Nicknames for Dobermans boys and girls

Doberman is the only breed named after its creator Friedrich Luis Doberman. These elegant, swift, intelligent, strong dogs are bred in Germany as guards and defenders. Subsequently, the character of the Doberman was refined, and from an aggressive, incredulous dog, he turned into a wonderful companion, even for families with small children. When choosing nicknames for Dobermans, boys and girls need to focus on the origin, traits or external features.


Nicknames and names for Dobermans boys

The exterior of the Doberman is characterized by clear, short lines. The lean, muscular body is graceful and swift. A gracefully sculpted head with high set sharp ears gives the dog a formidable appearance, which determined the American name for the dog - the dog of the devil.

Beautiful names

If the owner wants to emphasize the courageous appearance of his pet, then the Doberman boy can be called:

  • Atilla, Atlas, Atlas, Athos, Achilles;
  • Baron, Bugs, Best, Borghez, Boss, Bruce, Damask;
  • Varangian, Viking, Walter, Woland, Vivat;
  • Galant, Ganymede, Helios, Hercules, Gladiator, Count, Hussar;
  • Diamond, Dandy, Jedi, Don, Drago, Dushman;
  • Zeus, Siegfried, Zlat (from Zlatogor);
  • Icarus, Emperor, If, Ibris;
  • Cadet, Cardinal, King, Prince, Commando;
  • Legion, Leader, Luther;
  • Magician, Gloom, Merlin, Maestro, Marquis, Mystic;
  • Nero, Nemo, Neo, Neptune, Norman;
  • Ramses, Ratmir, Ra, Ratibor, Rogday, Rubicon;
  • Osiris, Onyx, Orion, Orpheus, Oswald, Otto.

Paying tribute to the origin of the Doberman, you can call it the names of the ancient Germanic gods: Vodan (Odin), Donar (Thor), Zio (Tyr), Fro (Freyr), Balder. Or the heroes of the ancient Germanic epic - Beowulf, Sigurd, Siegfried, Gunter, Hagen, Volker. doberman lies

The names of the characters of the Song of the Nibelungs can also come in handy when choosing a nickname for the Doberman boy - Skild, Holger, Snorri, Grendel, Ingeld, Heort, Grimnir, Utley, Gunnar, Jormunrek, Hagen, Siegfried, Dietrich.

Doberman - a faithful and faithful dog. The grateful inhabitants of the island of Guam immortalized these features, protecting the inhabitants of which 25 brave Dobermans died. These character traits can be emphasized by the names: Faithful, Courageous, Harold, Gordon, Gilmore (in honor of the faithful servant of the Virgin Mary), Vulture (from the Hebrew - judge), Icarus, Keen (from the Irish - warrior), Oscar (from the ancient German “spear” ), Renold or Reynold (from Old German - to rule, reason, decision), Richard (from Latin - strong, solid), Sheriff.

Funny nicknames

Dobermans - dogs with a royal posture, which is difficult to come up with a cool nickname that would not discord with his appearance and character. Cute puppies with smooth shiny hair, large paws and smart eyes evoke emotion and a desire to name them funny - Latex, Cheburek (awkward puppy), Tuning, Katkiller, Griffon, Bullet (frisky and quick puppy), Kaput, Google (curious baby).

Those wishing to emphasize the pedigree, “elitism” of the dog can take a nickname in honor of an expensive alcoholic drink - Absolute, Absinthe, Balmers, Beilis, Vox, Zane, Kyol, Ketel, Rhine, Trump, Herbs, Chivas.

If the owner has a good sense of humor and love for riddles and charades, the name of the pet can be invented independently, for example, by combining several words characterizing character traits:

  • running + strength - Begsil;
  • evil + guard - Zlohran;
  • mind + trick - Hitum;
  • proud + courageous - Gorm;
  • big + evil - Bolzlo.

Such nicknames are best invented by the whole family. Everyone can make a contribution, show observation, judgment and interest. Such cute home chimera names will be understood only by the family in which the wonderful Doberman puppy grows, and the attention of strangers will surely attract the original nickname.

Names with a value

When choosing a name with a value, do not rush. Such a nickname should “speak” for itself, expressing habits, external features or the attitude of the owner to the pet. The most significant names and nicknames chosen in Asian languages, but since Doberman is German by “nationality”, it is worth looking for the meaning of names and words in Scandinavian or Old German languages:

  • Godgest is a divine guest;
  • Gorm or Godorm - the serpent god, dragon;
  • Godolv or Godulf is a wolf deity;
  • Good is a good friend;
  • Grape - grab hold;
  • Grettir - grinning, formidable, gloomy (in the Old Norse name of the dragon);
  • Grimvard - guardian, guard (the so-called part of the helmet covering the face);
  • Grimolv or Grimwolf - mask of a wolf;
  • Goodbrand is the sword of God;
  • Goodfast - fast, fast, strong;
  • Goodmar - famous, glorious;
  • Godrek - ruler, ruler;
  • Goodward, Gunnar - keeper, guardian;
  • Baldar - strong, courageous, courageous;
  • Berg or Borgar - to store, protect, help;
  • Bercy - a bear, a teddy bear;
  • Bild or Billy - blade, blade;
  • Blar - blue-black;
  • Bragi - poetry (in mythology - the son of Odin);
  • Brunn - bright, radiant or another meaning - brown.

This is only a small part of the “sounding” ancient German names that are very suitable for such a dog. Dog handlers argue that, when acquiring a Doberman puppy, you need to be ready to make efforts and patience so that an intelligent, restrained and loyal dog grows out of a restless baby. So the time spent on choosing an original name for such a dog will fully pay back all the efforts spent on education.

Nicknames and names for doberman girls

It is no less interesting to look for names for a Doberman girl. Among the Norman warrior girls, you can choose sonorous, short names that will suit these strong and brave girls.

Beautiful names

Beautiful names of the Valkyries will suit bold, courageous, impetuous girls: Gel, Geir, Hondukk, Mist, Randgrid, Reginlave, Rota, Skuld, Labor (daughter of the gods Thor and Seth), Hild, Christ. Dobermans

The well-known professor S. Caltabiano in the description of the Doberman emphasizes that the females of this breed get along well with small children. Their maternal instinct extends to human babies. They are patient, sensitively guard the peace of the child, protect him, become faithful companions of children's games.

Children can call their faithful companion the fabulous names of the Disney cartoon princesses: Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Merida, Elsa, Moana, Leah. Or other characters - Thalia, Alice, Esmeralda, Giselle, Kida, Marianne, Odette.

Older children will choose a name for the Doberman girl from the list of popular singers: Rihanna, Selena, Amy, Miley, Ashley, Gwen, Jessica, Kylie, Dita, Heidi, Adele, Cher.

Cute and funny nicknames.

I don’t want to call the cute Doberman puppies “cool” nicknames that can offend these creatures. Moreover, an elegant, regal person grows out of a clumsy puppy. To choose a cute and funny nickname for a girl, it is worth working hard.

The future beauty can be called: Barberry, Buffy, Basta, Vista, Vlast, Gerda, Germanicus, Gertrude, Hansel, Jennifer, Daphne, Jacqueline, Geneva, Giselle, Xena, Zolda, Ilma, Ilda, Kora, Lyme, Moon, Lady, Lotta , Maxi, Nancy, Odelia, Pandora, Piper, Roxy, Ruby, Stella, Sabrina, Sambuca, Troy, Tilda, Ulm, Ursula, Fairy, Fortune, Happy, Charisma, Helga, Tsar, Skoda, Yuppi, Jasper.

Names with a value

No less interesting are the names for girls with Scandinavian roots. Characterizing the appearance, character traits and behavior, an attentive owner will choose the appropriate name for his favorite:

  • Adela is noble;
  • Agnetta is a saint;
  • Alpha is an elf;
  • Bengta is divine;
  • Gerdy is a fortress;
  • Dakhliya is a dahlia;
  • Kerstin is a Christian;
  • Lynn or Linnaeus is a double flower;
  • Mia - stubborn, rebellious;
  • Pernilla is a small rock;
  • Solvig is a strong house;
  • Emeli is a rival;
  • Yannike - the mercy of God.

An old English proverb says that if the owner gave the puppy an unfortunate name, it is better to drown him. Before you call representatives of such a unique breed as the Doberman, it is worth remembering that for centuries they have been guarding, protecting the owners and their belongings, solving crimes, and sacrificing their lives. It is worth seriously approaching the choice of the name of the pet, which, perhaps, determine his fate.

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