Food for dogs Eukanuba (Eukanuba)

Today, Eucanuba is one of the most famous brands of canine and feline diets that are popular all over the world. What they deserve such fame? It's all about careful design of recipes, rich assortment and taste, which is so popular with four-legged gourmets. Thanks to this dog food, Eucanuba continues to lead among other brands belonging to the super-premium class.


School of Champions

Producers of Eucanuba food understand dog owners like no other and endorse their desire to provide their pets with a decent life. To do this, they offer professional good quality feeds that give the dog the opportunity to unlock the potential gifted by nature. Food for dogs Eukanuba (Eukanuba)

Without proper nutrition the dog can not adequately participate in the show and sports programs, and in fact his appearance and health largely determines success. In addition, that the dog should look good, he needs special training, allowing to flash before the experts who are members of the jury. But most beginners who do not have experience with the dog, do not even know how to start training.

Considering the need for such assistance, representatives of the Eukanuba brand, with the support of the DDB and ICON agencies, are opening an organization in Russia that specializes in preparing four-legged pets for the exhibition career - the Eucanuba Champions School.

Here there is a group of specialists - cynologists, an individual program is offered, single and group classes are held. Dogs teach themselves to behave in the environment of a large number of people, elegantly move around the ring and charmingly follow the rules of etiquette.

This approach has already yielded excellent results: among the pupils of the school, many managed to achieve champion titles and other regalia and prove that the invested efforts and perseverance will necessarily bear fruit.

Various diets from the Ekanuba range

The company that produces feed data offers 55 different recipes. Naturally, it is possible to choose from such a variety what is most suitable for this or that pet, focusing on various indicators - age, size, features of health and so on.

Puppy & Junior - Eucanuba for kids

This group includes fodders suitable for feeding puppies. They are focused on taking into account all the needs of an intensively growing and maturing organism. There are 4 different types of recipes:

  1. Small Breed - the feed formula is enriched with a high content of protein components and fats, suitable for small breeds whose weight of adults does not exceed 10 kg. Small Breed
  2. Medium Breed - a diet for fast-growing representatives of medium breeds, adults of which weigh not more than 25 kg. The basis of feed is chicken meat.
  3. Large Breed - suitable for feeding puppies that can grow up to 40 kg and even much more. And since puppies of breeds-croups and giants grow faster than others, the diet should take care of the condition of their joint, bone and muscle tissues.
  4. All Breeds is a universal food for puppies, which is recommended for babies with digestive problems and sensitive skin.

Adult - a variety of recipes for adult dogs

A large group of rations, suitable for daily feeding of four-footed friends. The classification is oriented to the age of the animals.

  1. Small Breed - the diet has the form of granules of small size, suitable for tiny decorative dogs.
  2. Medium Breed - the feed is designed for feeding medium-sized breeds from the age of 12 months to the advanced age, from 6-7 years old the pet can be transferred to the next step of the rations.
  3. Large Breed - a diet enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin, it is used to feed large dogs, the age of which varies from 1 to 6 years.
  4. Weight Control - is shown to adult dogs of medium, large and gigantic sizes, who tend to recruit excess body weight. In the diet, the amount of fat is reduced, when compared with other formulas.
  5. Toy Breed - food for tiny pets weighing no more than 4 kg. It can be given to a dog from 12 months up to advanced years.
  6. Jogging & Agility - menu for vigorous individuals, especially those in need of proteins; This feed is characterized by a high content of animal protein sources and fat.
  7. Working & Endurance - balanced nutrition of working animals. To maintain health, the dog needs to get 30% of animal protein and 20% of fat.
  8. Breed Specific - several rations, each of which suits representatives of certain breeds. Here you can find special food for Labradors, retrievers, Yorkies, "Germans", Rottweilers, etc. Breed Specific

Rations for dogs of advanced age

Unfortunately, the organism of animals begins to grow old quite early, and the larger the breed, the earlier these processes begin. Correctly selected diet helps maintain health, the work of vital organisms and the immune system. This category includes the following formulas:

  1. Mature & Senior Toy is a food suitable for miniature dogs.
  2. Daily Care Senior 9+ - a diet for animals of advanced age. Daily Care Senior 9+

Daily Care rations - for dogs with special dietary requirements

Many dogs, especially if the breed is artificially withdrawn, are prone to various kinds of diseases. Often pets suffer from dermatological problems, various kinds of allergic manifestations. Eucanuba offers several diets that provide special needs:

  1. Sensitive Skin - it can be chosen as a daily diet for a pet that has sensitive skin, relieves itching and other disorders.
  2. Sensitive Joints is a specialized food that provides the body of dogs prone to joint diseases, glucosamine, chondroitin and L-carnitine.
  3. Sensitive Digestion - food for dogs, in which the sensitivity of digestive processes is diagnosed.
  4. Overweight, Sterilized - formulations are designed specifically for animals that have undergone castration or sterilization; they are also recommended to feed dogs, which often gain extra pounds. Overweight, Sterilized

Veterinary Diets

Such veterinary diets are most often recommended for feeding animals that have certain diseases. Most often they are prescribed by veterinarians, given the special condition of the quadruple patient:

  1. Dermatosis FP is a diet that improves the condition of the coat and skin prone to dermatological ailments.
  2. Intestinal - improves the condition of dogs, which often develop intestinal disorders.
  3. Joint Mobility - this diet is a full-fledged food for pets suffering from diseases of bone and joint tissue. Joint Mobility
  4. Renal - food for dogs suffering from renal failure in chronic form; its formula allows to improve the work of the kidneys.
  5. Restricted Calorie is a curative menu for animals that are obese in various stages.

This is the main part of the range of medicinal feeds, intended for ill pets. Therapeutic rations have some contraindications, including the period of pregnancy and feeding of puppies, so it is best to give them to a pet after consulting with a veterinarian.

We analyze the composition of Eucanuba

Before buying a feed for a four-legged friend, the owner most often wants to get acquainted with its composition. Eucanuba diets are a super-premium product, which means that a number of high requirements are imposed on them. Dog food for Eukanuba (Eukanuba) composition

What does the feed of this brand include? It is worth to consider one of the most popular among the dog breeders of the diet of the series Edalte - Medium Breed Maintenance:

  • 26% - protein components;
  • 15% fat;
  • 0% - carbohydrates;
  • 2% fiber;
  • 7% - ash;
  • Humidity - 7%;
  • 42% - additional components.

Naturally, such a formula and the ratio of components only apply to this diet. The rest of the feeds have a different composition and ingredients: happy dog ​​running

  1. Protein components. In most rations, the source of proteins and proteins is chicken and lamb, and more rarely - fish fillets. In production, a sublimation method is used, which allows you to remove excess water from the products, but at the same time preserve all the natural benefits of meat.
  2. Sources of carbohydrates. Virtually all recipes include a certain amount of cereals. As sources of carbohydrates, wheat and corn are used, thanks to which the nutritional value of dry rations increases. In addition, here you can find grains of barley and sorghum, which is a gluten-free grain, positively affecting the level of glucose in the blood. A complex carbohydrate, which the animal organism absorbs well, is fig.
  3. Fats. Almost every formula involves the inclusion of fats. The presence of foods rich in Omega fatty acids provides support for immunity.
  4. Additional Ingredients. In addition to the main ingredients, the rations include various components. For example, the addition of beet pulp is due to the fact that it is able to regulate the amount of sugars in the blood. Dry egg powder contains a protein that is characterized by good digestion. Choline and a number of antioxidants preserve the dog's vision. A certain amount of vegetables provide the animal's body with fiber, which is necessary for a full-fledged digestive process, as well as valuable vitamins and microelements. Brewer's yeast positively affects the condition of the skin and coat of the dog, metabolic processes.

In addition, the producers of Eukanuba add to the rations vitamin complexes, which include the most important elements.

A number of positive and negative points

Until now, animal feed manufacturers have failed to create a 100% ideal diet, and even with high quality, specialists are able to identify some shortcomings. However, this does not detract from the existing merits. The main advantages of this feed range are the following: Dog food Eucanuba

  • according to the manufacturer, all the ingredients of the food are natural products;
  • includes a wide range of diets;
  • besides dry forages, there is a line of moist rations and canned food;
  • There are formulas for both adults and young and older individuals;
  • a number of medicinal rations have been developed, which is a rarity.

The disadvantages are:

  • according to reviews, some ingredients may cause allergies in pets;
  • the composition includes a large number of cereals that do not have any nutritional value;
  • meat part is small - maximum is 30% of the total mass;
  • dry diets are quite expensive.


Most owners of dogs who use this brand of feed are happy that they made such a choice:

Valeria: "Not long ago a puppy of a spaniel appeared in our house, and a week later we had a rash on his skin. The veterinarian identified a food allergy and recommended to change the feed to Eukanubu. I must say, the price for this feed is quite high, but there are no worsening. The pepper is cheerful and cheerful, his skin is healthy, and the wool shines, so we are not going to change it to another. " happy doggie

Elena: "Having taken the puppy from the breeder, we received a recommendation to feed him with Arden Grange rations, but as it turned out, he does not quite fit - the kid was tormented by gazicks and diarrhea. In search of a more suitable feed, listened to the advice of the seller of the pet store, chose Eucanubu for the puppies. Until now, we feed this brand, but have already switched to adult diets. "

Alain: "We are breeding dogs of Labrador Retriever breeds, and as you know, they are prone to allergies and obesity, because they like to eat. Having gone through many brands of feeds, we stopped at Eucanube Hippoallergenic. Of course, the pleasure is not cheap, but buying with big bags, still manages to save. In general, I recommend these diets. "

How much does Eukanuba feed?

Dry rations of this brand are not cheap, but there are also more expensive feeds in this segment.

  • packing of food in 500 g costs, on average, 260 rubles;
  • the price of 1 kg of ration for puppies, on average, is 750 rubles; 3 kg - 1200-1300 rubles;
  • a package weighing 3 kg will cost 1100-1300 rubles;
  • a bag of Eucanuba for adult dogs, which weighs 15 kg, costs about 4,500 rubles.

As for medicinal forages, they are somewhat more expensive, as are rations intended for animals suffering from allergic manifestations.

If you compare Eukanubu with other brands of this class, it looks very worthy, and, in addition, many veterinarians recommend it to their patients. But if the dog owner has doubts, it is always possible to get advice from a professional.

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