that time, representatives of the breed were selected who did not have white spots in the color. In general, the Schnauzer breed in Germany was quite popular. They were depicted on their canvases by famous artists, and in Stuttgart Square in the middle of the square stands the sculpture of the watchman and his dog - the schnauzer.

Among the probable ancestors of this breed, there are robot-haired affenpins, poodles and Spitz. Also their special color caused the appearance of another version of the origin - from pugs . Still, the main progenitors of schnauzers are considered to be stable dogs - unpretentious, able to catch rodents and act as accompanying horses.

Intensive work with the breed began in the late 19th century, at the same time it received a modern name. The appearance of the first club of the breed occurred on German territory in 1895, during the same period the standard of schnauzers was established. In the territory of Russia, the Schnauzers were cultivated by cultivation in the late 80s of the 20th century.

Description of the breed Mittelschnauzer

Mittelschnauzer should have the characteristics of a medium sized dog, with a strong, broad bone and a coarse woolly covering. In the ring, the qualities of an animal are evaluated, such as the structure of the body and the character. High-breeding schnauzer should be somewhat heavy, balanced, with a large head.

Description of the Mittelnauzer

Breed of dogs Mittelschnauzer - photo

In behavior nobility is noted - the dog does not pay attention to competitors and behaves as if they do not have it and can not be. A true representative of the breed has a special charisma that captivates at first sight. And one more important criterion is the quality of grooming, which makes the dog more elegant and balanced. Attention is drawn to the size of the pet, since even 5 mm affect the harmony of the proportions.

A dog that has deviations from the standard is not an applicant for high marks. The weight of males and females, according to standards, is 12-20 kg, growth at the withers is about 45-50 cm. The following parameters are set by the standard:

  • Head - long, wide, form - dulled wedge, with a flat forehead, without pronounced occipital protuberance.
  • The muzzle has an even broad back of the nose and a jaw in the shape of the letter P. There is a deep transition from the region of the nose to the frontal bone, it is emphasized by the superciliary arches. Cheeks are developed, with flat muscles. Lips with a black border, fit tightly. Teeth with tight closure without gaps, even, with the right bite. The nose is large, pigmented in black. Eyes oval in shape with eyelids that are edged in black, and tightly fitting.
  • The ears are semi-standing, the lower part consists of a rigid cartilage, and the upper part has the shape of a triangle.
  • Torso in the shape of a square. The sternum is developed, with a well protruding front line and musculature. The neck is of medium size, the area of ​​the withers and the nape are clearly distinguished. The back is sturdy with a short lumbar spine. The croup has a slope that translates into the caudal base and the femur. The abdomen is tightened, there is a bend.
  • The limbs of the Mittelschnauzer with a wide set, strong. The forelegs are straight, with a steep slope and well developed, prominent shoulders. Hindquarters - with short hips, parallel to the knees and elongated legs. Paws round, with curved, collected fingers. Claws of black color.
  • The tail has a saber-like shape.

The coat of the former coarse-wooled terriers, and now of the Mittelschnauzer, is coarse, with a coiled straight hair that does not have waves or curls. The wool is of medium length, tightly fitting, softer at the tips than at the base. Undercoat with high density, medium length and thickness. The coat is somewhat shorter in the eye area, but the breed has a well-developed beard and superciliary arches.

Mittelnautzer colors

There are two colors of mittelstockers, but because of the variety of shades of colors, much more is obtained:

  • Black individuals with a black undercoat. In puppyhood, such dogs can have red or gray shades of wool, but the color becomes purer with age and hygienic plucking ( grooming ). Black Middel Schnauzer
  • Pepper and salt - a gray tint, reminiscent of a mixture of ground pepper and salt. Color can range from black to light gray. Peppermint mintelschnauzer

White spots are undesirable, but are often present in the head, sternum and extremities.

The nature of the schnauzer schnauzer

Representatives of this breed are not too active and playful, they are often very nice, but in some cases serious enough that adds to them charm and surprising charm. They try to please the owner, which greatly simplifies the process of their training. But they do not hold stubbornness, so dogs need a master with experience and a firm hand.

The nature of the schnauzer schnauzer

In addition, it will take a lot of free time to communicate and spend time with your four legged friend, providing him with the proper physical and mental load. Otherwise, the pet begins to get bored, which often leads to disastrous consequences. But even on pranks you can not react with rudeness and rigidity, since the Mittelschnauzer are very impressionable and can hold a grudge for a long time. Strictness should be present, but in moderation, and the owner must show the pet that it is he who is in the lead positions.

If the dog is not socialized, then he can manifest aggression to strangers, but if he is properly brought up, then most often he behaves with guests with restraint. But the dogs are treated well to children. True, there are certain limits here, for example, a pet may not allow the child to go to his place or food.

Mittelschnauzer are hereditary hunters, and these instincts are well developed. Therefore, they have a rather complicated relationship with cats, regardless of whether it will be a street or home cat. And since they hunted rodents for a long time, then the dogs will not get along with the species of these pets.

As for their relatives - dogs, the Mittelschnauzer do well with them and can live in the same house. Of course, if other dogs do not belong to the representatives of the dominant species. Mittelschnauzer are excellent watchmen and defenders, and can engage in fights with opponents superior to them in composition.

With the right approach, the Mittelshowner turns into a devoted and loving pet. It is recommended that such a dog be made to friendly families who love active rest. Pet will be happy to participate in campaigns, fun games and other family activities. If you give due attention to a four-footed friend, then it will be nice to endure the compelled loneliness.

Care for the Mittelnauzer

A representative of this breed is great for keeping in an apartment setting. First, it does not come from a specific dog smell. Secondly, thoroughbred dogs practically do not molt . But still, the Mittel Schnauzer requires special care, and this can take quite a long time, and future owners must take this into account.

Mittelstock puppies

Mittelnautzer puppies photos

The dog has coarse wool and a dense thick undercoat. And if it's easy to care for the hairs, the lower layer is prone to tangling, so it needs regular combing . Do this better once every 2-3 days with a comb with metal teeth. If you follow this regime, the pet will look well-groomed and beautiful.

In some cases, the owners facilitate their task and cut their dogs. This procedure is recommended every 4-5 months. To coat the muzzle, in the eye and mouth area, does not cause irritation, it must be cut using the blunt ends of the scissors. The beard of the Mittelschnauzer is very quickly contaminated, so it should be wiped every day.

Dogs of this breed live well in the apartment, but given their temperament and the need for activity, they feel good in their home, where for them there is a playground.

Owners must provide at least once a day for their pet long walks. The dog will be happy to accompany the owner on the morning jogs, while riding a bicycle, tourist sallies. But only if the dog has no problems with the hips, as the mittelnschnauzer often suffer from such a disease as dysplasia of the hip joint .

Photo of a schnauzer

Dog MittelschnauzerMittelschnauzer in the gladeMuzzle of a schnauzerBeautiful MittelshownerMittelschnauzer in the forestMittelschnauzer with a toy

Mittelnauzer video

Price of puppies of the Mittelnauzer

The market price of representatives of this breed varies from 6000 to 12000 rubles. But in most cases puppies are sold without documents, and there is no guarantee of their thoroughbredness. In addition, there are often behavioral problems associated with education flaws. Puppy from professional breeders, who have good inclinations, costs around 18,000-30000 rubles, and in provincial cities the price may be even lower.

Mittelschnauzer is not a dog for everyone. It requires a special approach and care, as well as a lot of attention, love, long and active walks. Only if all these conditions are met, the dog can become a dedicated guard and a fearless protector for his family and home.

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