Shorthair Dog

When choosing a four-legged friend, the future owners not least pay attention to the coat - pets with short hair require much less care and do not need trimming. What are the short-haired breeds of dogs are particularly popular among fans of these animals?


Small shorthair breed

If you look at the big picture, today most dog breeders prefer small animals. They can also be kept in modest living areas, take with them on trips and for the most part, small dogs live longer than gigantic ones . And even with chain dogs in the courtyard of the house, the owners do not deny themselves the pleasure of having a little dog dog for the soul.

The top of the most popular were the following small breeds:

  • Smooth chihuahua . Representatives of this breed are the smallest dogs, in size they are inferior even to cats. A large chihuahua weighs only 3.5 kg, which allows you to literally carry it on your hands and accustom you to the tray. This is a decorative breed, the true origin of which is still shrouded in certain secrets. Its representatives, despite their size, are very brave, distinguished by mobility, curiosity and developed intellect. But during training, they can be capricious, reminding the child, in this case, patience and caress will help. Smooth chihuahua
  • Russian that. For many people, the name of the breed that is not used today is toy terrier. But, whatever you call it, toychiki are wonderful miniature companions, loyal and affectionate. Once the breed was bred for the extermination of rodents, and over time its representatives became smaller, but did not lose their hunting skills. At home they can play with a mouse-toy, and on the street catch the real one. They are also “bells” and will always raise an alarm in case of danger. Russian of
  • Pug . These are short-haired dogs with original appearance - flattened face and big eyes. At one time they were the favorites of Queen Victoria, and before that - the Chinese aristocracy. These pets need constant attention from the owner, quite lazy and cunning. Pugs love to hug, always be close to the owner. Their intelligence and ability to imitate makes the learning process quite enjoyable and even a beginner can. Owners should take into account the fact that dogs of this breed do not tolerate low and high temperatures, and are also prone to obesity. Pug
  • Miniature Pinscher. Like all Pinchers, the smallest of them (they are also called miniature pinchers) are also very active, mobile and inquisitive. They love to play, run and learn new skills. And the independence of dogs allows them to not lose heart, when there is nobody to talk to. Unlike some small breeds, dwarf Pinschers have a strong psyche and are not nervous over trifles. Once were great rat catchers, today the Pinschers are companions. In addition, they, despite the modest dimensions, have protective qualities. Miniature Pinscher
  • Dachshund . There are several breed varieties of dachshunds - dwarf and rabbit, and they are all popular. This is a burrowing breed with exclusively hunting instincts, which determines their appearance - an elongated body with short, strong legs. Dogs are active and in need of long walking. They are very hardy, sociable and obedient. But if you offend a pet, he will remember it for a long time. At certain moments it becomes arrogant and capricious. Like other hunters, dachshunds do not get along well with small pets. dachshund

Medium Shorthair Dogs

In this category you can find dogs of almost any kind - hunters, companions, rescuers:

  • Shar Pei. The oldest Chinese breed, bred before the beginning of our era. Looking at its modern representatives, it is difficult to imagine that once Shar Pei were meant for fighting. Many people are attracted by the amazing appearance of dogs - their skin forms deep folds. But it is worth taking into account that training a pet can be difficult - dogs often show stubbornness, deciding that it is better for them to know what to do. And, in general, these are the kindest, smartest dogs, perfectly suited as a family pet. Shar Pei gets along with almost everyone, but he treats strangers incredulously, therefore, he can show protective qualities. Shar pei
  • Labrador Retriever . The researchers did not manage to find out the exact origin of the breed, but there is some information that their ancestors were once assistants of North American Indians in fishing. And having got to Europe, Labradors proved themselves in various areas - hunting, transportation of goods, they rescued people and guarded. But the modern Labrador Retriever is more of a companion, intelligent, intelligent and friendly. The dog is suitable for families with children, as it does not have the aggression gene and is well trained. Because of the love of all those around him, the Labrador does not show distrust, and therefore cannot be a good watchman. Labrador retriever
  • Dalmatian . Another mysterious breed of origin, existing since time immemorial. But at the same time its representatives are extremely popular and do not lose their positions. During their history, these animals played the role of a "carriage" dog, accompanying the carriages, later they were assistants to firefighters, used as service dogs. Also worth mentioning is their role in the photomodel business and cinema - their gracefulness and unique color were appreciated here. It is worth noting that Dalmatian is a friend, if not a family member, with its own strengths and weaknesses. The dog is happy to be in the family circle, but if the kids are behaving too familiarly, they can be irritable. It needs socialization, because without proper training a dog can become timid. Dalmatian
  • Bulldog. Representatives of this breed have a rather ferocious appearance, because once they participated in the hunt for large predators and bullfights. But the modern bulldog is a sweet, loyal creature with a huge heart. There are many varieties of breed, but most often you can meet the French or English bulldog , which combine guard skills and excellent companion qualities. They get along well with children, are unobtrusive and are suitable even for a small apartment. Bulldog
  • American Pit Bull Terrier . One of the most controversial breeds, still not accepted internationally, but enjoying immense popularity. Pitbulls were bred as fighting dogs, but today they are used in sports, in the service - they are able to detect drugs and explosives. The breed is quite specific and not suitable for everyone, as it requires mandatory early socialization, professional training and education. American Pit Bull Terrier

Large and giant shorthair breeds

The larger the dog, the higher the responsibility of the owners. In addition, large pets need more space and food. However, in some situations no one will do the job better. Among the large breeds, the following can be called popular:

  • Rottweiler . Krepysh with a severe appearance were bred in Germany as human assistants. The main function of the Rottweilers was the transfer of livestock to the slaughterhouse, so they were called "butcher" dogs. They were supposed not only to watch the cattle, but to gather it in a herd, to see that no one got out of it, and even to rein in the angry bulls. And for this, they had to have a developed intellect, remarkable strength and bravery. Naturally, today this is not required of the dogs, but thanks to their endurance, ability to make decisions and courage, they have found a lot of other uses. Rottweilers can be found in the army, the police station or at the border. They are excellent guards, besides, they are suitable to be companions. Rottweiler
  • Mastino Neapolitano. Neapolitan mastiffs today are not so many, but they are spread all over the world and are very highly valued. The breed is very ancient and was used as a watchman for a long time. Naturally, these qualities of mastino in the blood. The dog has a very colorful appearance and, having met nose-to-nose with the intruder, this will be enough for the person to change his plans. Dogs of this breed are not very fond of strangers, this must be considered when waiting for guests. And at home it is a gentle, balanced and playful pet. Mastino Neapolitano
  • Great Dane . These are not just giants - representatives of this breed are considered the tallest in the world. Great Danes - surprisingly elegant dogs, one appearance which causes admiration and respect. They are confident in their own abilities, therefore they do not react to stimuli unworthy of attention. The owners are sure - it is difficult to find a kinder, affectionate, loyal creature. Of course, like other large breeds, the Great Dane needs good care and nutrition; it is much more difficult to maintain the health of large dogs than smaller ones. German dog
  • Boxer At one time, the breed’s popularity was literally going wild, and its representatives could be found in every home. Today, interest is somewhat diminished, but it is rather a general trend. Once these dogs performed hunting functions - they caught up the game and kept it until the hunters arrived. And looking at the formidable appearance of a boxer, you will believe - such a dog will definitely hold. And before that - they were fighters. However, thanks to a long selection, the boxers managed to get rid of aggression, making friendly and contact dogs, while retaining their physical qualities. The dog does not trust strangers, so these dogs are used for protection and protection. But in the family, he is a cheerful, simple-minded pet who does not know how to cheat and dissemble. Boxer

Tiny, gigantic, medium sizes - all of them are united only by a short coat and loyalty to their family. It doesn’t matter if it’s a service dog or a couch, each of them has a personality, it requires attention and care. And then communication with his four-legged friend will bring only pleasure, regardless of the breed and other qualities.

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