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The Scottish Shepherd Dog, a dog who once herded flocks in the highlands of Scotland, today has become an excellent companion and the star of the most famous exhibitions. Indeed, the collies have an amazing character and elegant appearance. What do you need to know the future owners of this beautiful dog?


History of origin

Scotland is considered the birthplace of these dogs, where they, quite successfully, herded flocks of sheep. Their ancestors possessed more modest sizes and more often had a wool of black color. According to experts, in southern England, they were together with nomadic tribes. In the future, the breeding activity was aimed at improving their shepherd abilities even better. They were ruled not only with sheep, but also with goats and pigs. collie in the winter

Further development of the collie was due to the fact that the Queen turned her attention to the dog, Victoria, she brought several representatives of the breed to England. Here they quickly gained popularity, and many breeders were interested in their breeding.

In 1860, this dog was represented at the exhibition as a universal Scottish shepherd. In the late 80's collies hit the US territory, and in 1986 the first club of fans of this breed was opened here.

Collie breed description

The Scottish Shepherd is a strong, active, beautiful dog with a harmonious physique. The body should not be rough, loose, and the standard pays special attention to the ratio of proportions:

  • The head of the collie is elongated, dry, narrowed, if viewed in profile - wedge-shaped. If it resembles the head of a greyhound, then it is considered a vice. The nape of the occiput and the superciliary arches are slightly pronounced.
  • Skull flattened, with flat cheekbones and slightly pronounced transition from the frontal area to the muzzle.
  • The back of the nose is round, the lobe is large, with black pigmentation.
  • The mouth is equipped with large, white teeth that create a bite by the type of "scissors".
  • Eyes small, almond-shaped, planted slightly with a brace. The expression "sweet" is cunning. Iris dark brown, the marble collie may have heterochromy, the iris can have bluish or white impregnations.

The dog of this breed moves gently and gracefully. The coat is plentiful, with a luxurious collar and flecks. In general - Scottish sheepdogs look elegant and nice.

According to the standard, the growth of males at the withers is from 56 to 61 cm, and the branch - from 51 to 56 cm. Body weight is not strictly regulated, but the minimum weight of dogs is 18 kg, the maximum weight is 30 kg. Among the different species of collies, it is the long-haired representatives that are the most common.

Coat and colors of Scots

The collie's wool has two layers, the outer hair is elongated, straight, hard. And the undercoat is plentiful, dense. In the area of ​​the muzzle, the tips of the ears and limbs, the coat is very short. There are three types of colors for Scottish Shepherds:

  • Sable. This includes various tones of yellow - from light golden to mahogany and red. The ends of the coat are black. Light pale and cream shades are undesirable. sable color
  • Three-color. Most often these dogs have black hair with red spots in the head and limbs. The chest, paws and tip of the tail can be covered with white hair. The standard allows for an "asterisk" on the forehead. tricolor collie
  • Marble. In these Scottish sheepdogs, the sternum and head have a wool of light gray color, and on the back and tail it has a blue tint. Beige and white wool, but it is not enough. Large beige and black spots are flaws. marble collie

The nature of the collie

The Scottish Sheepdogs lived side by side with the man for a long time, but for a long time they fully performed the shepherd's work. To date, they do not need this, and the collies quickly retrained into dog companions and excellent family dogs.

Like other sheepdogs, Scots are overly intelligent and responsive, very often they understand with half-word what the host expects of them. Collies are on the list of the most trained breeds, and if a person needs an intelligent four-footed friend who will perfectly perform the commands, then the Scottish Shepherd is just what is needed.

Collies are not aggressive, they are people-oriented. Therefore, if the owner is not ready to give his pet attention and affection, then do not start a collie. Due to lack of communication in dogs of this breed, destructive behavior can develop. Collie in the village

Long-haired Scots need stability and do not like noisy activities. During excitation, dogs are able to bark loudly for a long time. All shepherd breeds, including collies, can not without intensive physical exertion, so for their walks you need spacious areas where the pet could frolic without a leash.

The collie can be taken to a family with children, the dog does not offend the baby, and the grown up child becomes his friend and companion for the games. Also, the Scots find a common language with other pets, including cats.

How to train a collie?

High intelligence, intelligence and curiosity are those qualities that are necessary for excellent learning, the collie has it all fully. They are very inquisitive and observant. But the ability of a dog alone is not enough to get high results. The owner will need the correct organization of the process, he must become a leader and friend for the pet, to find an approach.

The basic basic commands - "to me", "next", etc., the dog can learn at home, and even a teenager is able to teach him. It is recommended to teach, educate a pet, and teach it to hygienic procedures, as soon as the puppy gets accustomed to the new house. But usually the baby gets used to the new conditions after 2-3 days.

For a collie, it is important to constantly learn and get the load, otherwise the pet can become uncontrollable, willful and will show obstinacy for any reason. As soon as the new pet adapts, gets used to its name, it is necessary to engage in its socialization. The puppy should communicate with his own kind, participate in joint games, learn correct behavior in the street. This will help to avoid further difficulties when the dog grows up. two collies

For training it is desirable to select a separate area, the surrounding situation should be calm and familiar. If an inexperienced owner wants to participate with his four-legged friend in competitions or wants to teach him more complex skills, in addition to basic commands, it is better for these purposes to seek the help of professionals.

The basic rule of learning is consistency, you can not give the pet a lot of commands at once. You always need to be persistent, patient, it's important to encourage your pet in a timely manner and do not skimp on praise if he deserves it. Scots do not tolerate pressure, so rough treatment and physical punishment not only will not produce results, but will worsen them.

Care for long-haired collies

The first thing that future owners think about is the complexity of caring for the luxurious collie wool. But the owners of this opinion refute - their hair needs attention, but no more than other long-haired shepherds.

These dogs moult, and this process usually takes place in the spring. In addition, the sheepskin coat is a health indicator: intensified molting can begin because of stress, after childbirth, against a background of various diseases, during a rut, with malnutrition.

Scotsman will have to regularly comb out, and during seasonal moulting do it daily. Otherwise, the appearance of coils may occur. But such a dog does not require haircuts, trimming and other hairdressing services. With proper care the dog will not shed, in addition to 1 time per year. For this pet should be properly fed, combed and long walks. a beautiful collie lies

The rest of care is standard: you need to regularly examine problem areas - ears, armpits, hips, under the tail. To do this it is necessary to timely identify parasites, damage, contamination and formed coils. Ears are cleaned as necessary, use cotton discs moistened with water or antiseptic. It is important to monitor the health of the eyes.

Collies are clean, their wool repels dirt. Therefore, dogs do not bathe often - 2-3 times a year. Dogs dry for a long time, so it is advisable to soak the coat with a towel and you can use a hairdryer. It is important to exclude the presence of a pet with wet hair in a draft.

If the dog belongs to the show class, and the owner is set to exhibit his pet, then he will have to master some skills for care. You can seek the advice or services of a professional. Good advice can give the breeder, from whom the puppy was purchased.

How to feed a collie?

Scottish Shepherds are unpretentious in food, but owners need to pay attention to what their dog eats. The following schedule should be applied to puppies:

  • children under 2 months are fed 5-6 times a day;
  • 3-4-month-old puppies are transferred to 4-5 meals a day;
  • by 8 months the puppy should eat 3 times;
  • to a year and a half the pet eats already as an adult - 2 times.

The owner has two options - to feed the pet with production feeds or natural food. In the first case, it is important to choose a suitable diet of high quality, suitable for large or medium breeds. It should be noted that collies are longhaired dogs, which means that all necessary additives must be present in the stern. The collie lies

With natural feeding, the owner must choose the right products that meet the needs of the dog's body. The menu should not contain the following products:

  • potatoes;
  • raw eggs, especially proteins;
  • river fish in raw form;
  • foods high in fat;
  • bones chicken and pork;
  • pasta;
  • bakery products.

The basis of the dog's diet is meat, it should be low-fat veal, beef, rabbit, turkey. The pet will receive the most benefit from the raw product. Fish is given to the dog no more often than 2 times a week, it should be sea, in boiled and steam form. Cereals are given daily, mixing with meat and vegetable ingredients. As additives can act fresh greens, vegetable oil.

Small puppies can be given milk, but from 3 months it should be replaced with dairy products - curd, curdled milk, fermented milk, kefir, yoghurt. It is important - this food should not contain sugar and artificial additives. You can not give the puppy food from your table! Pesik quickly turns into a beggar. In addition, such food will harm the animal's body.

Health Features of Scottish Shepherds

If you look at the big picture, then the collies have excellent health. However, among them there are individuals suffering from serious genetic ailments:

  • deafness;
  • blindness (the representatives of breed with marble color suffer);
  • anomalies of the eye.

In addition, the Scottish sheepdogs are fairly large dogs, so there is a risk of developing joint diseases, bones - dysplasia, chronic dislocations, subluxations, loss of joint mobility. Collies suffer from intolerance to some medications, so if they need to be taken, the veterinarian must prescribe a series of tests.

Given such nuances, it is recommended to purchase a puppy from experienced breeders or in a nursery that has a good reputation. Here they take care of healthy offspring, therefore they use manufacturers with high standard indices.

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Collie video

How much does a long-haired collie puppy cost?

First of all, the owner needs to decide whether he needs an elite puppy with excellent standard qualities, who can be a champion of exhibitions and an enviable producer, or is it enough of a companion dog and friend? Naturally, in the first case the price tag will be much higher.

But, even choosing a four-footed friend who does not pretend to be a rôle, it should be borne in mind that scammers often sell amusing mestizo carpoys, giving them out as pure-bred Scottish sheep dogs. No, a doggie of unclean blood can become a wonderful pet, but you can get such a kid for free.

Buying a puppy with a pedigree, it is worth knowing that the price can vary from 12,000 to 30,000 rubles - depending on the class to which the child belongs, the titles of his parents and other characteristics.

The Scottish Shepherd is not just a beautiful dog with a proud bearing and a smart coat. Such a pet very quickly becomes a favorite of the whole family, finds a common language with everyone, responds with devotion and love to a kind attitude. But the collie - not for the lazy, if such a dog appeared in the house, it is necessary to give her what she needs.

Collie Catteries

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