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In order for a pet to be healthy, it must receive good quality food. Today, most owners prefer industrial feed, and choosing the best option - dog food super premium. But, how in the abundance of brands to choose what really meets all the requirements of the animal? There is a ranking of the best feed, which is based not only on the opinion of dog breeders, but also on the analysis of the composition and conclusions of specialists.


10. Nutra Gold (Nutra Gold)

Nutra Gold for dogs

The tenth place on the list is a product from the United States. His trust among dog lovers has been earned through a combination of good quality and reasonable price. The finished product contains fresh meat of young sheep, chickens, eggs. There are also sources of complex carbohydrates and fiber in it - grain, vegetable and fruit ingredients.

The manufacturer has developed several lines of feed, based on their needs and age. For example, for adults with a medium-sized pet, you can purchase an Adult Dog product that contains components that are useful for articular tissues — glucosamine and chondroitin. There is also a treat for dogs prone to allergies - Salmon & Potato. This is a feed in which the main ingredients are salmon and potatoes.

Nutra Gold contains no preservatives and is recognized as a safe food for dogs.

9. Belcando (Belcando)

Belcando for dogs

Belkando - a line of modern dog food from Germany. This brand is rightfully among the ten best feeds of the highest class, as it consists of natural ingredients. The following products are not used for the production of Belkando:

  • soybean;
  • meat offal;
  • colorants;
  • substances for the preservation and flavoring of food;
  • GMO and low quality products.

Antioxidants in the composition are natural rosemary oil and vitamin E. 80% of the composition of the product - are proteins of animal origin.

Products contain enough protein, so it is an excellent food for active dogs who spend a lot of energy at work or competitions.

The manufacturer also thought about growing up babies - it produces food for puppies of any breed, as well as separately for puppies of large breeds, with a high content of meat ingredients. If we consider the feed of this class, then Belkando differs relatively low cost.

8. Bosch (Bosch)

Bosch for dogs

This feed belongs to the category of super-premium and has been produced in Germany in a family-owned business for more than four decades. It is suitable for all dogs, including those in specific conditions, for example, during the carrying of puppies, or during the recovery period after an illness. Pet owners say that after a month of feeding the Bosch diet, the fur of the dogs ceases to fall, it becomes thicker, softer and silky.

Food fully complies with the standards of this class, because it contains no preservatives, flavoring additives, soy, artificial colors or chemical additives.

There are several special rations with different tastes - “fish and potatoes”, “poultry with spelled”, “lamb and rice”. This menu is ideal for pets that are contained in apartments and are not receiving heavy loads, which is an excellent protection for your pet from overweight.

The original ingredient in the Bosch feed is spelled - semi-wild wheat, which contains fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, and soluble carbohydrates.

In pet stores you can buy special treats for dogs of this brand - biscuits, cakes, which are an excellent encouragement during training.

7. 1st Choice (Fest Choice)

1st choice for dogs

This top-grade, grainless dog food is available in Canada. Professionals in their field, veterinarians and nutritionists, participated in the development of the Fest Choice feed. The needs of older dogs, pets with sensitive stomachs, allergies, skin problems and other categories of animals that need special nutrition were studied.

The feed includes mannan-oligosaccharides, contributing to the normalization of the activity of the digestive system, flax seeds, reducing allergic manifestations and supporting molting processes at the required level. The composition also has lecithin, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, improves the production of liver enzymes.

In addition, manufacturers add to their food plant extract, obtained from Yucca schidiger, its bark contains steroid saponins, which lower the level of ammonium in urine. It is ammonium that gives animal excrement an unpleasant odor, and its elimination will please dog owners who use a tray as a toilet.

In the composition there are no ingredients that provoke allergies - beef, pork, soy. As a meat component in the feed is the meat of poultry, lamb, as well as eggs.

Specialized food Fest Choyz was a real salvation for the owners of “special” canine representatives.

6. Arden Grange (Arden Grange)

Arden Grange for dogs

These are products of English production, corresponding to the category of super premium and suitable for pets with medium activity. The main components are lean pork and rice. Due to the high content of the meat part, the feed is able to quickly saturate the pet.

Arden Grange feeds do not contain artificial flavors, additives, preservatives and belong to a hypoallergenic diet for dogs. The composition contains the main beneficial components - prebiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements, omega-fatty acids.

The brand has earned the trust of many dog ​​owners and professional breeders far beyond England, including Russia, so you can buy it at almost every specialized pet store.

5. Eagle Pack (Eagle Pak)

Eagle Pack for dogs

This view is an American company. Manufacturers produce several types of diets, based on the needs of the animal. For example, puppy food contains the amount of protein necessary for growth and development, as well as yogurt biocultures, which enrich the sterile intestinal microflora, thereby making it more comfortable to switch from breast milk to regular food and eliminate diarrhea during this period.

Also in the Eagle Pak lineup, you can find food for hyperactive animals that are high in protein and healthy fats. This composition allows you to compensate for a significant loss of energy.

Manufacturers pay attention to the balancing of protein and fat, enrich their product with useful probiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements. Ingredients in the form of flour - chicken, chicken, anchovies, brown rice, etc.

4. Artemis (Artemis)

Artemis for dogs

Another brand from the United States, included in the top ten quality dog ​​food. This product differs from the others in that it contains only one-fifth of the total meat, but with a full ration of such a quantity, it is enough for the health and activity of the dog.

The composition of the feed does not include cereal crops, as the developers believe that they are not necessary food for dogs. As carbohydrate products added vegetables (potatoes, carrots), herbs, fruits.

Artemis is an unusual food, as it contains ingredients that are quite unusual for the dog’s menu, but are indispensable sources of beneficial substances - cranberries, blueberries, plant extracts: Schidiger Yucca, rosemary, green tea, chicory root, and brown seaweed.

Produced by the manufacturers of feed Artemis and the problem of digestion, adding in their product lactobacilli.

3. Almo Nature (Almo Nature)

Almo Nature for dogs

Alma Nature - one of the leading brands of feed of the highest category, which is produced in Italy. The composition of the product is most balanced and contains fish and meat as a source of protein.

There are several lines of food developed for different categories of animals, not only on the basis of age, but also the characteristics of the breed.

The composition of the product includes rice, which allows its use for dogs with a tendency to allergic reactions. A special line of rations is available - Almo Nature for animals with this specific feature, as well as for pets that are too picky about food.

Naturally, the feed does not contain harmful artificial impurities and fully complies with the requirements of this category of feed. Producers have taken care of the variety of tastes of their products, here you can find fish food with salmon, white fish, and meat - chicken, lamb.

Rosemary oil is an antioxidant. The source of carbohydrates is rice, barley, oatmeal.

2. Orijen Adult (Oriental Edolt)

Orijen for dogs

Canadian product of the highest quality, which occupies a leading position in the ranking of dog food.

Oriental Edolt, at the request of the manufacturer, 70-80% consists of meat components and does not contain cereals, which means that the feed contains a lot of protein and a little - carbohydrates. In this regard, it is especially recommended for representatives of large breeds, characterized by excessive activity and mobility.

In the production of this brand, the correct concept is used - using high-quality and fresh products, to bring the composition of the feed as close as possible to the natural diet of the animal and to exclude from it everything that is not characteristic of dog nutrition.

Of course, carbohydrate components are present - it is fresh potatoes, eggs, vegetables and fruits. To improve the digestion of pets, a number of probiotics are included in the feed.

1. Innova EVO (Innova Evo)

Innova EVO

This is, of course, the undisputed leader of high quality fodder produced in the USA. Innova Evo was the first among holists - fodder, created on the basis of components suitable for human nutrition.

Of course, the price of this feed is above average, however, it consists exclusively of natural ingredients.

According to foreign tests and polls by experienced breeders, three lines of Innova rations - EVO, EVO Red Meat (composed of red meat) and EVO Reduced Fat (low fat feed) received the highest marks. In Russia, the recognition of almost all types of feed of this brand.

In the composition you can find beef meat, lamb, venison. It is the meat components that are listed in the composition first and occupy the lion’s share of the Innova diet. In addition, it contains cottage cheese, chicken eggs, vegetable fats and oils that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the pet's coat and other components. The manufacturer enriches feed with vegetables, herbs, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements.

What and how to feed your beloved pet, each owner decides for himself. However, it should be remembered that a correct, balanced diet can increase not so long dog age. A full diet will affect the health of the dog, its mood and appearance.

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