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Owners of dogs, having decided to feed their four-footed friends with industrial rations, face the problem of what food to choose, so that the pet gets everything necessary, and thus there are no health problems? First of all, it is worth paying attention to high quality products. One of the best in this segment is considered food for dogs Hills - it is trusted by pet owners, breeders and veterinarians. What is the reason for the popularity of these rations and what is worth knowing about them to breeders?


What is known about the manufacturer?

For almost a hundred years, there is a trademark Hills, specializing in the manufacture and sale of pet food. During this time the manufacturer proved that its products deserve attention. Hill's Pet Nutrition company was established in 1907 in the US, and initially it was lost against the backdrop of hundreds of similar, unremarkable brands. Food for dogs Hills (Hills)

The breakthrough came later - in the 60s, when one of the owners of the company, enlisting the help of a veterinarian, took up the development of specialized rations, called the Scientific Diet. The result was so excellent that the first product in that lineup - "Prescription Diet k / d", is still present in the Hills range.

Having achieved the first success, the owners of Hills took the idea of ​​"healthy" nutrition as their basis for production, deploying a wide marketing activity to promote veterinary and medical feeds.

Today, the products of this brand can be found in hundreds of countries around the world. In the late 20th century, the company entered the larger Colgate-Palmolive.

Assortment of Hills - there are plenty to choose from

Manufacturers of rations, from the time of their formation, do not cease to please their customers, developing all the new diets that satisfy the needs of even the fastidious. The brand includes four specialized series, each of which is focused on a certain category of dogs.

Hills Science Plan

The forages of this series are full-fledged daily diets. In it you can find food for dogs of different ages, breeds and body features:

  1. Kanin Edalta Fitness Fitness - can be recommended to dogs of any breed, designed to stimulate the digestive system and the development of muscle tissue. Kanin Edal'd Edward Fitness
  2. Kanin Edalte Edvenda Fitness Large Breed is a balanced food for large dogs, taking care of the condition of the muscular and articular tissues.
  3. Kanin Edalte Edvenda Fitness Mini is a formula suitable for adult dogs weighing no more than 15 kg.
  4. Kanin Edalte Light - great food for pets who like to eat; with his regular use of a dog will not gain an extra kilogram.
  5. Kanin Edalt Perfect Veit is a fodder that cares about the "figure" of the pet and provides a long, healthy life; owners can choose a diet for small or medium-sized dogs.
  6. Kanin Edalth Performance is a special diet for "working" dogs - service workers, rescuers, athletes, hunters, etc.
  7. Kanin Edalts Sensitiv Skin is a food suitable for animals with sensitive skin, especially if they are often disturbed by itching, dryness, redness, etc.
  8. Kanin Edalt Sensetive Stamec - the diet contains a lot of fiber, which improves digestion.
  9. Kanin Edalte Small & Miniatures - suitable for small and tiny dogs, supporting the health of the mouth, skin and digestive tract.
  10. Canine Mature Adult 5+ Active Longevity ™ Large Breed - Feeding this diet allows large pets over 5 years of age to maintain activity, muscle tone and improve overall health. Canine Mature Adult 5+ Active Longevity ™ Large Breed
  11. Canine Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity - this feed should pay attention to the owners of dogs of advanced age; there are several formulas for pets of different sizes.
  12. Puppy Healthy Development - three diets for regular feeding of puppies - for representatives of small, medium, and also large breeds and giants.
  13. Puppy Small & Miniature - feed provides all necessary puppies of decorative breeds of small sizes.

Hills Prescription Diet

The feed of this line is dietary, intended for animals suffering from any diseases affecting the heart, digestive, urogenital system. In addition, it includes food for dogs with obesity and dermatological ailments:

  1. Multicare Caninec / d - a diet that protects dogs from recurrent urolithiasis.
  2. Canined / d is a food that improves the condition of a pet that is harassed by unpleasant signs of allergic reactions.
  3. Caninet / d-like nutrition allows maintaining the oral cavity of the animal in a healthy state.
  4. Canineu / d is a diet that supports the health of dogs with urolithiasis.
  5. Caninew / d is the food that preserves the optimal weight of the dog.
  6. Caninez / d - this menu is adapted for animals, which often show allergic reactions.
  7. Derm Defense Canine - a diet that reduces the impact of allergens in the environment. Derm Defense Canine
  8. Canineh / d - this food is recommended for feeding dogs suffering from heart diseases.
  9. i / d Canine Low Fat - a formula containing a small amount of fat is indicated for the normalization of the digestive system.
  10. ii / d Canine Stress Mini - small dogs are often stressed, which causes digestive disorders, such meals are suitable for such pets.
  11. Caninej / d - diet, supporting joint, bone and cartilaginous tissue, improving their condition.
  12. k / d Canine Original - medical food for dogs with kidney diseases.
  13. l / d Canine - a special diet for pets with liver diseases.
  14. Metabolic + Mobility Canine Original is a formula designed to reduce the body weight of an animal and increase its activity.
  15. Metabolic Canine Original is another food that takes care of the good form of the pet.

Dog owners should be aware that it is not recommended to feed a pet with therapeutic diets without good reasons. It is desirable that a veterinarian appoint a similar feed, based on the condition of the animal.

Hills Nature's Best

The range of these feeds is designed in such a way that it includes only natural components of high quality and balanced vitamin and mineral ingredients. The main goal is to strengthen the immune system of the dog and activate all the systems of the body:

  1. Kanin Edalte Bird / Giant - a food that meets the nutritional needs of an adult representative of a large or giant breed, can be fed from 12 months.
  2. Kanin Edald Mini / Medium - natural food for dogs from 12 months old, small or medium-sized. Kanin Edald Mini Medium

Hills Ideal Balance

This series consists for the time being of one product - Kanin Edalte No Greene. The formulation does not include cereals, the feed is intended as a daily diet for adult animals from 12 months to 7 years.

Composition analysis

Hills is a large assortment of rations, each of which is developed according to an individual recipe. However, in order to find out whether the products conform to the declared super-premium class, it is enough to disassemble the composition of one of them, for example, Hill's Science Plan, designed for decorative small dogs:

  • 34% - chicken meat, past dehydrogenation;
  • 4% - turkey meat, dehydrated;
  • corn, wheat;
  • rice in the form of a brewing cut;
  • animal fats.

In the composition are added by-products, as well as natural preserving ingredients. But the recipe does not contain artificial flavors, dyes, taste enhancers and other products harmful to the body of the dog. In the list, you can find other components, however, their number is small and does not carry a particular burden. Food for dogs Hills (Hills) composition

As for the percentage of nutrients, it looks like this:

  • proteins - slightly more than 23%;
  • fats - 15%;
  • carbohydrates - 47,8;
  • fiber - 1,5%.

If you consider each product separately, you can understand whether it is important for the animal organism or is, at best, a "pacifier" that does not have a nutritional value:

  1. Sources of animal protein is dehydrated chicken meat and a small amount of dried turkey meat in the same way. In this form it is a rather valuable ingredient, since it does not contain excess moisture.
  2. Corn and wheat are cheap grains that are not valuable ingredients, and wheat is also an allergen. However, they still contain fiber.
  3. Brewing rice is a crumb that contains nutrients even less than ground grains.
  4. Fat of animal origin is necessary for feeding the dog, but the disadvantage is that the producer does not indicate its source.

Manufacturers take into account the needs of small pets, so they include the right amount of quality protein, but, according to experts, the fiber in it is less than required.

On the pros and cons of rations Hills

The products of this brand have a number of advantages, but they are not devoid of shortcomings. The pluses are:

  • a wide range of both daily and therapeutic rations for animals of various categories;
  • the first ingredients are meat;
  • the composition includes vitamins and minerals; the dog is eating
  • Feed is common in most countries and it is easy to purchase at many pet stores;
  • the price of the product is available, when compared with other brands of this class.

The disadvantages are:

  • veterinarians have a number of questions regarding the composition that can be resolved if the manufacturer specifies some details;
  • presence in the composition of cereals is not better quality;
  • the composition is considered rather modest, if evaluated by the number of ingredients.

Another nuance - because of the popularity of Hills among dog breeders, there was such a phenomenon as forging a product. When buying, it is recommended that you pay attention to which country is listed as the manufacturer. Original rations are made in the Netherlands or the EU.

Opinion of consumers and veterinarians

In the vastness of the Internet, you can find a lot of reviews about the Hills feed, and more often they are positive. In addition, the line is included in the top 10 of almost all existing ratings:

Elena: "For a long time I was in search of food for my dog. I wanted it to contain a lot of meat, vitamins, approached and liked the pet, and at the same time was inexpensive. In Hills I was attracted by the composition - over 50% of meat, only wheat was upset, but it does not harm the body. My dog-mestiz long-haired toy terrier and chihuahua food appreciated - small granules did not make eating difficult, and the bowl was always empty. While it suits us and we do not intend to change it. "

Anna: "At me the dog of breed Jack rassl the terrier - small, fervent fidget. For more than two years we have been feeding him Hills for small breeds with high activity. Previously, there were difficulties in choosing a diet - the dog quickly tasted their taste and had to look for something new. But in this brand there are different tastes: chicken, fish, lamb and others, it's enough to buy different ones so that the dog does not turn up his nose. " dog food

Svetlana: "We live outside the city, and as a favorite we have a Siberian husk. The girl is smart, kind, not a guard, of course, but an excellent companion. She has been sterilized for five years, but recently they began to notice that our babe was rounded. The veterinarian warned that before obesity we need a couple of steps and it is worthwhile to revise the diet. First of all, exclude the delicious from the master's table and go to a special diet food, and, importantly, do not violate the norm. Among these three brands was Hills, and only he was found in local pet stores. Soba ate it without much enthusiasm, but did not refuse, and we struggled with the desire to treat her with something delicious, and as a result, in three months we got rid of 7 kg! Considering our experience, I recommend the Hills feed. "

This is the opinion of dog owners, but what do veterinarians think? They often recommend it to their patients, which in itself is a good indicator. It's not enough which brand can boast such a rich assortment of medicinal rations, as well as good quality.

How much are the rations of Hills?

Cost is not the last argument that influences the choice of food for dogs, especially when it comes to the content of representatives of large breeds. Of course, Hills is not the cheapest diet, but it is economically spared: happy dog

  • a package of 1.5 kg is worth 700-800 rubles.
  • the price of 3 kg of dry food for adult dogs is, on average, 1200 rubles;
  • 6.5 kg of dog food for small breeds costs 2100-2300 rubles;
  • 12 kg of ration for all breeds will cost 3200-3500 rubles.

Hills is a world brand of fodders, which deserves attention, but still, when choosing, it is better to focus on the needs of your four-legged pet.

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