How to raise alabay

Alabai is the most ancient shepherd breed, which for centuries has guarded cattle, a mansion and human property. Anger and fearlessness are what made real weapons out of them, and their unsafe work taught the dogs to think and make their own decisions. Needless to say that raising alabaya is not an easy task at all and requires certain knowledge and skills. How to raise a puppy alabay, and find an approach to an adult Asian?

How to bring up alaby


Important points in raising a puppy

There are several characteristic features in the character and behavior of the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, which are worth being guided by when raising a puppy:

  • In most cases, alabayevs are acquired for protection, and not because they are big and formidable, but because the protective qualities are in their blood. Still being absolutely crumbs, they try to fulfill this function, extending their zeal not only to the territory, but also to the owner and his property. Showing dedication, they often demonstrate their qualities where there is no need for this. At the very beginning of such impulses you need to stop them on the spot, otherwise later, when the puppy grows up, it will not be possible to restrain the dog.
  • “Phew!” Is a very important team for the representatives of this breed, by the nature of its creatures, somewhat malicious and suspicious. This team will teach the pet to the fact that unreasonable aggression is bad. It is necessary to achieve unquestioning obedience and immediate implementation. This will allow to avoid potential difficulties and dangerous moments.
  • When training, you can use force by pressing the puppy's sacrum and clearly pronouncing “Fu!”. As soon as the dog is distracted from what has begun, the team needs to be repeated, but already, looking to the pet in the eye. And after it must be released. Fulfilled required? Hence, it is necessary to encourage his delicacy.
  • Alabai - dogs living by the laws of the pack. So, from the very first days of staying in a new house, the puppy must understand that the main person is here. To do this, you should not be allowed to pull the leash forward and, as soon as possible, you will need to train the team "Near!". To do this, you must take a treat with you for a walk and put it in your pocket so that the puppy can smell it. Shorten the leash in order for the pet to feel the tension. Hold the leash for some time very close with your foot and clearly pronounce the command. Having, thus, 15-20 meters, you can praise and treat the puppy delicious. Once the dog has mastered the required, the leash can be loosened, and later untied at all.
  • In addition, while maintaining your leadership, you should not allow your pet to enter the door, the gate, the first one, and climb the stairs.
  • Do not think that the puppy is alaby is sweet, not able to offend anyone. The instincts are laid by nature, so you shouldn’t doubt it - on occasion it can! From an early age it is necessary to remove him exclusively on a leash, and later only in a muzzle. The absence of these attributes can only be on the run in deserted places.
  • By nature, alabai is very stubborn, therefore the owner of the dog must surpass the pet in this capacity. The dog must learn that everything that the person will say must be unconditionally performed, and it does not matter whether the dog wants to do it or not.
  • It does not matter whether the puppy should learn to sit on the team, or it is necessary to examine his paw for wounds, the dog must obey unconditionally. Do not pay attention to his resistance, if necessary - apply force. No matter how much the pet tries to escape, the owner must calmly continue the job.

Features education alabai boys and girls

Having fought for some time and met with a rebuff, the little male (boy) alabay will still give up. Yes, he will have some time to look for opportunities to rectify the situation, try to disobey or snap. Nevertheless, over time, such thoughts will leave his head, if he realizes the futility of his plots. Naturally, the owner should not show slack.

Features of education alabaya

As for bitches (girls), then everything is not so simple. Being more cunning by nature, the Alabikes achieve their goal, but in a different way. Using all their intelligence, and I must say, they have a very developed, they come up with a lot of ingenious ways to avoid the fulfillment of tasks. For example, quite often females, having heard the command, immediately pretend to be sick and weak animals. It turns out that they are so good that often experienced dog breeders are “bought”.

The owner is panicking that he has brought the animal to such a state with its drill and, naturally, lets the pet rest. Contented and happy, the dog, in front of his eyes, is recovering and is having fun running to play with the rest of the four-legged brethren.

If at least once she has this number, then all, she will constantly manipulate the owner, coming up with all newer combinations. This may be a sudden weakness, panic fear of the obstacle, flattery, ingratiating looks, and so on and so forth. Such intrigues of your favorite pet should be stopped immediately and be more attentive to the behavioral characteristics of the bitch.

Adult education alabai

Abandoned by former owners, passed from hand to hand, left over from deceased relatives - and there are few reasons for alabai to enter the family, already being an adult, independent dog. What you need to know about how to gain the confidence of the Asian Shepherd and become a full-fledged leader for it?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that this breed is not suitable for a leash, as this hinders its natural schooling way of life. Such a dog must be kept in an open-air cage, which should be a booth. But this does not mean that the animal does not need to let go for a walk on the territory. Severe restrictions can only be applied when strangers visit the house, solely as a precaution. If the house is very hospitable, strangers constantly come to visit, then you should not start an alabay guard as it will make life much more difficult.

In addition, the fence must be very reliable, strong and high, able to withstand the 70-80-pound giant, and so that he could not jump over it. Particularly trying to urgently leave the territory of males, sensing the current bitch, and a flimsy fence can not stop them.

The second important point - you will definitely need to establish contact with a new pet. To do this, it is recommended to go out on the territory and release the dog there. It is better not to pay attention to the shepherd, she must take the initiative. The dog will be easier if the owner will sit, but be on the same level with her. Any step towards the new owner in order to meet, should be encouraged by an approving look.

It should be noted that girls are more contact and get used to the new environment and people more quickly. Males in this case more difficult, it will take more time for the adaptation period.

Adult education alabai

No need to put pressure on the dog, it can only aggravate the stressful state . Pet can not eat the first time, refuse to wear a collar, do not give to touch him. All this is understandable, and the animal should be given time to get comfortable.

In the process of addiction can not do the following things:

  • try to feed the dog by any means, it will only cause aggression;
  • wear a strict collar and pull the animal against his will;
  • constantly keep the dog in the aviary, not letting out on the territory.

As soon as Alabai gets comfortable, he will calmly react to putting on his collar, allow himself to be stroked, you can take him for a walk. At this moment it is important for him to show his superiority, leading him to unfamiliar places.

You should count your strength, as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog has a negative attitude towards other animals and, seeing another dog, will try to attack it. Not everyone will be able to keep her at this moment.

Do not believe the stories about alabai, feeding on children. The shepherd's dogs, which is also Central Asian, have long been considered pets suitable for keeping in the family. They are distrustful of strangers, but they are quite friendly towards their own people, and with proper upbringing, alabai and get along well with children. But there is one nuance. For Asians, there is only one owner - the leader, the rest of the family will be treated by them as well as by the owner.

If the family is not okay, scandals are not uncommon, then the dog will take this into account in his attitude towards the household. She can growl at the "undesirable" owner of children, block the way for older people. Therefore, an adult Asian shepherd can be taken only in the house where the friendly climate reigns.

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