How to wean a dog to bark

Dogs, like people, have a different temperament, behavior, habits. Some are quiet and thoughtful, others are loud and restless. For some, barking is a warning about danger, for others it is an expression of any emotion (joy, fear, longing, surprise). What should I do if I get a pet barking for any reason? If there is a baby in the house whom the dog constantly wakes up, neighbors dissatisfied with the constant barking, and weekends that begin much earlier than desired ... How to wean a dog from barking? In fact, with a competent approach, such behavior can be corrected.


Why the dog barks

How to wean a dog to bark

Many people think that barking is a way to communicate with friends of the four-legged. There is some truth in this, but more often information is transmitted thanks to howling, whining, growling sounds, rather than barking. But there are several reasons for barking:

  • Fear - at the level of instincts, the dog is sure that he should not wait for the attack, but it is better to warn the enemy that he should not do this. Naturally, a self-confident dog will not behave this way. Often the dog barks at extraneous noise when no one is home.
  • Excitation - the dog barks when someone rings or knocks on the door, guards the territory, is scared or glad to see someone. Any emotional shock in this case is accompanied by barking. Such behavior signals an unbalanced psyche and insufficient pet upbringing.
  • Boredom - in such a situation, the dog makes a bark, turning into a howl, and you can hear it when the animal sits alone. There are breeds whose representatives are very difficult to give loneliness. They either begin to mischief, or bark, and often both. Firstly, when acquiring a dog, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the breed. If nobody is at home all day, then it is better to choose a calmer, phlegmatic animal. Secondly, it is necessary to provide the pet with leisure, leave various toys and puzzles that can occupy the pet. And thirdly, before leaving, you should walk the dog well, as a tired pet will sleep for several hours and not recall boredom.
  • The game is the most adequate manifestation acceptable for a well-bred pet, in addition to the actual danger. The dog "comes off", "lets off steam", gets rid of excess energy and enjoys.

Given the above, we can conclude - dogs never bark just like that, for no reason. There is always a reason for this behavior.

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Main mistakes of the owners

Before conducting corrective work, it is necessary to find out the reason for the pet’s excessive emotionality. If the dog casts his voice for no apparent reason - during a meal, waking up suddenly at night, then perhaps it is a pet's illness. To exclude this option, you should seek the advice of a veterinarian who examines the dog for inflammatory processes, internal injuries, and neurological disorders.

Train your pet quietly

If the pet is healthy, then several methods and possible errors should be considered. For example, barking cannot be encouraged. Many pet owners seek a backlash with their struggle for silence. Here we are talking about the innate instinct of orientation toward people, that is, any action of a dog that has received encouragement is a confirmation of its correctness. To stop barking for any reason, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  • Teach your dog a quiet command.
  • You can not respond to barking, as the pet is flattered by any attention, even negative.
  • More attention should be paid to the animal, as barking may be a signal that the dog is not self-confident and lonely.
  • Approaching the dog is necessary only after the cessation of barking, otherwise it will use it to attract attention.
  • It is not recommended to give commands “fu” or “not” so that the dog stops barking, these teams have a different purpose.
  • You can not scream, scold the pet during the barking, as this further irritates the animal, gives it confidence that even the owner supports such a reaction!

You can not silence a dog if it thus warns that it wants to attack, for example, a stranger who has entered your territory. This is a normal reaction of guard dogs, giving a stranger time to leave the territory. In this case, it is necessary not to wean the pet from barking, but to sign up with him for courses to reduce aggression and learn self-control.

Many owners, leaving home, and hearing a dog barking, return, hoping to reason the animal. Do not do this. In this case, it is worth listening to how much time the dog can bark in the absence of the owner. If this lasts more than a quarter of an hour, then you will have to resort to certain methods of stopping the bark.

Behavior Correction Methods

If the owner is determined, then you should be patient, as the adjustment always takes more time than training. A dog can only be raised in a calm state, without showing excessive emotionality, even in his voice.

You can apply one method that can stop rampant barking: take the dog by the ears, rub them or squeeze them a little. Before use, you should test it on a calm dog. If the pet did not show discontent, then at the time of barking it will be somewhat surprised, but it will stop barking. Once the dog is silent, it should be encouraged and distracted from the object that caused the excitement.

Dog Training Methods

If the dog reacts violently to the arrival of guests, then the animal should be distracted from this activity. You can offer your pet to complete several commands, making 2-3 approaches. And it’s better to start with the simplest ones that the dog performs best, even if there are distractions. As a result, the dog looks at the owner, the guests are delighted with the dog (and these tricks love admiration from the outside), the idyll complements the delicious encouragement.

Very often dogs have a tendency to violent manifestation of "protective" qualities. A doorphone, a bell or a knock on a door turn an adequate pet into a wildly insane, dog who does not think anything, heart-rending barking. Yes, a reaction to outsiders should be present, but not so intense. A well-mannered dog will come to the door and may growl.

Naturally, blaming the dog in this case is useless. The distraction technique will also work here. Each time you should distract the dog with a game or teams, but you need to do this regularly.

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Video on how to wean a dog to bark

How to leave a pet alone

Many owners have a question, how to calm a pet down, if he, left alone, begins to bark for a long time and loudly? After all, it is impossible to be near a pet for 24 hours. There are also several options for this situation:

  • Quality walking - a long walk with games, jogging, a lot of impressions is able to exhaust the most active. Arriving home, it remains to feed, drink the pet and go to work, study, the dog will rest.
  • Sedatives - they can be used if you get enough sleep, the dog is taken for a favorite thing - barking. It is better to consult a veterinarian about which drugs are more effective. They eliminate excitability, can have a sedative effect. It is worth considering that many funds are used by courses, and some only when there is an urgent need. You can resort to herbal preparations, as well as put on a pet collar with soothing herbs.
  • The collar is the safest way. However, it is necessary to remove and put it on only when it is really needed. After removal, the dog should be walked and allowed to play, run.
  • ESHO - using an electro-shock collar is a tough way to wean a dog from barking. This accessory responds to laryngeal vibrations and is affected by a small discharge of current.
  • There is also a similar system - Anti-barking, but with an ultrasonic reaction to barking, the sound acts until the dog is silent. The method can be used if the dog does not cause a tantrum.
  • A collar spraying a substance with an unpleasant odor for a pet, such as citrus. This accessory also responds to the sounds of the larynx. Smelling, the dog is distracted from the barking.
  • Another device that allows you to wean a dog from the bark is a collar with vibration. Such a mechanical effect distracts the animal, the pet begins to look for a source of vibration. However, there is a possibility that the dog will get used to buzzing and stop responding to it.

When buying a dog, it is worth considering that in most cases, these animals are loud, often noisy, they can indulge and spoil things. Having taken a pet, a person assumes all responsibility. If one of the main problems is barking, then this drawback can be eliminated by using the recommendations of professionals and not make mistakes in education.

Faced with difficulties, it is necessary to solve the problem, and not scold the pet or try to get rid of it. A person must be responsible for those who are tamed.

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