Nicknames for Shar Pei boy and girl

Shar Pei is an ancient breed, the sources of which can be traced back to the middle of the XVIII century. The goal of breeding this amazing dog is unclear, but judging by the appearance and enthusiasm for dog fighting in China at that time, it can be assumed that Shar Pei is a fighting breed. This is evidenced by the fact that the distant relatives of the Shar-Pei is a formidable mastiff. Therefore, choosing a nickname for Shar-Pei boy and girl, you should consider the history of the breed.


Nicknames and names for Shar Pei boy

In addition to the history of the breed, it should be noted that after the mid-twentieth century, the breed had to be recreated almost from scratch, and instead of a formidable, aggressive fighting breed, a dog turned out with a completely peaceful and docile character.

Beautiful names

Wishing to emphasize the masculinity, strength and courage of the boy Shar Pei, the owner can choose the name of the pet from the list of heroes of myths, fairy tales or comics about superheroes:

  • Alkyd, Ahey, Atreus, Antey, Arkon, Aker;
  • Bragi, Blade, Bishop, Bucky;
  • Vidar, Wolund, Warpat;
  • Hercules, Hephaestus, Groot, Gore;
  • Dor, Danai, Detlock, Drax;
  • Zeus, Z;
  • And he;
  • Cadmus, Cain, Carnac, Conan, Colossus, Cosmo;
  • Barking;
  • Minos, Magni;
  • One;
  • Prometheus, Perseus, Pentheus, Paris;
  • Seth, Speedball;
  • Thor, Theseus, Tantalus, Titan;
  • Hermod, Hulk;
  • Jason

A puppy with the makings of a leader and an arrogant attitude toward others, inherent in many of the representatives of this breed, will suit the nickname: Attila, Boss, Baron, General, Leader, King, Pharaoh, Fidel, Tsar, Caesar. shar pei walks

Shar Pei is a great friend for young children. If the owner acquires a teddy, in cute puppy folds as a companion of children's games, then the children can be offered to choose the name of the baby. It’s easy to pick a suitable nickname among fairy-tale or cartoon characters: Gromit, Max, Doug, Jock, Dino, Louis, Ogi, Oscar, Poof, Rico, Renault, Cindy, Trusti, Krypto, Casper.

Funny nicknames

The appearance of a small Shar-Pei and asks to give your pet a funny nickname, which will attract the attention of others and emphasize its peculiarity.

You can beat the pet's color by calling it: Ivory, Iskrim, Apricot, Blake, Raisin, Cahors, Choco (for chocolate color), Muscat, Negro, Punch, Peach, Red Hazel, Persimmon, Citrus. Because of the folds, the puppy looks like a plump plush toy. A puppy is called - Kekik, Kokos, Korzhik, Plush, Donut, Tushkan.

But after a while the dog will grow up, becoming a strong dog with a good, well-developed muscles, and these funny nicknames will no longer entertain the owner and will start puzzling others.

Even if the owner has a peculiar sense of humor and a desire to call the dog a nickname “with a peppercorn”, then it is worth remembering that Shar Pei is a dog with a fine mental organization. You can not offend him, so as not to spoil the character of the pet. It is better to refrain from abusive nicknames of this sweet, devoted and docile creature.

Nicknames with meaning

If the owner of a Shar-Pei wishes to name his pet with meaning, then it is useful to recall that the breed originates in China and selects a name from its historic homeland:

  • Wage is a sage;
  • Wei is the greatest energy carrier;
  • Ganges — abundance;
  • Deming is virtuous;
  • Janji - famous, famous;
  • Gian - strong, healthy;
  • Duy - independent;
  • Zhong - loyal, correct;
  • Lei - spring thunder;
  • Rong is a warrior;
  • Fang - honest, fair;
  • Heng - eternity;
  • Huangdi - "Yellow Sire".

A rich selection of names for the pet in Chinese mythology:

  • Longwan - dragon, master of water;
  • Leygun - god of thunder;
  • Reiko - "ghost fox";
  • Sinsin - a mythical creature with the body of a dog and the face of a man;
  • Hou is the son of the Dragon-Moon lord, in charge of the connection between heaven and earth.

In Chinese, the hieroglyph designating "dog" is included in most of the words for animals, as it is believed that the dog was the progenitor of all Chinese animals. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and respect to the choice of the name of a small Sharpey.

Nicknames and names for sharpei girls

The name for a Shar-Pei girl should emphasize her soft, tender nature, appeasability, shown by her in relation to the members of the family in which she lives. Shar Pei is a mysterious breed, which is said to have a strong biofield and can heal people. All these features can be reflected in the beautiful names for Shar-Pei girls.

Beautiful and poetic names

Do not hesitate to give affectionate names to these beautiful dogs. After all, even the Chinese themselves poetize the appearance of Shar-Pei, comparing the ears of a dog with the petals of a tea rose. The girl can be called:

  • Aurora, Agatha, Adel, Aina, Alba, Amn, Arima, Arta, Aurika;
  • Bagryanka, Bud, Bent, Bijanke, Briza, Bessi;
  • Wald, Vega, Venus, Wayne, Venta, Vista, Vetti;
  • Gabby, Gayna, Gella, Gladi, Grace;
  • Dyra, Dara, Delta, Gela, Gemma, Gypsy, Ding, Dir, Donna;
  • Zara, Star, Zeya, Zlata;
  • Isis, Isolde, Ilga, Indra, Toffee, Ista;
  • Kaira, Cameo, Camilla, Karda, Carrie, Cleopatra, Christie;
  • Ladi, Lyna, Lakki, Larsa, Lady, Lottie, Liang;
  • Main, Mack, Marquis, Medi, Medea, Muse, Ma'am;
  • Naira, Nani, Natty, Nelly, Nymph;
  • Panna, Patty, Penny, Pusi.

But Shar Pei girls can be not only good-natured. There are dogs with a strong, proud and arrogant character. Such "ladies" fit the names of the pantheon of goddesses: Artemis, Atropos, Athena, Venus, Diana, Iris, Cybele. nice little shar pei

In the Disney cartoons there are not only famous dogs, courageous and strong, but also gentle, intelligent, beautiful girls. Babies like these names for their favorites: Avva (Dr. Aibolit's dog), Lady (“Lady and the Vagabond”), Nana (“Peter Pen”), Sonya (“Sonia's clever dog”), Lisa, Rosa (“ Barboskiny "), Paddy (" 101 dolmatinets "), Matilda (dog of Baron Munchausen).

Those who want to call a dog originally should not invent platitudes or rudeness - girls are more vulnerable than boys. Therefore, it is necessary to include all the fantasy to invent a funny nickname to this sweet creature.

Funny nicknames

Funny names can also be gentle, which will only underline the pet's gender: Push, Plush, Wrinkle, Nezha, Siren, Snowball, Fanta, Toffee, Caramel, Choc, Furya, Charca (Charmer), Chika, Chikita, Charita.

Names with value

Chinese names not only sound gentle and poetic, but also have their unusual meaning, which is very suitable for these beautiful dogs:

  • Au - beloved;
  • Biu - Jasper;
  • Guanyin - the goddess of compassion and mercy;
  • Venling - jade;
  • Jing - wealth, abundance;
  • Jingua is a luxury;
  • Ju - chrysanthemum;
  • Dayu - black jade;
  • Kiang - a rose;
  • Kiu is a beautiful warm autumn (like the color of Shar-Pei's wool);
  • Ning - calm;
  • Namanlan - the dawn;
  • Nasan - life;
  • Nomin - emerald;
  • Norbo - a jewel;
  • Oshon is a spark;
  • Pagma - Queen, Mistress;
  • Solongo - rainbow;
  • Sesag - flower;
  • Row is the youngest;
  • Cerigma - healing.

Even the name of the breed - Shar Pei, translated artistically and means "sandy dog." What very accurately describes the most common color. Shar Pei for a walk

In China, Shar Pei were temple dogs, accompanied by emperors and noble Chinese women. Therefore, before choosing a name similar to a teddy bear puppy, one should recall the noble origin of this ancient breed from the mysterious Celestial.

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