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Dog food is a product produced by the Canadian family company Champion Petfoods. The manufacturer on the package indicates that his diets have "biological correspondence", which can not but interest dog breeders. Another fact in favor of this product is the fact that the popular brand of Akana fodder, which has long won world markets, is also the result of the work of Champion Petfoods.


More about the manufacturer

Orijen diets differ from products of other brands in that their composition is as close as possible to the menu of wild predator - this is the "biological correspondence". Naturally, the main ingredient of the food is meat - the source of protein. Dog food for dogs Orijen

To date, production is located in the Canadian territory, and the delivery of products is carried out in more than seven dozen countries, including Russia. Such popularity is not surprising, because the feed of this brand has won more than one quality award, participating in independent Washington studies. Here they became the "feed of the year" from 2009 to 2012, coming up to most of the indicators and being the best among its segment.

To achieve such results, the company has developed its own production concept, which is based on important principles:

  1. "Biologically appropriate" feed is produced in a single factory, where all the stages of the process are tracked.
  2. Champion Petfoods is a producer, not a distributor of foreign products. In addition, its management is done by the owners themselves, without intermediaries.
  3. The composition of rations includes only fresh components of local production - delivered without prior freezing and conservation. No cheap offal, waste processing and artificial additives.
  4. The company, with the help of biologists, veterinarians, experienced breeders, developed a formula for feed that is similar in composition to that of a wild animal - yet dogs are, in fact, predators, which means they need a special diet suitable for their digestive system.

Apparently, the producers of this brand are seriously approaching their work and offer dog breeders one of the best options for dry diets of Orien.

Forage Rulers

Several types of food for dogs of this brand are produced: in the form of dry rations, freeze dried granules and sublimated delicacies. In addition, they include separation by age, size and other factors. Orijen

Rations for adult pets of any breed:

  1. Orien Edalte - suitable for feeding dogs of any breed.
  2. Orien 6 Fish Dog - the composition includes fish - 6 different species. Can be used as a ration for the puppy.
  3. Orijen Señor is a pet food for the elderly.

Rations intended for puppies:

  1. Origen Pappi - a formula developed for toddlers of small and medium breed groups.
  2. Orien Pappi Heart Breed - meets the needs of puppies that are large and very large in size. graceful puppy

In addition, the manufacturer produces the freeze dried diet of Orijen FD Edal, suitable as a balanced diet for dogs of all breeds of any age. Outwardly, the food looks like a dry biscuit, which you need to hold in warm water before you give it to a dog. The package contains detailed information on how to do it correctly.

Also in the product line of Origen, owners can find sublimated treats that are not suitable for regular feeding, however, will be an excellent encouragement during training. Or the pet can be simply pampered, offering him a useful yummy. It should be remembered that such food should take no more than 10% of the daily portion.

The assortment includes the following products:

  • FD Dog is a formula that includes chicken, turkey and flounder fillets;
  • FD Lamb - contains quality lamb meat;
  • FD Duck - 100% of duck meat grown on Canadian farms;
  • FD Kaban - a product from the meat of wild boar;
  • FD Tundra is a treat made of deer meat, quail and trout.

The assortment of forages is not as wide as most other brands, however, few of them can compare with the quality of Origen.

Ingredients: proteins, proteins, fats, additional components

The manufacturer is proud of the quality of its products, and many awards confirm this. But still experts want to make sure, but is it really the best in its category? To do this, it is sufficient to look at the composition more closely and find out what ingredients are included in the feed, and whether they really are required by the animal's body.

Each diet has a unique composition, but consider the most popular of them - Orien Edal. It consists of: the dog wants to eat

  • 38% of proteins;
  • 17% of fats;
  • 25% carbohydrates;
  • 3% of fiber.

But what is this similar percentage of components saying?

  1. Proteins. The main source of animal protein, Orijen Edalte, is the meat of chickens without bones. It is considered a quality component of canine feed, however, it is worth noting that it quite often causes allergies and symptoms of food intolerance. In addition, the second ingredient containing proteins is flour derived from chicken meat. It contains this component 3 times more than raw foods. The structure also includes the following meat products: chicken liver, herring fillets, turkey meat and flour from it. The source of protein is also the egg, indicated in the composition of the diet. These are quite useful components, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, but each of them is no more than 4% of the total. It is worth noting that the basis of the diet is still chicken meat.
  2. Carbohydrates. As carbohydrate foods rich in fiber, red and green lentils, peas appear in the stern. The formula is formulated in such a way that the amount of carbohydrates in the composition is reduced by a factor of 2. The pluses of food can be attributed to the lack of cheap grain in the feed, which the dog's digestive tract can not fully digest, and they do not have any nutritional value.
  3. Additional components. The composition of the diet of Origen is quite diverse and includes a number of original components. In addition to fruits and vegetables, this includes berries, herbs, extracts of medicinal plants. One of the useful ingredients is the alfalfa grass, which can reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The condition of the joints is supported by chicken cartilage, which contains a lot of collagen.

If you evaluate the overall picture, then the dry food Orijen Edalt is really a product of super-premium class. It consists of several meat components, which are the basis of the diet. And, the ingredients are used in two forms - in the form of fresh meat and high-quality concentrate. Forage for dogs Orijen (Orijen) composition

Many believe that wolves, being the ancestors of dogs, eat exclusively meat. Therefore, it is enough for their descendants to give only this product. But this idea is far from the truth - eating rodents and other small animals, predators absorb and the contents of their stomachs - that is, plant components. So, the food Oriigen is suitable for feeding four-legged friends, having such a diverse composition.

On the advantages and disadvantages of Canadian rations

To rations, positioned as products of the highest quality, no less high demands are made. But not all the fodders fully meet them. If we talk about the brand of dog food Oriigen, then it is difficult to find significant disadvantages.

Undoubted advantages are the following factors:

  • contains a lot of quality meat;
  • in the composition there are vegetables, fruits, as well as medicinal plants;
  • presence of a balanced vitamin-mineral complex;
  • the formula does not include flavor enhancers, flavors and other harmful substances of artificial origin;
  • Canadian manufacturer is trustworthy, as it is famous for high production standards at all stages of manufacturing;
  • the composition does not include cereals - not the best food for dogs, many of which are the cause of food intolerance and are practically not digested;
  • a high level of protein makes these diets a suitable product for feeding special dogs: those in the service, participating in sports competitions and hunting;
  • producers do not add to their food offal of unknown origin and meat processing waste; the composition clearly indicates which product is contained, without vague formulations, such as "animal entrails", "meat-bone residue" and other, low-quality elements;
  • on the packaging of Origen, not just the ingredients are indicated, but here you can find out the percentage of meat components: this indicates that the manufacturer has nothing to hide from customers, and the company really cares about making her work as open as possible. delicious food

As for the minuses, there are quite a few of them:

  • a sufficiently high cost of rations does not allow most dog breeders to feed their dogs with this food, even if they have such a desire; Naturally, this significantly reduces the popularity of this brand;
  • according to reviews, some pets refuse to eat it or eat without much pleasure - such specialists explain that there are no flavor additives attracting dogs in the composition; in general, everything is like people's - useful is not always delicious.

Apparently, the pros significantly outweigh the disadvantages, which makes Orien diets attractive for owners who care about the health of their four-legged companions.

Customer feedback, as well as expert opinion

Despite the fact that it is best to orientate oneself when selecting pet food for the recommendations of the breeder and veterinarian, some information is also given by the people who already had the experience of feeding their dogs with these rations:

Anastasia: "I am the lucky owner of the cool Yorkshire terrier, whom I adore and always take with me. Therefore, the choice of dry food was approached seriously - re-read a lot of information, articles and forums. Almost immediately I began to notice that, in most cases, among the best forages mentioned two brands - Akana and Orizhen. As the first feed I decided to choose Origen, since it contains a lot of meat and there is no grain in it. I risked saving by buying a 7-kilogram package and I did not lose it - it went perfectly, and its economy justifies the high cost. " delicious food for all dogs

Semyon: "It surprises me that some dog breeders negatively speak about the feed of Orien. After all, even if he did not approach a pet, for example, there was an individual intolerance, this does not mean its low quality. I have a serious dog, a middle Asian, a fairly large male, even by the standards of the representatives of his breed, and for some years now I've been feeding him with Origen. The pet is healthy, active, no health problems have occurred. Of course, food is expensive, but I buy in bulk, just 2-3 bags, the price tag is not so bite and enough for a long time. "

Svetlana: "We have a pit bull dog, which, as it turned out later, suffers from allergic reactions. With natural feeding, we were frequent guests in the veterinary clinic - constantly adjusted the diet and treated unpleasant manifestations - rash, itching, watery eyes, bald spots and the like. The veterinarian almost immediately recommended switching to a special food, but we were against it, considering that the best food for the pet is naturalka. But, frequent allergies still forced us to buy dry food, and we chose one of the most expensive, but with an excellent composition - Origen. Pah-pah, for half a year, as we do not remember the terrible problems, our beauty is shiny and does not bother. To owners of the same "special" pets, Forage recommends food. "

According to veterinarians, the feed deserves a high score. The only thing that some say about the harm to food dogs, containing such a number of proteins. However, there is no scientific confirmation of this opinion.

How much does an Orient diet for dogs cost?

As already noted, the price of feed of this class is quite high:

  • packing 340 g costs, on average, 380 rubles;
  • the price of the package 2.27 kg varies from 1700 to 2200 rubles;
  • packing 6.8 kg is 3500-4500 rubles;
  • a bag of 13 kg costs 6300-7400 rubles.

Naturally, prices are approximate, most often to buy products at a lower price offer online stores. Also, the cost depends on the dollar, because Orien is a western brand.

Orien is a brand of ready-made diets, breaking stereotypes and proving that industrial dry food can be a serious competitor to natural products.

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