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Dachshund is a normal hunter with pronounced instincts. Such a dog will not miss the opportunity to catch up on the street cat, create a hole from a rug or stick somewhere its long nose. Becoming, for the most part, a pet, a representative of this breed has not lost its natural inclinations, and the owners have to put up with them. However, by popularity, the rates are now at the top of the rating, and there are a number of explanations for this. They are faithful, intelligent and intelligent, and yet have an extraordinary appearance. How can you call such an unusual dog?


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Many compare the dachshund with sausage on legs, sausage or even hot dog, but the owners know that their pets are smart, fast and very active dogs that can tire their games. In addition, they have a very elegant face with intelligent eyes. And all this suggests that the name for the dachshund can be beautiful and ideally suited to its owner:

  • On ABC: Aron, Agat, Archi, Azhur, Adonis, Ivor, Alan, Akela, Axel, Algeria, Amadeus, Anker, Bucks, Billy, Burke, Bard, Barney, Berkeley, Ben, Boston, Blackie, Best , Brit, White, Web, Volt, Web, Wirth;
  • On GDD: Hans, Gard, Harlem, Goofy, Hector, Hercules, Grant, Grieg, Groom, Guar, Grand Prix, Dax, Darling, Dustin, Ducker, Demio, Joker, Dick, Diego, Dillon, Duke , Elir, Erosh, Esaul, Evsei, Eddi;
  • At the M-Z-I: Gerard, Georges, Joshua, Jek, Joar, Julien, Zaur, Zephyr, Zorg, Ziggy, Zerro, Zeus, Zulan, Zuid-West, Ivis, Ilan, Invar, Indigo, Ital, Incanto, Infante ;
  • On K-LM: Cahors, Cairo, Kabul, Kalif, Kant, Karat, Carlo, Casper, Quest, Kent, Kantor, Cord, Korsar, Kraft, Larson, Lex, Larry, Lord, Luis, Lotus, Luke, Lloyd , Moor, Magnate, Mario, Martin, Mers, Mett, Mickey;
  • On N-O-P: Nice, Nate, Nike, Noir, Neptune, Nectar, Nikki, Noris, Nilsson, Oji, Oliver, Oloron, Orpheus, Onyx, Opal, Paco, Pegasus, Pascal, Poker, Paul, Prince, Pierce , Pierre, Perseus;
  • On the R-C-T: Raja, Roland, Rennie, Radar, Ramon, Reggie, Ralph, Rauf, Reggie, Reid, Rem, Ritz, Ronnie, Sam, Simon, Sultan, Sapphire, Sirius, Scout, Scatl, Stefan, Sendy , Tagir, Times, Timer, Town, Teddy, Tibet, Tarot;
  • On UFH: Ulan, Umka, Ural, Wallis, Walt, Ugo, Uchan, Uchar, Unix, Fabian, Phlox, Pharaoh, Falk, Phantom, Festus, Fort, Fili, Finch, Flash, Flick, Faun, Haris Horthy, Hans, Jose, Hugo, Heppi;
  • On the Ts-Ch-Sh: Cerberus, Cyrus, Citron, Citrus, Zeiss, Chico, Charles, Chase, Chain, Cherry, Ching, Chumak, Shagran, Shaggy, Shain, Charles, Sherhan, Sherlock, Schleif;
  • On the E-Ya-Y: Action, Evan, Edgar, Edler, Ecco, El, Elliot, Elf, Andy, Eik, Earl, Emir, Etienne, Junay, Jurgen, Yucatan, Yucci, Eugene, Yahont, Yanghel, Jacobs, Yago , Jaguar.

Dachshunds have a good appetite, so if the pet is a glutton, you can emphasize it with the appropriate nickname, but you must always follow the ration of a four-footed friend. The following names are suitable for pesic: Baton, Krendel. Meatballs, Pies, Pelmen, Sausage, Bagel, Cheburek. nice little dachshund

Representatives of this breed are pretty snooty, and some do not miss the opportunity to compete with their own kind of force, Such a dog can become a Pirate, Barmaleus, Vulcan, Bandit, Rogue, Rimbaud. And when the puppy of the dachshund is a cheerful slob, you can give him the nickname Shalopai, Drive, Joker, Magician, Skomorokh, Shalun, Shmel, Shoumen.

In addition, there are a lot of funny nicknames suitable for such charismatic dogs as dachshunds: Baguette, Gnome, Gremlin, Troll, Google, Coconut, Dude, Forbes, Tuning, iPhone, Pompon, Smart, Funtik, Hobbit, Shapito, Poofik, Hindu , Candy, Candy, Taxi Driver, Boomer.

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Clicks for dachshund girls

Girls of this breed are smart, smart and can stand up for themselves. Of course, he is not as pugnacious as boys, but they are able to express their displeasure. What are the nicknames for these short-necked ladies?

  • On ABC: Abel, Agatha, Adeia, Agnia, Asia, Alisha, Alika, Amelie, Anita, Arisha, Astra, Barbie, Bebbie, Basta, Bounty, Becky, Bessie, Glitter, Britta, Beauty, Vega, Venta , Veja, Viola, Wilma, Winnie;
  • On GDD: Gabby, Gayna, Helex, Hera, Gretta, Grace, Gita, Grace, Dakota, Dana, Daisy, Diana, Delina, Dune, Hermas, Elma, Esta, Elonka;
  • J, Z, I: Jasmine, Jessie, Janie, Julba, Geneva, Zara, Zaur, Zateja, Zlata, Zurna, Zita, Inga, Indira, Irv, Ithaka;
  • On K-LM: Candy, Country, Caro, Carla, Kerry, Kiddi, Cora, Courtney, Cuba, Kessi, Laguna, Lada, Leda, Lally, Leyla, Lucy, Lubava, Londa, Medea, Marsha, Maura, Marijka , Malta, Fashion, Monica, Muse;
  • On N-O-P: Nasta, Navarra, Neji, Nana, Nelly, Nymph, Nexia, Ney, Ode, Oira, Oreiro, Oliva, Oxyia, Audrey, Ophelia, Piper, Pavlina, Pandora, Paloma, Puma, Perris, Prima ;
  • On R-C-T: Rada, Reno, Rennie, Rally, Roxy, Ruth, Rachel, Rihanna, Sally, Selina, Sunny, Serena, Sayana, Seth, Sonata, Suzy, Tech, Type, Tanita, Tara, Teffi, Tessa , Tilda, Tracy, Tricia.
  • On UFH: Ulna, Ulfia, Urania, Ussuri, Welsey, Undine, Phoebe, Flute, Phyllis, Flora, Fancy, Helm, Haya, Hilary, Chloe, Helen;
  • On Ts-Ch-Sh: Colors, Tsilli, Tsarina, Tsunami, Chaga, Charlie, Chanura, Chilli, Chesma, Chinara, Sorceress, Chanel, Shelty, Sheila, Shoko, Sherry, Sharon;
  • On E-YY: Elite, Eliza, Etna, Aegis, Alice, Elli, Aisha, Elsa, Younessa, Jurmala, Yuma, Yuna, Yuzhanka, Utah, Yasmin, Yant, Yanina, Janushka, Yanka.

Dachshund girls are sometimes not very good-natured to others and jealous of strangers, for such a baby you can pick the right nickname: Zadira, Zloyka, Sinister, Cobra, Lynx, Hooligan, Lizard, Snake, Furia.

But most often the representatives of this breed are more friendly, cheerful and positive, and the owners come to mind the cool names that suit their pet: Wax, Blot, Lariska, Dynka, Elka, Egoza, Vanilla, Sausage, Sausage, Button, Pixie, Simka , Bee, Cuckoo, Ranetka, Chocolate, Visp, Milka, Berry, Candy, Button, Zuzha, Zaya, Bunny, Toffee, Lyalka, Baby, Peppy, Fir, Halva, Chucha, Tsypa, Chunga-Chang. beautiful dachshund

In addition, the pet can be named after the beloved singer, actress, heroine of the cartoon or film, the fee can be Luney, Lady Bag, Hello Kitty, Superhero, Mystic, Gwen Stacy, Vince, Ding-Ding, Glucose, Minnie Mouse, Vivienne Lee or Keira Knightley. There is no limit to fantasy, and the star name can only go to good use.

The dachshund is able to become not only a friend, but also a full member of the family. Therefore, the master will not be mistaken if he calls his girlfriend Lyubimka, Zolottsa, Cutie, Baby, Lyalka, Kroshka, Dushechka, Laskusha.

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How to choose the right nickname?

The choice of the nickname of the new pet can be called an amusing business, which carries all members of the family, and this is correct. Experts recommend to adhere to the general rules and in the case of fees:

  • Give preference to better short names, which have sibilant sounds - it's their dogs that are best perceived.
  • When owners have restrictions - that is, the nickname of a pedigree pet should start with a certain letter, do not get upset. You can always take a complex name and use only part of it or a shortened version in everyday life.
  • If the family can not come to a common opinion, it is worthwhile to sort out the nicknames of the pet and alternately offer them to him - you can immediately notice which one the baby reacts to better.
  • You should be careful when choosing a cool name - it should not be offensive, detract from the dignity of the pet. In addition, such a nickname must match the qualities of the dog, and not taken so, because of fashion or other reasons.

Do not think that the nickname does not affect the character of the dog, because in pets, much happens as people do. In addition, the owner himself has to call a pet by name 50 times a day, or even more, which means that it should be sonorous and easy to pronounce. All these nuances should be taken into account, and then it will be possible to find exactly the one, the name most suitable for the new four-tailed caudate comrade.

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