Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Not many dogs possess the same strength as Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. These dogs are distinguished by reckless courage and are able to protect their family members against a predator of any size. In his desire to protect the property and people close to him, the Caucasian shows all the rage and anger, so no wonder representatives of this breed are compared with a tool. Where did these extraordinary dogs come from and how can you handle the giants?


How did the Caucasians breed

Caucasians are among the oldest breeds that have passed the hard natural selection for the right to be with a person. Based on archaeological data, the age of the breed exceeds 2500 years.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

It is for certain only that the ancestors of Caucasians are the old-type Tibetan dogs. BC, they were the embodiment of the classical Molossus - heavy, infinitely true for their own, and fierce towards their enemies.

It is believed that dogs got into Chinese territory when a puppy of this breed was presented to the emperor. Representatives of this breed were immediately appreciated in Asia, and they spread quickly enough - first in Mongolia, Mesopotamia, and then, through the territory of the Caucasus, penetrated to Rome and Greece.

According to the “mythic-historical” version, the early Caucasians were able to resurrect the ruler of Armenia Ara the Beautiful, licking his wounds. Somewhere in this time the separation of the Caucasian and Central Asian shepherd dogs occurred. The first ones were strictly selected on the basis of working qualities, the second remained in their native territory and practically did not change. There is some evidence that, in contrast to Central Asians, who are guarding the territory with a whole group, Caucasians did it alone or in pairs.

Caucasian lands are distinguished by extraordinary beauty, rich nature and difficult, rather harsh climatic conditions. In addition, the difficult mountainous terrain has become a "transit" road for traders and conquerors. The ancestors of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs could “harden” their character in such difficult living conditions, and their steadfastness was passed on to the modern dogs of this breed. Life at the crossroads influenced many traits and pedigree qualities. The characteristics laid out on the Caucasian lands determine the main differences between Central Asian and Caucasians.

Breed Caucasian Shepherd

In native territories, there was also a division of dog activity. Molosskie dogs from the mountain areas were used for grazing and protection. In the cattle-breeding areas, the breed was named Caucasian Wolfhound, and the Molossians who were bred in the cities were called Empirskie dogs. In the latter case, the animals performed guard functions and participated in military campaigns. In the character of modern Caucasians, one can trace a characteristic feature inherited from their ancestors - hatred of wolves and strangers.

Among the evidence that the dogs were respected, their images on the arms of princely families were discovered. In those days, there were several varieties of Caucasians, in fact, each nation had its own type of dog. Informally, such a division exists in our times. However, these dogs are interested in Russian breeders and not only. Then work began on the transformation of indigenous breed in the factory.

For many years, activities have been carried out to improve the qualities of Caucasians. The dogs were made livable in the city. But poor-quality breeding and poor urban environment significantly reduced the life of pets (about 10-12 years), although before the animals lived much longer.

The formation of the breed was long, and the standards changed several times. The last version was approved by the International Canine Federation in 2010.

Description of breed Caucasian Shepherd

In the last standard it is indicated that the representatives of this breed have a rough body type, with well developed, voluminous muscles. The growth of males varies between 72-75 cm, the average weight is 50 kg, the females are slightly lower, their height is about 66-69 cm, and the weight is 45 kg.

Appearance Caucasian Shepherd

The main description of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog includes the following description:

  • The dogs have a large, massive head with a mane. The forehead is wide, convex, the lips are thick. The muzzle ends with a large nose, pigmented by black. The ears are small, oval-shaped. The eyes are small, deep-set, look attentive, wary. Teeth large, scissor bite.
  • The dogs have a wide, long chest , strong, straight back with developed muscles. The loin is wide, convex, short and muscular. The tail is set high, the limbs are parallel. Paws are large, round.
  • Wool straight, hard.

Among the possible deficiencies of the breed, experts note the following:

  • underdeveloped backbone;
  • too stretched body;
  • friability;
  • short and soft coat;
  • there is a risk of sagging of the eyelid skin.

Any deviation from the approved standard is automatically considered a disadvantage.

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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Colors

There are several dog colors:

  • the black; Black Caucasian Shepherd
  • Gray; Gray Caucasian Shepherd
  • brown;

    Brown Caucasian Shepherd

    Caucasian Shepherd puppies photo

  • redhead Red Caucasian Shepherd

Character Caucasians

The modern Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, although they have retained their large size and severe appearance, have a rather sweet and friendly disposition. This increased the popularity of representatives of this breed. And their amazing adaptability to any climate allows them to dwell in a variety of climatic conditions, as well as in home and street conditions.

Caucasians are confident and not fussy, it allows them to respond adequately when they are in the conditions of extreme events. Even the danger can not knock pets out of a rut, their actions are unmistakable.

Beautiful Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherds are persistent, fearless, resolute. They have well-developed protective qualities, and at the level of instincts there is a distrust of others. In addition, Caucasians, like all herding dogs, have a developed intellect, balanced temperament and are highly trained.

Trust in dogs cause only family members, but for the pet is very important attention of the owners. The shepherd is ready to guard and protect the family day and night, and it is especially reverent about the younger members of the family. Pet perceives them as his flock, carefully making sure that no child has fought off the rest. Not in the rules of the dog to offend the little ones, and she always plays with pleasure.

Of course, the basis of character laid at the level of instincts, but no less important is the upbringing and training of the pet.

How to raise and train Caucasian Shepherd

To train a Caucasian , you must have confidence and strong character. It does not matter how physically developed the owner is, but he must be consistent in his actions and demanding.

It is not recommended to do it yourself, it is better to contact a dog handler or take a course of training. The specialist will not train the dog himself, he will help the owner to better understand the pet and to respond correctly in certain situations. After the initial stage, the owner will be able to cope with further education, because the dog will master the necessary commands and rules.

How to raise a Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed Photo

Caucasians are very fond of apportirovka, so you can offer your pet to run after a stick from a very early age. The intelligence of the Caucasian allows the dog not only to acquire knowledge, but also, with the wrong upbringing, to use the weaknesses of the owners. Therefore, the owners should from the first days focus on what the baby can do and what is forbidden for him. And it is important to immediately show the puppy who is the leader in the family.

With the right approach, the pet will quickly learn where it is necessary to defend themselves, learn to refuse to treat strangers and eat garbage from the ground. It is important to immediately limit the biting of the arms and legs, even during the game, as well as jumping on the wearer's paws, since the grown giant will behave in the same way.

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Care and maintenance for Caucasians

The thick hair of the Caucasian Shepherd does not cause much trouble, but requires regular combing. It is recommended to make combing on the street, using a special large brush, suitable for a long coat. It is enough to wash Caucasians once every six months, of course, and it is also possible to bathe as the dog gets dirty.

The most important responsibility of the dog owner is regular walking . In this regard, Caucasians are not very demanding, as in their nature to accumulate energy, and not to spend it on aimless reels. On the day, it is enough to give it an hour and a half, suggesting that the pet just run around or simply appraise an object. 1-2 days a week should be allotted for intensive loads with mandatory training or repetition of acquired skills. No, the dog has an excellent memory, but he needs to maintain excellent physical shape.

How to care for a Caucasian Shepherd

Dog Caucasian Shepherd in the photo with the owner

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog needs good nutrition , which, in fact, refers to representatives of any breed. Yes, and there is no special wisdom. More often practiced one-time feeding with mandatory compliance with the regime. But this applies to adult pets, young animals up to 2.5-3 years old are fed 2 times.

Choosing natural products, you should not forget that the main product of the diet is meat and by-products. Their daily amount is 800-1000 grams. If meat can be given in any form, then offal must be boiled beforehand. Street pets can be given boiled lard or meat periodically in winter. Also in the diet include porridge, boiled in water, meat or vegetable broth, vegetables - fresh and boiled, greens. Eggs are boiled, but no more than 1-2 times a week. Among the banned products can be noted potatoes and legumes.

If the choice falls on the finished production rations, then you should choose high-quality feed - premium and super-premium category. They more meet the needs of the dog, and their consumption is much less.

Photo Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd in the fieldCaucasian Shepherd in the winterTerrible Caucasian ShepherdCaucasian Shepherd in the aviaryCaucasian Shepherd Dog at homeCaucasian Shepherd on the mountain

Caucasian Shepherd Video

For how much you can buy a puppy Caucasian Shepherd

The price depends on many factors - the color of wool, sex, size, availability of pedigree and titled parents, the location of the nursery and targeted delivery. Usually the largest baby from the litter costs more. The average cost of a Caucasian Shepherd puppy in nurseries in Moscow and the Moscow region is 15,000 rubles. On the Internet, the price varies from 5,000 to 60,000 rubles.

Caucasian Shepherd puppies look like cute bear cubs, but taking a pet into the house should immediately take into account that this is not a toy, but a serious animal that requires a certain approach.

Caucasian Shepherd Kennels

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