Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese crested dog, perhaps, is one of the most original breed among the quadrupeds. Even the very appearance of representatives with a fluffy fur coat and without it causes astonishment. Looks fragile and defenseless - inside are real lions, who will protect their owner from the last forces. Who are these original, as if extraterrestrial, creatures?


History of the origin of the breed

Although, exactly where the crested breed came from, the scientists have good reasons to believe that it belongs to the oldest breeds. There is a suggestion that most of the hairless dogs come from Africa. Similar animals are still found in the subtropics and have names, depending on geography - in Mexico it is a naked Mexican dog, Peru - Peruvian, Egypt - Egyptian.

Chinese Crested Dog

In the years 900-1200 AD. naked dogs were particularly honored. They were referred to the 10 symbols of the Kingdom of the God of Ketsakoatl, they represented love and good. Even then, the love of these extraordinary beings to their owners was considered by people to be a manifestation of the most disinterested feeling. They were also used as warmers, letting in under the blanket, where the dogs were stacked along the human body and transferred their heat to it.

And Indians from ancient tribes believed that hairless pets have medicinal properties. By the way, modern tribes have not lost this faith and believe that the dogs help from toothache, colic, rheumatism, paralysis and all sorts of pains in the joints and spine.

It is for sure not known when exactly these amazing creatures penetrated Chinese territory, but there is evidence that during the reign of the Han dynasty (206-220 BC) they were already cultivating them here.

It is believed that the naked dogs from century to century symbolized prosperity and prosperity of nobles from China. In the 16th century, these dogs were taken to research and commercial vessels, which led to the penetration of this breed into other countries.

Researchers from Spain left after themselves the information that they met with similar animals on the territory of America, both in the south and in the north. Travelers from England and France also saw naked dogs in the early 19th century in African and Asian countries. By the end of the 19th century already in many books and manuscripts of Europe information is found about these strange dogs that do not have fur.

Types of Chinese Crested

However, recent research by archaeologists suggests that the homeland of naked dogs is Mexico and Central America, and it is from here that they migrated to other continents from now on. On the island of Yucatan and Central America, during the excavation of the Mayan settlement, pottery was found on which a bare dog was depicted. Here, mummified animals are found in graves and places of sacrifice. The Maya believed that the naked dog would hold the soul of its owner to heaven. In addition, in Mexico and until now dogs that are devoid of a coat of hair are very common.

The name of the naked dogs sounds like Xoloitzkuitly, Xolotl is the god of the Aztecs, and together translates as "the dog of the god Xolotla".

Description of breed Chinese Crested

Representatives of this breed are quite unusual appearance. Like other four-legged, belonging to the category of room, decorative or group of toes, they differ in small size, although larger than many.

Description of breed Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Dog breed - photo

The growth of males and bitches, close to the ideal, varies from 28 to 33 cm, although, according to the standard, the deflection is not a blemish. But the weight of the standard is not specified at all, although in most dogs of this breed it is less than 5 kg. The standard describes the Chinese crested thus:

  • Chinese crested are thin, have graceful, long limbs , which from the side seem very thin. The tail is elongated, tapering towards the end and holding high while moving.
  • Not only the lack of hair attracts attention to these dogs, they also have an interesting muzzle , which has a pronounced stop (the passage from the skull to the muzzle is clearly traced). The muzzle has a rectangular shape, the jaw is equipped with sharp teeth with a scissor bite. These dogs have regular tooth loss, but this fact, like their abnormal growth, does not lead to disqualification of the pet.
  • Eyes small, almond shaped, look, as a rule, curious. More often there are representatives with dark brown, almost black eyes, but dogs with light hair can have eyes of a light shade. However, blue-eyed, as well as doggies with different eyes, are not allowed to breed.
  • The auricles are large, in a standing state, and they can hang in the downy dogs.

Color of Chinese crested

There are two variants of the Chinese crested - without wool, which is called naked and paulderpuff - downy.

1. Crested "without wool . " Although the hairless dog is called naked, in fact it has some woolly covering on some areas of the body - it is in the area of ​​the head, tail and extremities.

Chinese Crested without wool

Most often, the hair is straight, a crest forms on the head, which is the basis for the name of the breed. The tail is covered with a fairly long wool by two thirds, at the end it forms a tassel. And on the limbs, you get some semblance of boots made of wool. Some representatives may have chaotically scattered scraps of fur on their bodies. The entire coat is soft and has no undercoat. The skin is smooth, if touched, then hot. By the way, the exhibition individuals have a real mane on their head, and in general, the coat of the show-class dogs is much thicker and more plentiful.

2. Crested with wool . Dogs-puffs have a long coat on the entire body, and the undercoat is also available. The lower wool is soft, silky, and the upper coat is long, stiff and denser than the undercoat. In the area of ​​the muzzle, it is shorter, in comparison with the rest of the body, but most often the owners make the pets trimming so that they look more neat and tidy.

Chinese crested with wool

For the exhibition career, dogs must have properly growing and well-groomed hair, but there are almost no requirements for coloring. The color of the fur can be very diverse and the location of the spots is not regulated. Although the majority of thoroughbred representatives have a gray or brown color, and the spots are white or gray. Downy crested often with white hair, with spots of gray or brown hue.

Character of the Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dogs are ideal companions, with whom it is comfortable to coexist under one roof. It is important only to take into account their need for care and proper care :

  • They are free of aggression, but they are distinguished by their mobility and curiosity.
  • They especially do not choose "pets" among family members and are attached to everyone. And, having a friendly character, they can make friends with other pets.
  • Dogs are very shy and sensitive, so they are very keen on rudeness in their address.
  • They require attention, since without a person they are very bored and nervous about this.
  • Externally very fragile, graceful, Chinese crested have strong enough health. But, given the lack of a fur coat, they need special clothes for walking at low temperatures.
  • Representatives of this breed are smart and suitable for training. Even many complex tricks they master with ease. In addition, the dogs themselves love training, because, by giving good results, they try to prove to the owners their love and affection.

How to care for a crested

So, the family council decided that the exotic pet in the house be! It is important to prepare a new member of the place, it is desirable that it was secluded and you could easily get to the toilet from it. When choosing it is necessary to exclude dark corners, places with drafts and the proximity of heating devices.

It is worthwhile to provide a place for a sunbed : soft cribs are ideal for crested animals , in which pets feel comfortable. In the period of the change of teeth, when the animal is intensively gnawing, it is better to stop on the plastic container in which the mattress is placed. As for nutrition, it is worth consulting with the breeder - whether the puppy is accustomed to dry food , and if so, what brand of diet. It is this and should continue to feed the pet.

How to care for Chinese crested

Chinese Crested Dog in the photo

Many owners agree that for "Khukhlatikov" a convenient thing is carrying in the form of a cage . In it, the animal can be transported in any transport, it is necessary for exhibitions. Accustoming to the toilet, it is best to purchase special absorbent napkins or diapers. Also, a set of waste tools is needed, depending on the length of the pet's fur.

Crested will require:

  • Two massage brushes - larger and smaller, preferably with natural bristles.
  • Massazhka with metal teeth and antistatic coating.
  • Comb with denticles, capable of making rotational movements (allowing combing the painless painlessly).
  • Pooh.

In addition, there are a number of specialized tools, for example, a clipper, a depilator, which are needed to care for bare pets. Care requires not only wool, but claws, so you need a claw-nail and a nail file for sharpening sharp claws. To brush your teeth, your pet is better than a child's brush made of silicone or latex, which is worn on your finger.

If the dog is exposed, special detergents are needed - shampoo, rinse aid (conditioner) and oil, which is not recommended for use before the year. To bathe a pet it is necessary often - time in 7 days, to dry it is better by means of a terry towel.

Chinese Crested Dogs

Puppies of Chinese Crested Dog - photos

Like other four-legged, Chinese crested requires treatment from parasites. In this case, it is better to use special anti-block drops on the withers, since wearing a collar from fleas can cause allergic reaction and irritation on the skin.

At first it is preferable to use a roulette leash with a soft collar (made of genuine leather or silk), if the dog is a show-class, then the ring. It is desirable to provide puppies with special safe toys.

Photo of Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested PuppyBeautiful Chinese CrestedChinese Crested in CambiquezoneChinese crested on the bedChinese Crested CatIncredible Chinese Crested

A video about the Chinese crested

The cost of a crested Chinese puppy

Purchasing a puppy of this breed, it is worth considering that the downy crested dog is an order of magnitude cheaper (2-2.5 times) than its hairless relatives. You can buy a puff from good producers with documents for 10000-27000 rubles. Naked dog with the same conditions is from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles.

The Chinese crested dog is not only an exotic pet, who has received attention from others, but also a great responsibility. If you take care of your pet, he will give only joy and positive.

Kennels of the Chinese Crested

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