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In the modern world, there is a growing trend in the popularity of small dogs and there are many decorative breeds. However, dwarfish, or in another way, miniature dachshunds, although they have a small size, are still hunting dogs. Representatives of the breed are very nice, but at the same time wayward pets, which require special approach and training. But such nuances do not frighten owners, according to most of them, dwarf dachshund in the house is a great joy and a sea of ​​positive.


Origin of the breed

Selection work was conducted in Germany under the leadership of F. Engelman, and at the beginning of the process, specialists expected failures. As it turned out later, the mistake was the choice of breeds - reduced the standard fee and dwarf pinscher, the offspring turned out to be small, but the hunting qualities lost. Dwarf beige color

Then the breeders used a different tactic: selection and crossing of the smallest representatives of the breed. Such activities are more painstaking and long-lasting. Complicating the matter is that in the litters of small dachshunds the pups were much smaller.

But, despite everything, the desired result was achieved - there were little dogs that possessed the qualities and temperament of a real hunter. Complete formation of the breed occurred at the end of the 19th century, in addition to the dwarfish, at the same time a rabbit variety was also introduced. The resulting dogs showed themselves perfectly in the hunt for a hare and other small game.

Description of the breed dwarf dachshund

Miniature dachshunds have the same exterior as representatives of the "standard" type. These are small dogs with an elongated body and short, sturdy limbs. The standard specifies the following description:

  1. Head . The shape is triangular, elongated, but without sharp points. The skull is convex, of medium width, with a well-felt occiput. The jaws are strong, well developed, the lips fit tightly - the drooping lips of the dwarf dachshund are considered a serious pedigree blemish. Full set of teeth, bite is correct. The nose of the nose is black, the marbled dachshund has a clarified, oval shape. Eyes proportional, with tightly fitting eyelids, oval, interested look, there is shine. The hue of the iris varies from dark brown to light amber. Again, dogs with marble wool stand out, their eyes can be blue. The ears are large, triangular, dense, hanging down the sides of the head, they have a wide base and rounded tips. When the dog shows an interest, the ears rise at the base and turn forward. Dwarf fee on the bed
  2. Torso . As with other species of the breed, in the dwarf dachshund, the body has a rectangular, elongated format. Back strong, with a powerful wit, neck gracefully bends, no suspension. The loin is elongated, the croup has a bevel. The chest falls below the elbows, wide, long. The abdominal line is tightened.
  3. Extremities . They have strong bones and large joints, they are placed under the body. The front paws have a slight curvature, since the pasterns are placed too close. As for the hind limbs, they are arranged wider than the forequarters, they have better musculature.
  4. The tail . Has a saber-like shape or a bend near the end, the average size is set low.

Wool and allowable colors

There are several types of wool cover at the rate: smooth-haired, long-haired and woolly. In the first two types, the standard allows the following colors:

  • Single-color. This category includes individuals with dark red, red, sandy wool, as well as dogs with similar colors, but having an admixture of black hair. Most preferable is pure color without an admixture, and the dark-red color is appreciated above the rest. Even with a strong black impurity, the dog still belongs to this type. Dwarf fee is worth
  • Two-color (with tan marks). Here there are dogs with wool saturated black or brown shade with tan - rusty brown or sand tones. Two-colored dwarf dachshunds
  • Marble. The main color is a dark shade, the coat can be black, dark red or gray. It is desirable that the spots are located without symmetry, were gray or beige. Dwarf taxis eating sneakers
  • Tiger ones. There are two types - dark red or sandy wool with strips of a darker tone. Tiger dwarf dachshund

All of the above colors are allowed for the wire-haired dachshunds, but the prevailing are the fluctuations of all tones - from light to dark, including the color of "foul foliage".

Characteristics of the nature of the breed

Dwarf tax is an animal full of contradictions. Possessing a small size, she still does not concede in militancy and courage to her, more dimensional, brethren. Such a pet without hesitation will rush to the defense of its master, if he feels that he is in danger. In addition, such a kid is an excellent watchman and will certainly rebuff an intruder who has penetrated the territory protected by him.

Miniature dachshund is very smart, but like other representatives of hunting breeds, it is not without stubbornness. Therefore, when learning it is important not to forget that before you though small, but a hunter. Dachshunds are cunning and are able to sabotage the educational process, the pet is able to find the weak place of the owner and will make an attempt to manipulate. The master never for a moment should forget that in his "pack" he is in charge, otherwise the dog will quickly seize the initiative.

Dachshunds are very active, curious and contact. They do not tolerate loneliness and can "do things" from boredom. Therefore, before you leave, the owner should give maximum attention to "neposide", play or take a walk pet. Dwarf dachshund on a beautiful background

Representatives of this breed are by no means "silent", which is easy to predict, given their hunting orientation. This little dog is capable of very loud, barking barking, expressing various emotions - joy, anxiety, indignation, etc.

Not receiving proper attention, the animal can become aggressive, the owner must often spend time with the pet and do not deprive him of the pleasure of watching and even participating in family affairs. Dachshunds like children, ready to run around and play with them all day, however, they are not without dignity and will not allow themselves to be offended.

With other domestic animals, dachshunds are almost impossible to get along. If you can take such a dachshund, then a smaller animal will always remain a welcome prey for it.

How to train a dwarf fee?

Many owners make the mistake of thinking that such a crumb of training is not needed and as a result - the dog grows boorish and self-willed, capable of foul and revenge. To adjust his behavior, make it more accommodating, it is necessary to engage in the education of a dog from an early age.

Training of basic teams will save the dachshund from its inherent negative qualities, and if training is done closely, the pet can become an excellent hunter or guard. Representatives of this breed are very touchy and rancorous, so during training it is not recommended to use physical punishment or raise the voice. Rudeness will cause the dog aggression, it can become nervous or fearful. Dwarf dachshunds

Among the most effective punishments experts note ignoring - the dog will immediately understand that he made a mistake and will try to correct it. Any success must necessarily be encouraged - a kind word, caress, delicacy.

Care and nuances of health

Considering the fact that there are several varieties of miniature dachshunds, care for them will depend on the type of coat. Shorthair individuals do not need to comb, the surface of their wool 1-2 times a week wipe with a cloth with suede surface to remove dead hairs, dirt and dust.

Wirehair dachshunds require regular trimming - removal of dead hairs with forceps. You can learn the procedure yourself or entrust it to a professional. They spend it every 4-6 months, show-class dogs often.

Dogs with a long fur coat 1-2 times a week combing, using a special brush, so that the pet looked well-groomed and eliminated the formation of coils. Particular attention should be paid to the area of ​​the ears and abdomen. In other respects, the procedures are standard: The dwarf dachshund flees

  • regular inspection of the auricles for inflammations and parasites, cleaning from dirt;
  • eye examination and rinsing as necessary;
  • clipping claws, when their natural grinding does not occur.

Breeding diseases

Taxes, including miniature ones, can be called safe dogs in terms of health. Among the hereditary ailments can be noted only two pathologies:

  1. "Swimmer's syndrome" is a disease that develops against the backdrop of osteoporosis. Puppies born with this pathology, in 3-4 weeks are not able to climb the feet, they move, crawling on the abdomen. In some cases, they can recover and begin to walk, and sometimes this does not happen. The dwarf fee is played
  2. Defect of the intervertebral disc - a more severe anomaly of development, in which the spinal cord is infringed and the dog paralyzes. Most often, this disease occurs in dogs older than 5 years, however, a tendency to "rejuvenate" the pathology.

Mode and diet

Owners of a miniature dachshund have a choice - to feed their pet with natural food or with dry diets. But in both cases it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances. First of all, the products that make up the dog's diet should be natural, not containing artificial additives. It is important to make a menu that includes useful components:

  • sour-milk products - cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt;
  • porridge - buckwheat, rice;
  • meat is the basis of the diet, lean beef is best suited, you can give chicken, but only if it does not cause the pet to have allergies.

Mixed feeding is allowed, but not welcomed. As in the case of natural feeding, the pet will need additional vitamin and mineral supplements. It is desirable that they are appointed by the veterinarian, when necessary.

Adult dachshund is recommended to be fed twice a day if it is a healthy animal that does not have problems with digestion. Representatives of this breed are prone to obesity, so you need to strictly control how much food the pet receives. Dwarf fee on skateboard

In the case of feeding dachshunds with industrial feeds, a high-end product, premium or holistic, should be chosen. When introducing a new diet, it is worthwhile to look at the pet - whether the food causes allergies, whether the dog has a digestive disorder or other signs that the food is not suitable.

Do not depart from the manufacturer's recommendations - he indicates what the daily rate of food for the dog, depending on its weight. Most dachshunds adore fruits and can treat the pet with pieces of apples, pears, bananas as a treat. But from the confectionery delicious dog is better to refuse, since they negatively affect the work of the digestive tract, the state of the teeth and the "figure".

After the dog ate, the bowl needs to be cleaned, even if there is food left in it. The remains are thrown away, and the dishes are thoroughly washed. An animal should have round-the-clock access to a container with clean drinking water. It is recommended to give food to the dachshund after the paddock, and not before it, since a well-fed dog should not move actively for the first time.

Conditions for keeping small dachshunds

Miniature dachshund is an excellent option for small-sized housing, such a pet does not require much space. Naturally, the representatives of this breed, even those with a long fur coat, are not suitable for keeping on the street - this is only an apartment animal.

In a simpler care short-haired dogs need, their coat is enough 1-2 times a week to wipe with a cloth with suede and comb out with a stiff brush. A pet with a long coat requires frequent procedures - that the dog looks neat and well-groomed, it is combed every day, using a comb, bristles of which are made of natural material. Dwarf fee and bowl

They buy a short-haired dachshund rarely, but a dog with a rich head of hair more often, but in any case applying detergents suitable for dogs. More problems arise for owners of a rare wire-haired miniature dachshund. This dog needs regular trimming - plucking out dead hairs, as the dogs themselves are not able to fully vylinivat.

It is necessary to walk the dachshund on a daily basis, and the exercise should be long and active. Pets with short hair during cold temperatures freeze, so the pet should be dressed in warm clothes and shoes. A dog with a long coat will not be superfluous to put on overalls and boots that protect against dampness.

Photo of the dwarf dachshund Dwarf fee and other dogslovely creaturesblack dwarf dachshundcute dwarf dachshunddwarf rates are playeddwarf dachshund rests

A video about a dwarf taxi

Where is it better to get a puppy?

A dwarf taxa is a breed variety that does not occur as often as a standard one, however, it can not be called rare. Usually, with the acquisition of such a four-legged friend does not arise, except that the future owner wants to buy a puppy from a large nursery that breeds exclusively the dachshund. In this situation, you may have to go to another city. dwarf taxis runs along the road

Today miniature dachshunds are mainly set up as a companion and a family dog, so her hunting abilities, in most cases, are not evaluated. However, if you need a dog who can participate in breeding and exhibitions, he must not only have all the documents, but also meet the standard requirements.

The best nurseries specializing in breeding various types of dachshunds, including dwarf ones:

  • "Gift of the gem", Moscow http://darsamocveta.ru/
  • "Emerald Tale", Moscow https://izumrudnayaskazka.jimdo.com/
  • "The country of lemonia", Kiev https://stranalimonia.jimdo.com/

People who purchase a puppy of a miniature dachshund should remember that this tiny pet is smaller than the larger ones in size, otherwise it is a serious dog with well developed hunter instincts.

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