Maltipu is an unrecognized breed, which causes a lot of disputes and contradictory statements. This is not surprising - the owners of the soul do not chajut in their tiny, pretty pets, experienced breeders in general do not favor such a notion as a designer breed. But nevertheless these dogs have won great popularity in many countries, and at the same time not everyone can afford such a miracle. Where did these charming creatures come from, and what is important to know the future owners about the collective?


Origin of the breed

Withdrawing so-called design breeds, people have been involved for more than one century, trying not to improve the existing species, but to deduce a new one, by crossing two already formed types. Naturally, only purebred individuals with excellent qualities participated in the crossing. Such experiments made it possible to obtain offspring that possessed the best qualities of their relatives, but at the same time the risks of the development of genetic diseases were significantly reduced. Maltipu cute dogs

When breeding a small breeder, they pursued a specific goal - to obtain hypoallergenic dogs, which are ideal decorative puppies. Their parents were representatives of two common breeds - maltese (Maltese lapdog) and the tiniest of poodles - that.

On the territory of Russia, these pesik came in the early 21st century, before having won the status of the most popular design breed in the USA, in the homeland. In spite of the fact that many breeders are presented with a smallpox as purebred dogs, the breed has not yet received the recognition of any cynological association.

Description of the breed

Since the multiplex is an unrecognized form, it can not be said about any standards. Breeders offer unique dogs that have an individual appearance and special qualities. The growth of individuals varies from 12 to 35 cm, and weighs from one and a half to 3.5 kg.

Representatives of this breed look like plush toys, with a dark nose and eyes- cherries. Look interested, friendly. They are more like bolonok than poodles.

Pesica harmoniously composed, a little squat, with a hulled body. In many respects, the appearance of animals depends on the method of obtaining offspring: in one case they cross the maltese with that poodle, in the other - in the mating they take part in two maltipes.

Wool and colors

There are three types of wool cover:

  1. Straight, silky - pesky he inherits from the Maltese bolonok. Wool is soft, maybe as dense or rarer, it does not get lost in knuckles and allows you to make a variety of haircuts for your pet; does not require complex care.
  2. Curly - soft, elastic and very thick hair. Dogs molt very poorly, but such hair without a proper care quickly rolls down.
  3. Wavy, hard - individuals with such hair are less common than others, and it is undesirable.

As for the colors, here the nature is not stingy, endowing the kids with fur coats of different shades. Puppies with snow-white fur are the most popular. But there are dogs with a different color of wool. More often white, brown, gray, cream, apricot puppies are offered for sale. Bright representatives are the kids of black color, this tone is usually combined with light shades.


In fact, the maltip is a half-breed, so each dog has his own character traits. But nevertheless it is possible to allocate a number of the general lines inherent in the majority of representatives of a kind:

  • from poodles they got high intellect;
  • dogs keep their playfulness throughout their lives;
  • Dogs are positive, inquisitive and energetic;
  • maltipus are devoid of aggression and are happy to communicate with all - people and animals, even a cat or rodent can become such a friend for such a dog.

Of course, adult dogs are deprived of puppy hyperactivity and are not averse to lying next to their beloved host. But also they love to explore all the corners of the house - no change will pass by their curious spout. Maltip lies

Maltipu is an excellent option for families with children, but it should be borne in mind that kids, even unwilling, can harm graceful, small doggies.

Like the maltese and the poodles, the dogs produced as a result of their crossing are very fond of their family and are attached to all members of the family. They need affection, kindness and attention.

Loneliness to these dogs is contraindicated, they begin to feel melancholy and sad, experiencing a great yearning. Therefore, if all members of the family spend most of their time outside the home, and there is no possibility of taking this baby with them, then we should not consider it as a pet.

Maltipu - mobile animals, adoring to run, jump, play. With pleasure go to the street, but here the owner needs to monitor the pet, holding it on a leash. This measure is necessary for the safety of the dog himself - for any threat the crumb can not stand up for himself.

Often these kids are kidnapped, as they fearlessly approach strangers. Also there is a risk that larger brethren can offend such a delicate, small creature. In a quiet, peaceful place you can give a dog a free run.

Dogs of this breed are very loyal, they often look into the eyes of the owner, as if to say: "Well, what else can I do to please you?".

Education and training

Maltipu is intelligent, but not without natural stubbornness, therefore, in order to train and educate such a pet, his character will have to be taken into account. You can not show excessive rigidity, despotism, physical strength, shout and swing at the doggie. The method of "whip" for these dogs is not suitable, much better here helps "carrot" - praise, treat, approval, respectful attitude.

The owner needs the following:

  • training must be consistent;
  • it is advisable to follow the regime by allocating a certain time for training;
  • the owner must let the pet understand that it is he who is the leader, which means that his demands must be carried out unquestioningly;
  • no rudeness, but firmness to exercise is necessary.

It is possible to practice training from the first days of the appearance of a pet in the house. Even a 2-month-old puppy is able to learn the basic commands and understand - what can be done and what is forbidden.


Here everything depends on the type of coat: the curly fur coat gets tangled faster, which means that the baby needs to be combed more often using a special brush. Long, smooth outer hair also requires care - it is combed with a comb. Owners of the short-haired maltip will need to master the procedure of grooming - plucking out dead hairs, or visit with their pet zoosalon.

Maltip can be cut, choosing an original or classic hairstyle. Everything depends on the desire of the owner. If the kid actively participates in exhibition events, then professionals can not do without the help.

Bathing dogs of this breed infrequently, if the baby is dirty or will participate in the show program. For the procedure it is recommended to use special soft means - shampoos, balms, conditioners. The pesika is washed, wrapped in a soft towel so that the fabric absorbs excess water. Then you can dry the fur with a hair dryer. Combing wool is desirable after or during drying. If this is not done, then the look of a dog with a silky coat can become untidy.

Maltipes often have sore eyes, so you need to wash them weekly with a weak tea drink or chamomile broth. The ears should be inspected regularly, but they should be cleaned only when necessary - when there is a lot of sulfur or strong contaminants. You can do this with a usual cotton swab.

With teeth, there are usually no problems, but it will not be superfluous to have regular check-ups with a veterinarian. In the winter, the nose and pet cushions require special care - they are lubricated with a wax-based remedy. Maltipoo

Also, one should not forget about the obligatory processing of the dog from external parasites, de-worming, which is carried out every 4 months, and regular vaccination.


Such a pet is intended to reside in a house or apartment, it is not even worth thinking about any aviary or street maintenance. Being in the aviary can make a cheerful, cheerful pet, sad and depressed.

The indisputable advantages of the breed are their hypoallergenicity, absence of odor, weak molt. If the dog lives in a suburban house, then in good weather it can be released to the local area where the kid can run and frolic. The site must be fenced and secure.

Maltipu is not just a pet, but a dog who becomes a member of the family. Naturally, he needs to allocate a personal space, equip it with a sunbed, determine the site for the bowls and provide the pet with toys.

Walk the dog every day. Representatives of this breed do not need intensive loads, so 15-20 minutes to bypass the nearby area will be quite enough.


Almost all the breeders of design breeds mean feeding their pets with premium and super-premium production feeds that meet the needs of these special dogs. Owners can simplify the process of choosing a diet - it is enough to ask the seller what kind of brand he feeds his dogs.

Also you can get a recommendation on this issue from a veterinarian, especially if the owner plans to pick up a menu of natural products. Since the nearest relative of these dogs Maltese is a dog with a luxurious coat, the ration is selected for the maltypes so that its fur coat is in perfect order. Maltipu funny photo

It is recommended to feed the baby with high-calorie food, 70-75% of boiled meat - chicken, turkey, rabbit, lean fish, beef. 1-2 times a week a pet can be given pieces of raw beef.

The rest of the diet is cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice), vegetables - cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, greens, sour-milk products without additives. As a treat, you can give a piece of fruit to a dog: apples, persimmons, watermelon, pears, melons, etc. Nutrition is honey with a walnut, but it can not be eaten more often than once every 3-4 days, the portion should not exceed 3 teaspoons.

As if the owner does not feed the pet well, he will need to additionally introduce the vitamins necessary to maintain his health in the norm. What exactly will be the most effective, it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.


The average lifespan of the maltip is 15 years. Like other representatives of hybrid species, they do not have the majority of health problems inherent in ornamental species. Professionals call this phenomenon a "hybrid force" - the crossing of different species increases the vitality and fertility of their offspring.

But still these dogs can be diagnosed with the following diseases:

  • epilepsy;
  • PRA - progressive retinal atrophy;
  • seizures;
  • dislocations of kneecaps.

Maltipu are less likely to manifest allergies, however, it is worthwhile to closely monitor the ration of the pet.

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Video about the multiplayer

Choosing and buying a puppy

Maltipu - not yet fully explored species, as a result of crossing two breeds can result in unexpected offspring. But working with Maltese lapdogs and that-poodles showed that from their union amazing, pretty, luxurious dogs are obtained. Not surprisingly, they gained great popularity, despite the rather high price.

If the family has decided that they need such an original four-legged friend, then we should start looking for a suitable baby. In Russia there are nurseries engaged in cultivation of the maltip, but there are few of them, as well as experienced, responsible breeders.

It may be necessary to reserve a puppy in advance and wait for him to grow up and be able to go home. In Moscow, there is a unique nursery "DiDog http://didogs.ru/, in which you can buy a thoroughbred puppy.

Professional dog breeders do not recommend purchasing a puppy from casual breeders, via the Internet, since there is a risk of encountering scammers who want to sell a pretty dog ​​for a considerable sum.

The price of the offspring is affected by various factors, for example, titles of parents, type of wool and color, sex, external characteristics. If you want a dog with excellent data for an exhibition career, then its cost will be much higher. It is worth considering - the breed is not recognized, therefore it will be necessary to forget about participation in prestigious international events.

The price of a puppy from a nursery with a good reputation will average 80,000-90000 rubles. The kid will have all the necessary documents, is allowed to breed, have a good exterior. But the dog show class can cost much more. Private breeders can buy a puppy for 40000-50000 rubles, of course, that it is a question of the offspring with the relevant documents.

Maltipu is a representative of the designer breed, which is a hybrid of maltese and poodles. People have repeatedly tried to create something new, using these curly, intelligent dogs, and the multiplex is the result of a successful experiment. Buying a puppy, the family does not get a funny toy, capable of barking barkingly and wagging a tail, and the other - a devoted, affectionate and incredibly loving.

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