Dog food Bosch (Bosch)

Choosing a dry pet food, often the owners are at a crossroads ... What to look for, how to please a pet and do not overpay just for a well-known brand? Specialists in this case recommend paying attention to high-quality products with a worldwide name, for example, the German brand Bosch. For more than half a century of history, rations of this manufacturer have already been evaluated all over the world, including in Russia, where dog food Bosch has taken its place among super-premium food.


More about the manufacturer

With the fact that the Germans produce good goods and quality products, many will agree. This applies to many aspects, including animal feed. The leader in this area is Bosch Tiernarkh, which successfully competes with other, equally well-known European brands. Dog food Bosch (Bosch)

Bosch is famous for its high-tech production located on the territory of Germany, as well as strict rules on which quality control is carried out. The manufacturer does not deviate from the established rules - from the development of the formula of the ration and ending with its sending to the buyer.

All raw materials used for the production of feeds have certificates confirming that it can be used by people. Meat, which is the basis of all diets, is carefully processed in specialized workshops, where a number of rules are also observed that are adopted in all European countries.

All meat products are supplied from farms and factories in Germany, as well as neighboring countries. The exception is only the lamb, its suppliers are Australia and New Zealand. With this approach, it is not surprising that this product has earned the trust of breeders and dog breeders in 35 countries, and here the products are delivered on a regular basis. the dog eats wet food

In mid-2010, the company's management introduced a number of changes. They touched on updating the packaging of products - it became more attractive, as well as the composition of rations related to the super-premium class.

In the development of an updated formula, dietitians participated, who have an idea of ​​how much fats and proteins must be in the animal feed to make the animal's digestive system work well. In addition, the original ingredients were added to the composition, enriching the composition of the rations, for example, extracts of mollusks and a powder mixture of mussels.

Assortment of forages Bosch

The manufacturer takes into account the needs of dogs of different categories - the elderly, the young, the huge and the tiny, so the assortment contains a lot of rations suitable for each of them.

A range of feeds suitable for adult dogs

A fairly large group of dry food, whose products are divided into several categories. Rations for dogs from 12 months to 7 years of age:

  1. Mini Edalte - suitable for feeding pets, whose weight does not exceed 15 kg. This series includes 2 products with different flavors - rice-lamb and poultry meat, millet. This composition reduces the number of allergens.
  2. Edalte - suitable for most four-legged - medium size and medium mobility. For pets with sensitive digestion processes it is recommended to buy a menu with rice and lamb, and for beautiful wool and healthy skin it is better to choose with fish and potatoes.
  3. Edalt Maxi is a food that provides all the necessary pets of large sizes. Its components are aimed at maintaining bone and joint structures.
  4. Edward Menu - a diet designed for dogs that move a lot or a lot and consume energy intensively. As an additional source of nutrients is a complex of dozens of medicinal plants, in addition, they have a positive effect on digestive processes. However, owners of allergenic animals need to be extremely cautious.
  5. Sensitive - a balanced diet for pets with increased food sensitivity and digestive disorders.
  6. Hastened Light - in the composition of less protein and minerals, which helps reduce the burden on the kidneys.
  7. Reproduction - a full-fledged menu for future or nursing four-legged mothers. The formula is designed in such a way that the product meets the needs of both females and offspring. Reproduction

Rations for the elderly animals, whose age has passed the 7-year mark:

  1. Mini Senor is a food enriched with vitamins and acids, supporting the health and activity of the representatives of small breeds.
  2. Señor is a diet similar to the previous one, but its composition is suitable for middle-breed animals.

Rations from Bosh for kids from the Junior series

Feeding puppies requires a special approach, because they grow very quickly, develop, and if there is a lack of any elements, perhaps a deterioration in health. Therefore, it is important to choose food for this category of pets.

  1. Pappi is a ration for feeding babies up to 4 months.
  2. Mini Junior - menu for puppies of small breeds.
  3. Junior Medium - suitable for juniors belonging to medium breeds. In the same series, there is a special diet for toddlers who have a sensitive stomach. Junior Medium
  4. Junior Maxi - meets the needs of puppies that are large in size.

Ruler of special dietary products

The feed of this series has gained popularity among many veterinarians, it includes 4 rations:

  1. Mini Light is a low-calorie formula for dry food for small dogs.
  2. Light is a diet for pets with a tendency to gain weight.
  3. Active - provides the needs of dogs with increased activity.
  4. Extra Energy - this food is recommended for dogs of hunters and sportsmen, it has a high energy value. Extra Energy

In addition, the manufacturer produces a special series of products designed for nurseries. Of course, we are talking about large packages and a separate cost.

The analysis of the composition of the rations Bosch

Owners and breeders are interested in the question, what does the feed consist of, and is it balanced enough? To do this, it is worthwhile to carefully study the composition and ratio of ingredients. As an example, you can take a ration for puppies Breeder Pappi, suitable for kids and juniors up to a year:

  • 28.5% protein;
  • 13% fat;
  • 2.5 fiber;
  • 6.5% of the minerals;
  • 1,3% of calcium;
  • slightly less than 1% phosphorus;
  • the moisture content of the product is 10%. dog food composition

Breeder Pappi is a balanced formula suitable for a growing body. It correctly selected the ratio of protein, carbohydrate ingredients and fats, which allows the pet to grow and develop:

  1. Protein . Meat and its derivatives serve as the source of animal protein of the feed, in this case dehydrated chicken meat - 21% and 5% of lamb, in addition, the fish fillet and derivatives of these products are included.
  2. Fats . The composition indicates - animal fats, without specifying what is its source. Also, fish components are rich in polyunsaturated acids.
  3. Fiber . Its sufficient quantity is provided by the presence in the composition of rice, barley and wheat. The first two components are higher in quality than wheat, but do not harm the health of the dog.
  4. Additional Ingredients . The puppy's organism - mobile, growing and restless, requires much more than an adult dog. Therefore, manufacturers have developed a multicomponent formula. The composition added vegetable oil, meat of mollusks and crustaceans, vitamin-mineral complex, yeast, beet pulp. An additive in the form of flaxseed improves the structure of the wool. Also, the diet is enriched with antioxidants.

On the advantages and disadvantages of Bosch forages

Although this brand has earned the trust of many, yet its products, like others, have both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, some of them can be argued, however, some of them have a place to be. Moreover, we are talking about a product of super-premium class, to which more stringent requirements are imposed.

The undoubted advantages are the following:

  • the composition includes real meat, and its percentage is considered sufficient;
  • rations are rich in animal protein - it is more than 50% of the total amount of protein components;
  • the composition includes a variety of vitamins and minerals;
  • in the assortment a large number of rations for different categories of animals;
  • in the food Bosch includes special additives, supporting the joints, the digestive tract, skin and coat;
  • among the ingredients there are no offal and artificial additives;
  • there is a special food intended for pregnant and lactating bitches - not all brands have such recipes;
  • Bosch diets are widely distributed, and therefore, with the acquisition of difficulties will not arise. dog and ball

The following points relate to the shortcomings:

  • in the forage contains many cereals, including wheat - poorly digestible and allergenic culture;
  • in some fodders of a similar class of another brand the percentage of the meat portion is higher than that of Bosch;
  • the manufacturer does not fully disclose the composition of its products, for example, it is not specified what specific vegetable oil, animal fats, etc. were used.

The opinion of dog owners and veterinarians

Veterinarians assess the rations for dogs according to special criteria, taking into account the animal that came to him at the reception. Owners have their own interests - to feed the pet delicious, satisfying, and useful, while not giving away their blood just for a popular brand.

What do the dog breeders say about the rations?

Galina: "Forage Bosch Mini Edal perfectly suits our mother-in-law, who is already 8 years old. He eats it with pleasure, the dog is still very moving, cheerful and positive. Another bonus - when switched from another feed to Bosch, the dog disappeared an unpleasant odor from the mouth. Therefore, this brand unambiguously recommend. "

Andrei: "In our family, all animals sit on the stern of Bosch - a cat, a cat and two Labrador Retrievers. Somehow, having read all sorts of reviews that this brand is not very, and that many have switched to other, more innovative feeds, decided to keep up and started with dogs. "Novelty" came to us sideways - my handsome men started diarrhea the next day, the girl even vomited a couple of times. For experiments, he scolded himself, because there was no reason to change the diet. Therefore, I continue to order 15 kg of Bosch in the online store. So, if the feed is suitable for your pets, you should not change it without good reason. " the dog eats food

Elizabeth: "I have a beautiful Maltese lapdog - a snow-white miracle, which has won more than one title at exhibitions. Of course, caring for the coat in this case is very careful, and I took it into consideration when I decided to take the puppy to the maltese. But that's what I was not ready for, it's for frequent allergies - the fur becomes dull, irritations appear on my skin, which my princess is combing to the blood, and also - watery eyes, due to which the wool in this place becomes dirty yellowish. I was fed with dry food, which the breeder recommended to me, however, the veterinarian said that he had many allergens and appointed Bosch Bio - without allergenic cereals, rice and lamb. The changes became noticeable in a week - all the unpleasant symptoms gradually disappeared, and the coat became silky. "

With some points, veterinarians also agree, because not all brands have special therapeutic rations, and Bosch perfectly covers this segment. After a pet at different moments of life - in the presence of chronic or acute diseases, after injuries, surgeries, with particular health, certain nutrition is required. Another point - still the German products cause trust, and the experience in this area among European producers is greater than that of domestic ones.

The main thing is to choose the right food, the most suitable for a particular dog. And if there are difficulties, you can always get professional advice.

How much are Bosch rations?

The cost of super-premium food is quite high, however, this defect is justified by a good composition and economical consumption:

  • the packaging of 1000 g of Bosch diet costs about 500-600 rubles;
  • for the 3-kilogram package you will have to pay 1100-1300 rubles;
  • the price of a package weighing 7.5 kg is 3100-3300 rubles;
  • the most economical packages are bags of 15 kg - they cost about 4300 rubles and 20 kg - the price is 5000 rubles. dog food prices

Prices vary depending on various factors - weight, type of diet - therapeutic and specialized foods are somewhat more expensive (15 kg of dog food, suffering from allergies, costs about 7,000 rubles), as well as seller's policies. In addition, the cost affects the dollar rate, when it comes to imported products.

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