Probalance food (Probalance) for dogs

Unfortunately, among the feed for cats and dogs of premium and super-premium class it is quite difficult to meet the brand of Russian manufacturers. However, Velkorm corrected this oversight and started producing rations that are positioned as top-quality products. Manufacturers themselves say that their feeds are analogues of foreign brands, but do veterinarians and dog breeders agree with this opinion? What you need to know about ProBalance dog food for dog owners choosing it for permanent feeding?


A little about the manufacturer and production

There is a widespread belief that a foreign product, although it costs an order of magnitude more expensive, can boast of excellent quality, but domestic feed is somewhat inferior in this regard, but the price tag is noticeably lower. Is it so? Probalance food (Probalance) for dogs

ProBalance manufacturers decided to refute this. No, this is not about sky-high prices, but decent quality. Despite the fact that this brand is relatively young, more and more people are looking at it. Naturally, the first thing they are interested in is how the food is prepared and what is included in it.

In the production of rations, the same scheme is used. Ready-made components are brought to the enterprise:

  • meat in a dehydrated (dehydrated) form;
  • cereals;
  • dried vegetables, etc.

They are combined in certain proportions and ground in a grinder. Then the resulting mass is mixed, moistened and subjected to heat treatment using high temperatures. This technique allows you to sterilize the mixture, from which granules of dry food will subsequently be formed.

After that, boiled water is added to the mixture, and the slurry is sent to a special device, which gives the mass the usual look of dog food, and after drying, those dry, mouth-watering pieces that most pets like to crunch are obtained.

But this is not all - in the end, useful substances are sprayed over the granules, enriching the diets with vitamins, minerals and other components with high biological activity. And put the food in a package that preserves its quality, aroma and taste.

Many scientific institutions are actively engaged in the study and development of vitamin and mineral supplements in order to get the most effective remedy. And ProBalance manufacturers are no exception - their composition includes Fitocare, a unique composition. dog eats

It consists of many extracts and extracts from medicinal plants. By the way, practicing veterinarians participated in the work on the composition, who know firsthand how dogs can hardly tolerate the lack of any elements.

Fitocare components have a number of properties that positively affect the health of dogs:

  • normalize metabolic processes;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • protect the animal from ailments associated with the musculoskeletal system; help strengthen joints and bones;
  • improve digestive processes;
  • prevent oxidation of free radicals - an active antioxidant effect is provided;
  • provide healthy vision;
  • help maintain reproductive functions of the body.

The composition can be called unique, unparalleled, especially since there are several compositions suitable for dogs in one or another period of life.

Range of rations ProBalans

The manufacturer has simplified the task of consumers by placing rations in colored packaging of the corresponding shade - yellow, green, blue, red, the latest news released recently - in purple. Probalance Feed

Yellow rations line

These feeds are prepared according to the Immuno recipe, their main task is to strengthen the pet's immune system. A strong immunity is the key to a long life of an animal without disease. They are distinguished from other rations by the presence of special components: lysine, antioxidants, and prebiotics that can improve and maintain the health of the animal.

Among other ProBalance rations, it is Immuno that is in great demand among buyers. The feed of this line is divided into several categories:

  1. Adult and Puppies - for adults and puppies, regardless of breed.
  2. Small & Medium and Maxi - for representatives of small breeds and medium, as well as large dogs. Probalance food in yellow packaging

Among the latest innovations is the Immuno Adult Active diet, intended for pets engaged in intense physical activity, as well as the Immuno Adult Beef - suitable for any thoroughbred dogs with beef.

Green line rations

This category includes specialized feeds designed for dogs with special nutritional needs. The following formulations are distinguished:

  1. Starter - such a diet is recommended to feed babies from 3 weeks. In addition, it can be given to pregnant and lactating females, since it is a more nutritious food - females require enhanced nutrition during these difficult periods. Probalance food for dogs in green packaging
  2. Hypoallergenic and Delicate Digestion - foods intended for pets suffering from allergies and malfunctions of the digestive system.

Red line of rations

So far, it includes one feed - Adult Grain Free, a grain-free product whose main component is poultry meat. Instead of cereal crops, it included potatoes, lentils and peas. Probalance food (Probalance) for dogs in red packaging

Blue line of rations

Again, one diet belongs to it - Probalance Adult Light, designed for adult dogs, helping them maintain normal weight if they are prone to obesity. It is recommended to give it to pets living in apartment conditions and exhibiting low activity. Probalance food (Probalance) for dogs blue packing

Rations in purple packages

This category is the Gourmet Diet, which consists of two special recipes - Adult Beef & Rabbit (beef and rabbit) and Adult Beef & Lamb (beef and lamb). These feeds are designed to feed adult pets who are quite picky about food and are difficult to please. Probalance food in purple packaging

The entire range of ProBalance dog food includes 12 diets, which does not allow you to especially pamper your pet with a variety of tastes, especially when compared with competing brands. But most often the dogs do not need this, it is important to choose one that suits him better than the others.

Analysis of the composition: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, additional components

Before buying food for his four-legged friend, the responsible owner will ask, and what does it consist of? It should be noted right away that colorful advertising is not an indicator of product quality, and it is best to see the composition indicated on the package. Probalance food (Probalance) for dogs

The ProBalance producer really produces good rations that meet the needs of the animal’s body. To get confirmation, you should still evaluate the ingredients and their ratio:

  • 30% - poultry meat in a dehydrated form;
  • chicken fat;
  • the required amount of rice, barley, oats - sources of fiber;
  • yeast;
  • egg powder;
  • FitoCare complex;
  • flax seeds;
  • sunflower oil.

In addition, diets include all the main vitamins of group B, retinol, D3, E, as well as a number of important trace elements. For the work of the organs of the gastric tract, the necessary useful prebiotics are included, which are also in the ProBalance feed.

The basis of rations is protein, in various menus the meat portion is from 21 to 33%. In comparison, super-premium products, on average, contain 50-60%. In addition, unlike cheap recipes, there are no wheat and other cereals in the ProBalance, which practically do not digest the dog’s digestive tract.

The fat in the feed of this brand - 18%, fiber - 2.5%, ash - 6%, the humidity of rations is 10%. The meat portion is flour or dehydrated meat - these products are the most high-calorie ingredients. As it should be for premium class feeds, offal, cartilage and bone tissue and other processed products are not included in the recipe. dog for a walk

Veterinarians evaluate animal feed in a special way - not by the amount of incoming meat, that is, animal protein, but by how well it is absorbed. This indicator should not be lower than 85%, of course, the main components are taken into account: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The rest of the ingredients, such as fiber, ballast substances and other things, are not taken into account.

Oats, corn, rice - light carbohydrates that are perfectly absorbed, the same can be said about fats. But with protein components, the situation is more complicated - the indicator will be normal only when it comes to quality components. It is known that devoid of water, that is, undergoing the dehydration procedure, poultry meat, has a digestibility of 88%. This confirms that the ProBalance diet has a high biological value and in this is not inferior to the products of foreign manufacturers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ProBalance diets important to know?

Until now, dog owners are cautious about the feed of domestic producers, but is there any serious reason for this in the case of ProBalance? Products of even the most famous brands have pros and cons, and these diets are not without them.


  1. First of all, complaints relate to one of the ingredients - additive E321, which is recognized as unsafe in the food industry.
  2. The ProBalance contains less meat than in similar premium diets - 20-30% versus 50-65%.
  3. With the acquisition can be difficult - not all pet stores have it and it is better to resort to the services of Internet resources. dog eats

Positive points:

  1. The composition includes many useful trace elements, not all production feeds can boast such a rich composition.
  2. The basis of the diet is still meat, not cereals and offal, as in cheap feeds.
  3. The price is significantly lower than that of feeds of other brands belonging to this class, which makes it possible to feed the dog correctly, even without high incomes.
  4. The assortment is not particularly wide, but the owners still have the opportunity to choose the most suitable food for their pet.
  5. The rations went through a series of checks, which allowed to confirm its quality.

How much does the ProBalance brand feed cost?

Many dog ​​owners have already transferred their pets to the domestic ProBalance food, however, not everyone can buy it - sales are not available in all cities. If we take into account the cost and quality, then these rations are quite affordable: Probalance dog food

  • packing dry granules weighing 2000 g will cost a little less than 400 rubles;
  • 3 kg of feed costs about 500 rubles;
  • the price of a bag of 10 kg varies from 1500 to 1700 rubles;
  • 15 kg of “drying” ProBalance, on average, is 2000 rubles.


Many dog ​​lovers, preferring domestic products, were quite satisfied and shared their impressions:

Elena: “My pet of a pug breed is a terrible allergic person, and it turned out that flax caused it - oil or seeds of which are part of most diets. When feeding, my usually well-fed pet lost weight, and he was often tormented by constipation. Naturally, in such a situation, one had to meticulously study the composition of the feed and sweep away most of it as inappropriate. When the turn came to the hypoallergenic ProBalance, without flax in the composition, we managed to forget about the above problems. My dog ​​is healthy, cheerful, cheerful, he has a shiny coat. One nuance - I reduce the daily portion, otherwise there are problems with the toilet. ”

Larisa: “I have two dogs, which I fed Proplan for a long time, however, there were interruptions in supplies and I had to look for an alternative. In the pet store, they recommended ProBalance, a Russian feed with an attractive price and good composition. He liked one of my dogs - he was gobbling up, only the crackling was, but the second one was more finicky, did not penetrate much - often the granules remained in the cup. Now I’m at a crossroads - to buy the same food for the dogs or different, but I can recommend ProBalance - it should be taken as a test, and there it’s how the dog will react. ” dog and food

Natalya: “I chose the ProBalance Maxi Edalt ration for very prosaic reasons - I could’t afford to feed two Labradors with foreign Akana. Fortunately for us, the feed came up the first time, and subsequently no complications arose. My labs eat it with pleasure, remain playful and have no problems with the chair. It’s a pity that you won’t buy such a bag in a store, but I found an online store where I order it regularly. ”

ProBalance is one of the first, but already confident steps towards the production of high-quality dry feed for pets in Russia. Naturally, while they can not fully compete with many brands that are world famous, but these diets have undeniable advantages.

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