How to remove fleas from a dog

Fleas in dogs cause not only discomfort, but also severe systemic disorders - anemia, allergies, skin pathologies. In addition, fleas are carriers of certain diseases, helminthiases and mycoses. Especially severe consequences can cause flea bites in puppies, as they have not yet formed immunity, and the consequences of infection can be especially difficult for toddlers.


Means for the destruction of fleas

Firms specializing in the production of pet care products annually supply new anti-ectoparasite products to the market. A wide range of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs is presented:

  • drops on the withers;
  • sprays;
  • chewing tablets;
  • collars;
  • shampoos.

Many drugs are aimed at destroying not only fleas, but also other bloodsucking insects - withers, lice, ticks. Each form of the release has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the owners of animals should be guided in this, in order to choose for their pet the best means of fighting bloodsucking parasites. How to get fleas from a dog read the article

Many funds are developed taking into account the age and breed of dogs, the condition (weakened, old, pregnant or lactating), the length of the coat. When choosing, you need to pay attention to whether the drug meets certain requirements:

  • to correspond to the age of the animal;
  • be safe - do not cause adverse reactions;
  • maximally hypoallergenic;
  • the insecticides used must be classified as hazard class 3-4;
  • simply applied;
  • have a prolonged action;
  • to have an instant effect on parasites;
  • do not penetrate into the systemic bloodstream of the dog;
  • to destroy fleas at all stages of development.

Licensed funds meet the maximum number of requirements, so for your pet you need to buy only proven drugs that have passed clinical trials and have a certificate of compliance.

Shampoos for dogs

If the dog is infected with fleas infrequently, then you can use flea shampoos. The advantage of shampoos against fleas should be given when treating dogs with tender skin, susceptible to an allergic reaction. For example, representatives of such breeds as naked dogs, collies, pinchers or toy-terriers will be suitable only for delicate detergents:

  • Phytoelite - includes extracts of medicinal plants that care for the skin and strengthen hair, and a small dose of natural powder Dalmatian chamomile.
  • Beaphar - is recognized as the best medicine for fleas, as it is suitable for dogs of all breeds, without exception.
  • Purity - contains an insecticide and a complex of essential oils, which are repellents for blood-sucking insects;
  • Bruno - does not cause drying of the skin, allergies, has an insecticidal effect due to permethrin.

Shampoo is a means of choice in the treatment of very small puppies from parasites that have not yet been separated from their mother. Rulers Mr. Bruno and Beaphar are created just for them. For large and giant dogs you can use shampoos Lugovoi, Purity, Rolf Club, Beam and others.

Dogs that like to swim are happy to be washed with shampoo. A little water is pumped into the tub, the dog is put into it, the hair is moistened with water and a small amount of shampoo is applied. Whip the foam and leave for 5 minutes. Thoroughly wash off the shampoo, avoiding water ingress into the ears and eyes. Wool is dried and combed. Only shampoo can not save the animal from a new infection. Most often, its use is combined with the use of other means, for example, sprays.

Flea Sprays

Means in the form of a spray have a speed and ease of use. It is enough to apply the drug to the entire body, avoiding the area of ​​the muzzle of the animal, and easy to rub. After 20-30 minutes, the pet is washed.

Spray preparations are not recommended for treating puppies, pregnant females and weakened dogs due to disease. There is a possibility that the animal lays down the remedy. But if you follow the dog after treatment and follow the instructions, then the spray protects against flea attacks for a long time. Preparations destroy adult insects and their larvae. How to infer fleas

Spray is indispensable when it is necessary to quickly rid the animal of fleas. They use it when processing hunting dogs, in animal shelters - where there is a risk of constant infection. According to consumer surveys and expert estimates, among the flea sprays the leading positions are occupied by:

  • Front Line;
  • Beaphar;
  • Stronghold;
  • Hartz et al.

Increasingly popular among breeders and dog lovers are getting drops from fleas.

Drops from fleas

The convenience and effectiveness of drops from fleas have gained great popularity among dog owners. Drops are released in convenient disposable vials-pipettes with already measured and calculated dose. On the vial there is a marking that indicates how much to apply drops, according to age and body weight.

Drops are applied to dry, undamaged skin under the coat and lightly rubbed. The peculiarity of this form is that the drug penetrates into the cavity of the sebaceous glands and, together with the fat secret, doses out onto the surface of the skin, providing a lasting effect. The drug works even after swimming the dog. Unlike spray, the risk of poisoning of the animal during processing is minimal, since drops are applied to the area inaccessible to licking - at the base of the skull, between the scapulae and 2/3 of the trunk along the spine. The most popular drops for dogs are:

  • ADVANTIX - the product has a delayed effect. The drug starts to act in a day. Remains effective against fleas for 2 months.
  • Frontlayn Combo - drops act instantly - they destroy insects a few minutes after application. The duration of the lesion lasts about a month. It can not be combined with treatment with other forms of insecticide.
  • Advocate - the composition of drops includes several differently directed insecticides, which broadens the spectrum of action, excludes the development of addiction in parasites.
  • Promeris - have a similar composition and indications.

New among the remedies for fleas can be considered special chewable tablets that act "from within". This is a preparation for dogs. It is a second dog, which has a pleasant taste and aroma of beef and is eaten with pleasure by the animals together with the food.

Not only foreign companies have mastered the production of drops on the withers. Domestic pharmaceutical companies produce effective and cheap products - BlochNet, Mr. Bruno, Bars, Dana, Rolf Club, Purity. They are not inferior to imported medicines in quality, but are more affordable.

For animals that often walk in the woods, in fields or contact other animals, a prerequisite for protecting against infection by blood-sucking insects, are flea collars.

Watch the video and find out more about how to get fleas from a dog at home:

Flea Collar

The most simple to use tool. It is enough to get the collar from the sealed packaging, put it on the neck of the pet and fasten it. On the packaging are insecticides that are included in the collar structure, the age of the dog and neck circumference.

The disadvantage of the collar is the sharp odor produced by the product. But animal owners often wear it on a pet only during a walk, which effectively protects the dog from flea invasion. The longest acting collar is the Beaphar product. It lasts for more than 4 months and it is enough for the owner to purchase one to protect the dog for the entire period of activity of bloodsucking insects.

Hartz collars are not only effective for 3-4 months, but can also be used in puppies from the age of 5-6 weeks. This collar is often used by breeders in nurseries. Kiltix collars are considered to be very convenient, aesthetic and effective among dog breeders. They can be used 6-7 months. The composition includes the latest generation of insecticides - non-toxic to dogs, but deadly to parasites.

In their preparations, companies combine several insecticides with multidirectional action and special additives that enhance the effect. The composition of many drops and sprays includes medicinal ingredients that help to cope with the effects of flea bites - relieve allergies, treat eczema and dermatitis.

In addition to insecticides with an improved formula, natural supplements are used that repel parasites and create a barrier effect. A novelty in the chemical industry that produces funds for animals is the introduction of parasites in the preparations of the analogue of juvenile growth hormones, blocking their metamorphosis and disturbing the growth and development of insects.

To protect your pet from fleas, you can combine shampoo treatment and collar during walks, or shampoo and drops on the withers. But the treatment will be ineffective if you do not sanitize the dog's sleeping place. The litter is washed in a solution of insecticides and dried in the sun. Periodically, you should treat the entire apartment from fleas by special means. Only with a comprehensive approach can a dog be protected from fleas and other bloodsucking insects.

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