Lounger for the dog

A pet needs a separate place, suitable for rest and sleep. And experts recommend buying a lounger for a dog - a comfortable and cozy place that the dog will definitely appreciate. It can be purchased at a pet store or made independently, taking into account the preferences of your four-legged friend.


Basic recommendations for choosing a lounger

Lounger for the dog

Before you begin to manufacture the product, it is worth to listen to the advice of experienced dog breeders:

  • The first thing to do is to take a measurement, because sewing a lounger "by eye" can be a useless thing - the inappropriate size will cause the dog to lie anywhere, but not in its place; do it better when the pet stretches freely on the floor.
  • If it is a question of a lounger for a puppy, then it is worthwhile to increase the obtained measurements in half or to tune in to a quick rescheduling of the product;
  • It is necessary to take into account the pet's favorite position, used for sleeping - if the dog prefers to rest, curled up, then the ideal shape of the lounger is oval or round in this case. If the dog in the dream is stretched, or turns over on the back, then the stove should be rectangular.
  • Most dogs like to observe others, but there are also such breeds, whose representatives need a secluded place. In this case, it is worth considering closed options. Mostly it concerns little dogs.

Lounger for a dog from a fabric with bumps

This is a fairly common option for a lap dog, which often has an oval or round shape. But you can also use patterns for a rectangular model. From the tools you will need all that is necessary for sewing. Also, a filler is needed, it can be made from sintepon, silicone, dry sawdust, foam rubber and other suitable materials.

Lounger for a dog from a fabric with bumps

The same purchased lounger for a dog photo

To build a pattern, you can take a paper or a newspaper. The fabric is desirable to take a dense, abrasion-resistant, through which the filler will not come out. You can immediately sew a few pillowcases from a lighter fabric, which you can periodically change.

Pattern of the product is copied onto paper, cut out and crocheted on fabric. The received details are cut out and sewed, but do not forget about the holes that are needed to fill the sun deck filler. First of all, you should make a bottom, and then proceed to the execution of the sides.

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Lounger from an old sweater

Very often cozy, warm things turn out to be unnecessary. The reasons can be different - the sweater lost shape, went out of fashion, ceased to fit in size ... But you can not get rid of it, but give it a second life. To make a lounger you need to prepare scissors, thread, needles, two pillows, and, in fact, an unnecessary sweater.

Lounger for a dog from an old sweater

It is necessary to remove a filler from one pillow. From the sweater cut the neck, if it is not, then the cutout is simply sewn. After the sweater is sewn from one sleeve to the other. A cushion is inserted into the product, and it is recommended to sew the bottom of the sweater. Stitched sleeves must be filled with internals removed from one pillow. A comfortable lounger is ready! If desired, you can make an additional cover, which is periodically removed for washing.

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How to make a lounger from pallets with your own hands

Today, design ideas do not know the boundaries and you can find a wide variety of furniture made from ordinary pallets. In that case, why not use them to make a great place for your pet? In addition to the wooden base - pallet, you need the following:

  • saw;
  • nails with a hammer;
  • means for grinding - nazhdachka or grinding machine;
  • a pillow of a suitable size;
  • a simple pencil;
  • yardstick;
  • a device for tearing nails;
  • pliers.

The manufacture of the lounger begins with the analysis of the pallet. Nails are pulled out neatly, but you need to do this so that the tree remains intact. Then the boards are sawn, according to the available measurements. By the way, defining a size, you can draw a simple drawing that will help in assembling the structure.

Lounger for a dog from pallets

Lounger for a dog from pallets

First, the lateral parts are knocked down, they must be exactly the same. If you take three boards, then the lounger will be higher. To the edge of the boards the slats are nailed. For the arrangement of the rear wall, three boards are needed, which are nailed through the slats. To produce a facial plate, one board is required. This place will play the role of an entrance, so the wall will be somewhat lower.

The resulting structure is subjected to thorough grinding. Strongly zealous should not be, but to rid the wood of the rough layer is necessary. In the frame, you can put a mattress or pillow and offer a pet to try out new furniture. By the way, there is always the opportunity to show imagination and decorate the frame, apply patterns or inscriptions, cover with a layer of varnish. But it is only at the request of the owner.

A lounger made by own hands, which takes into account the needs of the dog, will definitely be appreciated. After all, dogs are the most grateful and devoted beings who can appreciate care and attention.

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