How to wean a dog biting

Dogs are the most popular pets, which even cats cannot compete with. Statistics show that they are favored by a greater number of pet lovers. Dogs are definitely more loyal and reliable from the rest of our smaller brothers, but some of them have a not very good biting habit. How to wean a dog to bite, because this behavior of a pet is unacceptable and is a threat to others. Experienced dog breeders know how to make an obedient dog out of a bully, not allowing such liberties for no particular reason.


Reasons why dogs can bite

Here we will not talk about situations of danger that may threaten the pet or its owner. It is worth considering those cases where the dog performs such actions for no reason at all.

How to wean a dog biting

Why do dogs show aggression and anger, even for no apparent reason? Like people, they can be kind, evil, fearful or, conversely, too fearless. This may be due to the nature of the pet or genetic predisposition. An example of this is fighting game animals. Most of their representatives are very difficult to contain aggressive behavior, the education of such a dog is a long and painstaking work. Most often, the owners are unable to cope on their own and are forced to seek professional help from dog handlers.

There are situations when the kindest pets bite family members unintentionally, and in game passion. This is what they do unconsciously. Despite the fact that such bites do not relate to aggressive behavior, and do not cause serious physical damage, the owner still needs to think about making the process of education more strict. After all, sometimes even a small bite can harm the health of the child or cause psychological trauma.

Sometimes puppies that attract everyone’s attention with their funny looks suddenly start to bite everyone who is within reach. This is understandable - the kids are trying to find out how strong their canines are. This once again confirms the opinion of specialists - it is necessary to start raising a pet as soon as possible.

No need to pin hopes on a quick effect. Each dog is individual, has a certain temperament and mental abilities. One is enough two or three repetitions of the command, the other requires repeated repetition and further consolidation.

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Preventing Inappropriate Behavior

The reasons why the dog bites

Some points in the behavior of a pet can be adjusted before they develop into ingrained bad habits. To do this, pet owners should follow the following simple rules:

  • You should not allow a puppy to play with the owner's things, whether it's clothes, household items, and so on.
  • If the kid in the game process has grabbed the owner by the hand, foot, or edge of the clothes, then he should demonstratively stop the game and leave the pet. If the dog is intelligent, then it will immediately understand that biting is an unacceptable behavior towards a person. With increased aggression, you can stop moving, and, tired of inaction, the puppy will release its "prey".
  • A dog must always recognize its place. In the apartment it can be a bedding , a special basket or a pillow. It is better to place it in a corner of the room - a corridor or a hall. In a private house most often the place is a separate cage or booth. If the animal begins to bite during the game, then it is worth stopping the fun and sending it to its place in a strict tone.
  • It is worth remembering that a puppy is, above all, a child. That is why it should be provided with a sufficient number of toys. They will help not only wean the dog biting, but also the surrounding objects. As soon as the puppy makes attempts to bite, it is necessary to immediately unclasp its jaws and point to the toy. Thus, the master points to objects that can actually be handled in this way.

Such prevention can be more stringent, since not all dogs require the same approach. If idle, then pets, in most cases, become uncontrollable.

There are situations when the dog, being already an adult, begins to show aggression, although this behavior has not been noticed before. In this case, most likely, the pet has a psychological problem. Chances are that the animal was abused by the owner or by strangers.

Pet Impact Techniques

Methods of exposure to the dog

Everything is more or less clear with puppies, but what to do if the pet got into the family as an adult, with its well-established habits and weaknesses? And during games and communication, he absolutely does not restrain himself? This is definitely a problem, but it can still be solved.

And for such situations there are a number of rules:

  • You should not play with the dog in those games during which she has the opportunity to bite.
  • If, however, the jaws of the pet clenched on the human body, you need to gently release them. In this case, to curse and punish the animal, and even more so, to physically influence, in any case it is impossible.
  • Dogs, by their nature, love and respect their owners and members of their families, so you can show your pet that he did something bad, in relation to the person. To do this, during a bite, you can cry out, as if in pain, or even cry. And then defiantly move away from the animal. This method is quite effective for re-education, as the dog begins to understand that it offended the beloved owner.

The hardest thing is in situations where a pet does not consider its owner to be a leader. And oddly enough, such a lack of upbringing occurs quite often. In this case, you need serious, professional training, which will help the dog to realize that the main thing in the family is the person. Otherwise, the pet will bite regularly, both during the game and in normal surroundings. To solve the problem of dominance, it is best to contact an experienced dog handler.

For some reason, many people are sure that if a dog barks, then he certainly won't bite. Unfortunately, there is no truth in this statement. It all depends on various factors - the size of the pet, age, breed, temperament and even gender.

If suddenly a teenage puppy starts to bark and at the same time to grin, you should immediately press his head to the floor. This will help pacify the raging teenager. At the same time, it is necessary to consolidate the action with a stern, condemning look, indicating its position in the hierarchy.

It is worth noting that corrective work is definitely bearing fruit, but it is not necessary to wait for it to complete reincarnation. After all, an adult dog, as, incidentally, a man, a well-established personality, and all its psychological features were laid in the puppy's age.

How to show your dog your credibility

Show the dog its superiority

Historically, dogs, as originally schooling animals, obey only the leader. The task of the owner is to prove to the pet his superiority and the right to be a leader, only so the dog can obey:

  • With aggressive behavior or disobedience, the animal must be lifted above the surface, deprived of support, shaken, then lowered to the ground and calm down, pressed for a while. As soon as the dog recovered, offer to execute any command, and if everything is done correctly, praise. This will show the pet that it is the person who dominates in this relationship. Especially this method is effective for large dogs.
  • On small biting dogs you can act like the leader of a real pack - you need to hold the animal's mouth with your hands, leaving only one opportunity - to breathe. This is exactly what the pack leader does with all who disobey him. As soon as the pet calmed down, it must be released.

To gain dominant status, the pet owner must systematically and constantly remind him of his position:

  • It is only necessary to give food to the dog after the whole family has eaten - the main rule of the pack is here - the leader always eats first.
  • It is necessary to teach your pet to start eating only after the host team.
  • The person must first enter all the doors, as well as go upstairs - the dog must go behind, and not vice versa.
  • The animal should carry out all learned commands completely and in any situations, no new environment, bad mood or simply unwillingness should prevent this.

If the pet does not accept the demands made against it, it means that it can quite behave willfully, without obeying. And in this situation and bite the owner for it is not something reprehensible. Only strictness can help here.

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