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Dogs for more than one millennium live side by side with a man and for good reason are considered best friends. These pets do not get tired to prove their love and devotion. Many of them work around the clock, others - go with the owner to hunt, but not all are hard workers or hunters. Indoor breeds of dogs are not just pets, but friends, companions, and often a vent.

What are these dogs for?

In different countries, the attitude towards dogs is different, somewhere they were revered as a deity, somewhere, on the contrary, they were considered unclean ... But, regardless of this, people are unanimous - life without such four-legged pets will be difficult. In ancient times, large dogs were used for war and fighting, guarding, cattle grazing, as watchmen and pig animals. Dog Breeds

But small, as a rule, as rat catchers. But many compact breeds quickly changed their status and fell into the aristocratic circles. Of course, each of them has its own history, but most of them have become very popular lately. What caused such a success?

The thing is that today dogs are less and less used for their intended purpose, some breeds turned into pets. And since small dogs are suitable for keeping in small-sized housing, they are most often purchased.

Popular decorative breeds of dogs

There are many decorative breeds, but some of them are more common than others:

  • Alaskan Kli-Kai. Miniature husky, which by origin does not belong to the breeds of dogs from Alaska. Outwardly, they are very similar, but the Kli-kai are more friendly, more amenable to learning and not so freedom-loving. They seem created to be wonderful companions and even family members. Alaskan Kli-Kai
  • Welsh Corgi. There are two varieties - pembrokes and cardigans, once their ancestors served as beaters to cattle stalls. Velšs have a pleasant and even funny appearance, they are positive, active and very attached to their owners. Despite the fact that today they are classified as decorative rocks, these little dogs are hardy, bold and well trained. Welsh Corgi
  • Pomeranian spitz. These little dogs all over the world are considered ideal pets. They have a toy appearance, their cute face causes only positive emotions. Oranges are companionable doggie, they are almost always agreeable with people. But with their own kind can show leadership qualities, and, regardless of the size of the competitor. Pomeranian spitz
  • Chihuahua This breed heads the list of the smallest dogs in the world. Chihuahuas are positive pets that will be happy to accompany their owner everywhere, sitting in his bosom or in his pocket. They are suitable even for people who do not have the opportunity to walk their four-legged friend every day - such dogs can be easily taught to the tray. Chihuahua
  • Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorks are another tiny doggie with a funny but elegant appearance. Some representatives of the breed can be very cocky, but most often they are affectionate and docile. Thanks to the luxurious fur coat, these dogs often flaunt at various exhibitions. But to make their wool look great, regular care is required. Just like chihuis, yorkies can be content with a tray for needs. Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pug. Quite a popular breed, representatives of which have a very funny, flattened face, similar to a bulldog, and bulging eyes. Since ancient times, pugs have been used as companions and taken with them, including to social events. Because of this, the dogs have good manners, do not like to be alone and often show curiosity - no event takes place in the house without their presence. Pug
  • Russian toy terrier. A new breed of miniature dogs was born during the Iron Curtain, when interest in tiny pets increased markedly. The basis was taken by English toy terriers, beloved dog breeders of the Soviet Union. These dogs have high intelligence and often show cunning. Therefore, despite the size, owners are recommended to be firm when raising. Russian toy terrier
  • Chinese Crested. From the other decorative breeds, the "crested" differs in its original appearance, since the majority of its representatives in most of the body have no coat. These are very gentle, gentle creatures that will not bother, but will always be nearby. Such a pet is devoid of aggression, stubbornness, docile and quickly forgets insults. Chinese Crested
  • Shih Tzu. The original dogs, which are called lions or chrysanthemums, because of their luxurious, long hair. Shih Tzu - dogs, like a toy, but with dignity and demanding respect. They are very clean, balanced and patient. According to many owners, they would do well to learn from their pets. Shih Tzu
  • Pekingese. Chinese dogs with a rich history. The Pekingese were favorites of the imperial family and other nobles. That is why they are proud, touchy and fearless. But they adore their owners and may even stand up if there is a threat. Pekingese

A pet dog can become not just a pet, but a friend, always nearby and ready to show participation. Of course, a number of them require special care, but any costs and time is more than paid off by devotion and boundless love.

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