How to care for a pug

A pug is a tiny sweet creature that can become a faithful and loyal companion. This breed of urban dogs - long-livers. But in order for many years to please their owners, it is necessary that the dog was healthy. Caring for dogs is almost the same, but due to certain structural features, a pug requires a special relationship. Let's figure out how to properly care for a pug.


Pug feeding rules

How to care for a pug

Pug - lover to eat, so you need to follow the diet of the animal to avoid obesity. This baby is a beggar and loves to eat delicious.

  1. From an early age, pugs must be restricted in food . Puppies are fed in small portions 4-5 times a day. When he reaches six months of age, the number of feedings is reduced to 3 times, and after 8 months the animal is fed as an adult - 2 times a day.
  2. In the pug's diet should be meat . It can be horse meat, beef, veal - any lean meat, except pork. His pug's stomach is hard to digest.
  3. The source of fiber and trace elements are cereals . The dog can be fed with cereals made from barley, rice, buckwheat.
  4. In the diet of the animal must be vitamins . After heat treatment, fresh fruits and vegetables will replenish the body with essential minerals.
  5. Dairy products should also be in a pug bowl. It is better to give him fermented milk (low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, ryazhenku). Milk causes baby stomach upset. It is better to exclude it. Due to the peculiarities of the jaw structure, it is difficult for a dog to eat liquid food. Therefore, you should give preference to solid, finely chopped food.

On sale there are various dry and wet food, which is designed specifically for pugs. They fully meet the needs of the dog, and a balanced composition does not require the additional introduction of vitamin and mineral supplements. In addition, food contains more vegetable proteins and less fat, which helps to eliminate obesity in small gluttons.

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Features of hygiene procedures

Bathing pug

  1. Bathing Pugs are domestic dogs, so do not require frequent bathing . It is enough to wash the animal as it gets dirty.
  2. Combing out To keep the dog's hair shiny and well-groomed, it is enough to comb it once a week, and during the moult - once every two days. Specialized stores sell brushes - mittens with metal teeth or natural bristle bristles. Need to comb for the growth of wool, gently and delicately. Pugs accustomed from childhood love the grooming process and do not resist care.
  3. Claws Require care and claws pug. They do not grind themselves and can deform the fingers of the paws if they are not cut . This procedure should be done 1-2 times a month.
  4. Ears . The ears of babies require special attention. They can break at the age of 3-4 months. To maintain the correct shape of the ears, it is necessary to glue them with a regular adhesive plaster. Rules for such a procedure can be obtained from a veterinarian or an experienced breeder. Clean the ears too, need to be properly . Rather gently, trying not to damage the ear canal, clean the ear of sulfur and dust with an ordinary ear stick dipped in sea buckthorn oil. Remnants must be removed with a dry disc.

Pug eye care

The eyes of the pug, due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure, are often exposed not only to infection, but also to frequent injuries. Clean the dog’s eyes with a dry cotton pad or swab to remove mucus and dust. If there are not only mucous membranes, but also purulent crusts, then this indicates inflammatory processes.

It is possible to treat eye diseases by placing a tetracycline eye ointment or levomycetin, kanomycin for the eyelid. If tears flow in the dog as a result of the injury, then the eyes are instilled with drops, alternating the antibiotic and the regenerating agent. In any case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Since the eyes of dogs of this breed are often subjected to erosion of the cornea, eversion of the eyelids or atypical growth of eyelashes, you need to carefully monitor their health. At the slightest signs of pathology, you must seek medical help.

Treatment of skin folds

Muzzle . Pug's folded face also requires care. The folds accumulate sweat, dust, discharge from the eyes, which causes an unpleasant odor and irritation. The folds are cleaned with special hypoallergenic wet wipes, cotton pads moistened with alcohol-free baby skin lotion, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine solution and powdered with baby powder. It is enough to carry out the procedure once a week, but if the folds are massive and prevent air circulation, then folds should be cleaned twice a week.

Care of pug skin folds

Nose Care requires and tip of the pug nose. The skin on it is dry, prone to cracking. Therefore, the spout also needs to be nourished - lubricated with baby oil.

If the skin in the folds is inflamed, then experienced dog breeders recommend treating inflammation with ointments Levomikol or Malovit. They eliminate acne, diaper rash, irritation. But before treating, you need to consult a veterinarian, since demodecosis , a disease that causes a skin mite, can be the cause of inflammation.

Walking and maintenance

Walking In the life of a pug walks play an important role. The dog has developed muscles and, in order to support it, the dog must move actively and not just walk on a leash. To do this, use a variety of toys, flying saucers, balls. You need to walk the dog 2-3 times a day. Animals of this breed are prone to diseases of the heart and musculoskeletal system. Walking stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the muscular frame, and prevents obesity.

Walking with a pug

It is necessary to carefully select the route for walking and walking place. The pug is a decorative dog and has a less developed sense of danger than other breeds. You need to make sure that next to the place for walking there is no busy motorway, and on the ground there are branches, broken glasses, high grass, about which the dog may get hurt.

You can walk only after all vaccinations. At first, it is enough to spend 15-20 minutes with the baby on the street, gradually increasing the range to 1-2 hours.

Sleeper . It is necessary to properly equip and sleeper baby. It should be located in a part of the room that is protected from drafts, but not near heating devices. For the bedding, you can use foam rubber mat with removable covers. Due to the fact that the dog snores quite loudly, some owners lock it in a separate room. Such an attitude may adversely affect the psyche of this sociable and friendly animal.

Proper dog care will allow you to live a long, by the standards of a dog, a life of health and joy. And to care for a pug puppy at home is no problem.

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