Nicknames for a Rottweiler boy and girl

Choosing a nickname for a Rottweiler is an important and responsible procedure, because a dog will respond to it for 7-10 years. Superiority in breeding this breed is given to German canine. In the vicinity of the city of Rottweil in the middle of the XVIII century, the first representatives of the Rottweilers appeared. However, the Germans themselves cite the fact that the ancestors of the Rottweilers inherited from the Roman legionaries the shepherds from the foothills of the Black Forest. Therefore, the nickname for the Rottweiler boy and girl may have German or Roman roots.


Nicknames and names for the Rottweiler boy

Representatives of this large, strong, strong breed are distinguished by fearlessness, endurance, and aggressiveness. The Rottweiler is called the dog of the military and the police, so it would be strange to hear the call of Pusik, Pupsik, addressed to this formidable dog.

Beautiful names

Beautiful nicknames for rottweilers boys can be borrowed from the pantheon of the ancient Roman gods. They will emphasize the strength and courage of the dog: Cupid, Bacchus, Virtus, Vulcan, Genius, Mars, Momus, Pluto, Saturn, Sol, Somnus, Honor (Honos), Jupiter, Janus. rottweiler

The heroes of the Roman myths and legends are less familiar to the European reader than the ancient Greek epic. Their names are sure to attract the attention of others with their originality and originality to the formidable rottweiler. You can choose among such full names as:

  • Akerbant, Akron, Anchises, Ascanius, Attius, Ahat;
  • Virbiy, Vortun;
  • Horace, Gales, Honor, Guest;
  • Eurorial, Ital;
  • Korif, Quirin, Cons;
  • Lucius, Latin, Liber;
  • Misen, Numitor, Nis, Orc;
  • Pallant, Pax, Palent, Palinur, Pyram, Pollux;
  • Romulus, Robig, Roma, Rem;
  • Silvius, Salus, Silvan, Silvius, Summan;
  • Titus, Term, Tiberin, Thurn;
  • Fatum, Febris, Forbant, Foul, Forkis, Frix;
  • Chaos, Charon, Chiron, Khris;
  • Evander, Even, Ever, Evnom, Evrit, Aeneas.

Male Rottweiler tries to dominate the family and the pack of dogs. This character trait should emphasize the names of the medieval rulers and great commanders - Attila, Wilhelm, Richard, Gustaf, Girald, Guiscard, Harold, Arslan, Heinrich, Alfons, Bomund, Aguda, Stefan, Friedrich, Barbarossa, Conrad, Saladin, Chingischauhans, Conrad, Ahgud, Stephan, Friedrich, Barbarossa, Conrad, Saladin, Chingishhan, Ahmed, Stephan, Friedrich Jaime, Batu, Bayan, Werner, Bruce, Tamerlane, Olgerd, Vitovt, Krishna, Pizarro, Cortes, Ermak.

Menacing nicknames

The Rottweiler was bred to protect the herd from wolves and thieves, which does not make its character soft and docile. This is a formidable and rather aggressive dog. The nickname of a boy with such a difficult character should be a warning, far audible and a dog, and the surrounding onlookers. small rottweiler

Such terrible nicknames are: Gang, Gard, Gerd, Gong, Graf, Grim, Grd, Thunder, Deg, Demon, Jag, Jeb, Drago, Dick, Dingo, Drag. They are short, which means they are well perceived by the dog, and he quickly reacts to a strict cry. The first letter of the name and the consonants in the middle are loud, distinguishable at a great distance.

Funny nicknames

A big, muscular, well-built dog requires respect, and the "cool" Bow, Bublik, and Cucic - will cause confusion among dogmakers and doubts about the presence of a sense of humor in the owner. But if you "beat" some features of the exterior, color or character, then you can bring a smile and approval of even the most ardent zealots of the "honor" of the Rottweilers:

  • Brave, Batyr, Boomer;
  • Warrior, Vex, Woland;
  • Granite; Plait;
  • Bison, Beast, Tooth, Zulus;
  • Esaul, Ermak;
  • Capone, Cyborg, Caesar;
  • Lecturer, Lucifer;
  • Neo, Dodger;
  • Sly, Stinger, Severe;
  • Tyson, Tyrant;
  • Ghoul, horror;
  • Gloomy, Hunter;
  • Cerberus;
  • Sheriff, Chocolate.

Those who are not inclined to make fun of this beautiful dog should choose the name of the boy, which would mean something in itself.

Names with value

It is much more difficult to choose a pet name with a value. To do this, you need to know the individual characteristics of the dog well, and this is difficult to do when it completely crumbles into the house. However, the pet can be given the name "in advance", later raising the quality you like:

  • Augustus — majestic, regal;
  • Aquila - the eagle;
  • Amadeus - loving;
  • Benedict is blessed;
  • Vir is a husband;
  • Dementius - the tamer;
  • Candide - upright;
  • Kondrat - quadrangular;
  • Kutoniy - main, big-headed;
  • Livery is free;
  • Maxim is the greatest;
  • Marsaly, Martyn - warlike;
  • Provius is good;
  • Pud or Pudis - shy;
  • Ruf - red;
  • Silane - wild;
  • Sylvan - forest, goblin;
  • Tatyon - silent;
  • Turvon - a troublemaker, a whirlwind;
  • Felix is ​​happy;
  • Flavius ​​- yellow;
  • Faust - happy.

Watching a puppy, you can pick up a nickname in German, which has an equivalent in Russian. For example: Stout is fat, Traug is lazy, passive, Treyg is a sloth, Louth is noisy, Stark is strong.

Nicknames for rottweilers girls

When choosing a baby name, a rottweiler should follow the same rules as when picking a nickname for a boy. The name must contain no more than 3 syllables, be sonorous, firm, which is fully consistent with the sound of German names.

Beautiful names

In Old Germanic names had several meanings, since they were recorded in runes, and each rune had its own meaning. Therefore, the girl can choose a name with the one you like and the most appropriate value:

  • Alyk, Ada, Adel, Heidi, Cases of the noble class;
  • Adolf - a noble wolf;
  • Adeline, Alalinda, Lina, Ina - flexible, tender;
  • Aloisia, Elsa, Eliza - warrior;
  • Alrouna - the secret;
  • Agatha - good, good;
  • Aglaia - shine, joy, beauty;
  • Agnes is an innocent;
  • Barb, Barbie - from Barbara - a foreigner;
  • Beatrix, Trixie, Beah - the blessed traveler;
  • Bertha is bright;
  • Bruna - brown;
  • Bettina, Tina - oath (to God);
  • Brunhilda - armor;
  • Ursula, Zulla - bear;
  • Ondine, Dina - mermaid (for lovers to swim);
  • Camilla, Kami, Millie - priestess, flawless.

You can also choose a beautiful name for a Rottweiler girl in ancient Roman mythology:

  • Aurora, Angerona;
  • Bellona;
  • Venus, Vesta, Virtus;
  • Diana;
  • Cardea, Karna, Kibela;
  • Laverna, Luna, Lara;
  • Minerva, Morta, Maya;
  • Roma, Salus, Trivia;
  • Fides, Flora, Fortune, Furina;
  • Ceres, Juvent, Juno.

The characters of girls and boys are different. Bitches are less aggressive, more docile and easier to train. They are more affectionate and do not claim leadership in the family. But they are also excellent guards, they are not inferior in the strength and courage of rottweilers to boys.

Menacing names

More aggressive names that emphasize strength, character, courage will suit such "fighting" girls: Harpy, Banshee, Valkyrie, Gorgon, Domnu, Atlanta, Hecate, Demon, Lilith, Medusa, Circe, Eris, Amber, Xenobia, Malis, Morbidia, Umber. These names have a somewhat “gothic”, gloomy meaning. rottweiler stands

Names with “loud” consonants, short, active will help to keep under control too independent girl: Greta, Hera, Gerd, Thunderstorm, Dora, Ditt, Dirda, Drusa, Dara, Basta.

Name with value

Even such a clever dog like a rottweiler will be confused if it is called by a full and abbreviated name, affectionate nicknames and epithets. You should choose a name that is pleasant to the ear, easy to pronounce, short and sonorous. Among such names with the meaning:

  • Augusta - the venerable;
  • Alba - the dawn;
  • Beatrice is blessed;
  • Grace is pleasant;
  • Julia is young;
  • Domna - mistress;
  • Carla is brave;
  • Chiara is bright;
  • Letitia is brave;
  • Noemie is beautiful;
  • Ornella is strong like an eagle;
  • Patricia is an aristocrat;
  • Sevage - rebel;
  • Ricarda - strong, brave;
  • Romilda is a glorious ruler;
  • Francesca is free;
  • Edda - militant.

If there are several girls in the litter, then they can be called by birth order - Prima (First), Quint (Fifth), Ottavina or Ottavia (Eighth) or by the day of the week on which the girl was born - Domenica (born on Sunday), Venerdi (Friday ).

The nickname accompanies the Rottweiler from birth to death. It is necessary to take into account, calling cute, ridiculous nicknames of a plump, clumsy puppy. In time, he will turn into a powerful, muscular, menacing dog, and his sweet name will become a ridiculous nickname that does not correspond to the look of an adult dog.

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