How to choose a German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd is a very popular breed. There is a great demand and a corresponding offer for puppies of this breed. Therefore, to find a suitable nursery, professionally engaged in breeding German shepherds is easy in any country. But before you buy a pet in it, you need to know a few rules - how to choose a German Shepherd puppy.


Selection of nursery or breeder

Before choosing a puppy, you need to decide where you are going to take the puppy. Today on the Internet there is a huge number of ads about the sale of puppies. They are offered by lovers who have received a litter from their beloved dog and famous nurseries. Accordingly, prices differ. German Shepherd Puppy

On Avito you can buy a puppy from 2000 rubles. up to 25000 rubles. Prices in the nursery start from 300 to 10,000 dollars. It is the price that can tip the scales in favor of the private owner. This does not mean that his puppies will be worse, but if you are going to purchase a pet with a pedigree, purebred and with a guarantee of future victories at exhibitions, then you can make a profitable acquisition only in the nursery.

Puppy from the nursery is not only a future prize-winner of exhibitions or a thoroughbred producer. Even if you decide to acquire a loyal companion, then the dog from the nursery will be healthy, without hereditary diseases, socialized. But in order for the puppy to meet all the requirements, it is necessary:

  1. Make sure that the nursery in which you acquire it, has a good reputation, and the breeding of dogs is done by knowledgeable specialists.
  2. To become acquainted, in what conditions the dogs are kept - whether they have the opportunity for free walking.
  3. Meet with the breeder to personally look at the puppy's parents, see his pedigree, the medical map of "relatives".
  4. A good breeder will answer all your questions honestly and competently and will acquaint you with the necessary documents.
  5. It should be asked - what criteria the breeder was guided by, selecting a pair for mating. According to the breeder's answer, one can judge his serious attitude to the matter and professional competence.
  6. It is not superfluous to inquire about the achievements of pets (prizes, medals, etc.). cute German Shepherd puppy sitting
  7. It is necessary to look at the rest of the dogs, if there are dogs with anomalies of the ex-terrier and deviations in working qualities in the nursery, this will serve as a signal to the fact that the nursery is unprofessional to the breeding, and there is no guarantee that the puppy chosen by you is a descendant of the pair shown.

Today, breeding of dogs is carried out both by large nurseries specializing in a certain breed, and by individual breeders. Important conditions in which dogs are kept, especially large breeds. An experienced host will ask the state of health of a bitch:

  • at what age the first mating occurred;
  • how many times she gave birth;
  • how many puppies are in the litter, from which a small sheepdog is chosen.

From the answers received, you can indirectly judge how strong the puppy is, whether the bitch is exhausted. Only after you are convinced that a lot of money will be spent knowingly, and the breeder is trustworthy, you can proceed to the direct selection of the puppy.

Determining the purpose of selecting a puppy

The next mandatory item when choosing a German Shepherd puppy is the definition of a long-term goal. Why did you decide to have a puppy? There are different criteria and objectives when choosing. For example, a pet is purchased as:

  • the future champion;
  • manufacturer;
  • security guard;
  • companion;
  • guide;
  • nannies for children;
  • service dog.

Much depends on education and training. However, the working qualities of the dog are inherited and must be familiarized with when selecting a puppy. If you choose an elite representative, then you should take an interest in the pedigree, the purity of the breed and the achievements of the offspring of this pair. German Shepherd Puppy Sits

But even such a careful selection does not guarantee 100% that the puppy will grow a champion. Puppy show class is 3 times more expensive than ordinary dog, and must have full compliance with the breed qualities described in the standard. He is brought up and raised, immediately placing emphasis on the development of high exteriors.

Puppies of the breed class or tribal should not have deviations from the standard, they must have good health and be suitable for breed breeding. Pets, companions or puppies of the pet class can have minor deviations in the exterior, which will not allow them to be used in breeding, but will not affect the character, health and devotion.

It is also important to determine the gender of the puppy. After all, the dogs and bitches of the German Shepherd differ not only in size, weight, but also in working qualities:

Males Bitches
pros Minuses pros Minuses
A more stable nervous system It is more difficult to achieve subordination Easier to give more training, more trainable Lose their capacity for work during the heat
Physically much stronger and sturdier Have the desire to dominate Less aggressive and not so prone to social dominance Not suitable for service in the period of bearing puppies and caring for babies
They are unpretentious in their content It is difficult to control in the presence of bitches during heat Easier to manage Less physically and hardy
Workable all year round Require more stringent and continuous monitoring Easier to adapt

When choosing a puppy of a German shepherd, it is worth considering your own experience in educating the representatives of this breed. Less experienced dog breeder should take a bitch, with whom it is easier to find a common language. Experienced breeders note that the emotional bitch is more attached to the house and the owners, her reactions are thinner and richer, which bribes, especially when acquiring a pet or companion.

The female is less aggressive, gets along better with children, is more intelligent. German zoopsychologist Konrad Lawrence claimed that the bitch of all representatives of quadrupeds is closest to the subtleties of perception, emotionality and ability to a real friendship for man. German Shepherd Puppy Walking

In males, the owner can be attracted by their natural independence, ability to serve, intelligence, loyalty, indefatigability, dedication. But the dog needs more physical activity, with him even a walk takes longer because of the desire to mark the territory.

The next criterion when choosing a puppy of a German shepherd is his psychological health, socialization and behavior in the litter.

Character and behavior of the puppy

Many traits are passed on to the offspring from their parents. It is worth seeing how the puppy's parents behave, whether they have excessive aggressiveness, cowardice, hysteria. Puppies German Shepherd distinguishes curiosity, craving for exploration and everything new, if these features are absent, then the dog will not adapt well, grow passive and bezynitsiativnym.

Some dog breeders are not advised to choose a puppy if he looks depressed and timid in his litter. But shepherds often in the midst of their odnodokov form groups that are at war with each other, winning leadership. It is worth picking up such a puppy from his brothers, "rude", and he will become cheerful and active, and with good upbringing - bold, faithful and loyal, as the German shepherd is supposed to.

Cowardly puppies are afraid of people, noise, new surroundings. Do not harbor the hope that such a puppy will grow bold. Weak mentality is difficult to adjust by education. German Shepherd puppies

Puppy must be socialized, which will facilitate his adaptation to the new home, its inhabitants, children. It is necessary to avoid too aggressive, sullen, timid puppies. This testifies not only to poor heredity and improper education, but also to isolation of the puppy.

Foreign cynologists advise taking the puppy away from the mother at the age of 50-65 days, which positively affects their character, psyche and socialization. In Russian nurseries puppies are taken away earlier, which can have long-term consequences.

To acquire a companion, you should immediately pay attention to a balanced, non-aggressive, amenable learning and intelligent dog. The German Shepherd is one of the few "multifunctional" dogs that can be raised for almost any purpose. But, in order to correctly and easily do this, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the animal.

The shepherd puppy is the most curious and lively, which indicates his intellectual development. But a layman, and even more so a person who first decided to have a puppy, it is difficult to correctly assess the psycho-emotional characteristics of the baby.

To determine the character and mental abilities of the puppy, use a simple and affordable test developed by the American zoopsychologist William Campbell. It consists of 5 parts and helps determine:

  • contact or desire to communicate with the puppy;
  • the ability of the baby to follow the person;
  • striving for resistance or a test of obedience;
  • aspiration for social domination;
  • self-esteem (test for lifting). German Shepherd puppy is played

It is recommended that these tests be conducted with puppies 6-8 weeks of age. The duration of each stage or test does not exceed 30 seconds, which is due to the psychology of the dog. Before choosing a puppy, it is worth spending a few minutes to determine the character of the future pupil, his ability to learn, the need for professional and strict training.

After this stage is completed, the exterior, pedigree properties, as well as the puppy's health should be carefully evaluated.

Evaluation of the appearance of the puppy

Especially carefully it is necessary to approach the evaluation of the ex-terrier in show dogs and dog-producers. To the appearance of the future pet you can not find fault with such strictness. But often the anomalies of the exterior indicate pathologies. Puppy German Shepherd should look like this:

  1. Clear, clean almond-shaped eyes of dark color. Inadvertent discharge from the eyes and bulge. If the puppy is less than 30-40 days, its eyes may have a bluish tint, which disappears after a while.
  2. Head with a narrow forehead. The muzzle is not sharp. The transition from the forehead to the nose is clearly noticeable.
  3. Ears hanging, high set, clean. Standing tips in puppies under 3 months can indicate a calcium imbalance in the body. Of the ears should not be unpleasant to smell - it is a sign of the inflammatory process.
  4. The jaws have a scissor bite - the upper jaw goes behind the lower jaw. Incomplete dentition, fused teeth, bite anomalies not only will not allow the breed to continue, but also affect the health of the digestive system.
  5. The backbone of the puppy should be strong, the feet even. Twisted paws are a sign of rickets. Large joints are a characteristic feature of a shepherd puppy. With age, it is leveled. a puppy of a German shepherd and a man
  6. Taurus should be fairly well-fed, which indicates good nutrition. Ribs should not be visible. A large belly may indicate helminthiasis.
  7. It is important to pay attention to the slope of the croup. In the puppy, he must fall to the tail. Insufficiently sloping croup with age will lead to the fact that the sheepdog will throw up legs when moving.
  8. The tail should not have kinks, knots, defects. When moving a puppy, he should not be too leaned on his back or twisted into a ring.
  9. The wool should be smooth, shiny, nice to smell. Should not be strewn. With age, the coat will become longer, which will spoil the appearance of the dog.
  10. Skin on the abdomen should not have any lesions and rashes.
  11. Mucous should be pink and clean.
  12. Spout - wet.

It is important to evaluate the gait of the puppy. You should see how it moves freely, without a lead. If the puppy throws the hind legs to the sides, then the straightness of the gait is broken, which is a defect.

After the puppy is selected, it is worth consulting with the breeder about his nutrition. Some well-known breeders give the puppy to the new owner in the event that the dog willingly goes to him, himself choosing his friend for life.

Choosing a puppy is a responsible and important activity that requires knowledge, time and some effort on your part. Do not hurry - take the puppy dishonorably and brutally return or take it. It is not without reason that the great R. Kipling said: "Buy a puppy, and you will get the most faithful love in the world."

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