How to name a Spitz

Spitz - bright, temperamental, friendly, good-natured dogs. If you fantasize, then a good number of good nicknames can be found. When choosing it is worth considering the appearance, nature and place of origin. The breed is German, Japanese American, Finnish, Pomeranian. The main thing is that the nickname reflects the temperament and appearance of the dog, it was consonant and not too long. Spitz does not grow large, so it should be considered when choosing a nickname for the pet. Let's see how to call a spitz properly.


Nicknames for the boy Spitz

It happens that the owners call the dog, taking into account their own feelings. Puppies puppies are small fluffy lumps, but still - individuals. They deserve attention and respect for themselves. Although I want to call it kindly: Misha, Bublik, Musya, Bun. dear pomeranian

Dog breeders suggest that you should not invent names more than 40 characters, and for the Pomeranian Spitz, the name should correspond to habits and behavior. Spitz - beautiful, fluffy, friendly, good-natured, bold. Often, boys are given a name with the color of the coat: Red, Black, Thick. You can refer to Greek names or mythical characters and give a name: Eric, Bruno, Trudy.

In order to avoid the upbringing of negative qualities in a pet, one should not pick up insulting nicknames or call human names. All the same Spitz - aristocrats, while quite cheerful, affectionate, kind pets. For boys suitable names such as: Speaker, Carat, Verdi, Cupid, Mongoose, Umka, Amber, Angus, Ghost, Ashes, Smoke, Amadeus, Sherlock, Bibis, Othello, Napoleon, Guinness.

To the cool nicknames for Spitz are: Pancho, Casper, Confucius, Shaman, Shustrick, Radar, Bumblebee, Rocky, Chaplin, Pudding, Pegasus, Wally, Scotch, Noah, Mickey, Lucky, Ninja, Scooter, Rippy, Elvis, Oxford, Raisins, Zephyr, Bantik, Apricot, Candy, Mixer, Donut, Pistachio, Banana, Zadira, Cheburek.

Spitz can pick up as many names as there is enough imagination. They even call Kolobok, Pushkin. If you put the value in the nickname, it is often called:

  • Zephyr - as gentle, sweet, airy;
  • Peach - like a velvety fruit;
  • Cole or black.

Spitz - excellent companions for all family members and usually affable, tender, affectionate. In the name, the sonorous sounds should be clearly distinguishable: "b", "d", but on the deaf sounds - "s" and "w" the Spitz has a rather bad reaction. Do not give a name that begins with a vowel, which is also slowly perceived by the boys.

Spitz - fidget, fuzzy and jumper so you want to call: Bear, Pushok, Plaidik, Lokhmatik. Often they are credited with the names of the most ancient gods, kings, poets, Slavs, for example: Cupid, Max, Horse, Perun.

This, among other things, is a curious and unpredictable breed. Pay attention to:

  • color coat, you can give a nickname - Ryzhik, White;
  • character - Tikhon, Breeze, Waltz, Vertik, Yulit.

Unusual, but beautiful names are: Wilhelm, Marcus, Roerich, Black, Hart. Spitz is perfect for German nicknames, and also very beautiful: Wolf, Stef, Frank, Gunti, Thorsten, Gunther, Hans, Hort, Manfred, Klaus, Jens, Walter, Andreas, Heyens, Helmut, Gerhard, Werner, Martin, Bernard, Jurgen , Christine, Peter, Thomas, Michael, Rolf.

Spitz often want to be called the names of animated cartoon or Japanese heroes, but Russian nicknames are familiar and simple in pronunciation: Kesha, Misha, Tisha, Maxim, Vasya, Vanya.

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Nicknames for the Spitz girls

Spitz - an expensive breed of dogs, and breeding is often carried out only in nurseries. The names of puppies begin with one letter at birth in one litter. When issuing a passport, as a rule, an official, but difficult to pronounce name, up to 40 characters is indicated. This allows you to track the pedigree in dogs.

If there is a desire to rename the Spitz girl or shorten the name indicated in the passport, it is necessary first to look at your pet, to understand - which name can be the most suitable. But external data, the habits of the Spitz-girl should be taken into account.

Spitz girls are very gentle furry and playful creatures. You can name: Pusha, Pisklya, Snow White, Amalia, Astrid, Snezka, Elsa, Barbie, Nymph, Dora, Jasmine, Elsa, Sandra, Petra, Blot, Blonde, Irma, Brigitte, Simona. As an idea: Cheesecake, Lala, Furia, Juju, Julia. Beautifully sounded names with an English accent: Giselle, Monica, Emilia, Bianca, Larry, Harvey.

Spitz-girls are comparable with charming little chanterelles. These fervent, active animals react sensitively to the intonation with which they are addressed. Spitz on walks will certainly become the soul of the company. You can choose non-standard or funny names that will reflect the combination of the stupid and cheerful temperament of this breed. However, do not give a name - Fox, Squirrel.

There are funny nicknames for girls: Julia, Snezka, Juno, Umka, Totti, Kisa, Iriska, Kunya, Gioconda, Kilka, Fox, Sabrina, Mira, Bagira Pula, Julia, Pienelopa, Plyusha, Gavka, Gamma, Sparta, Sonya, Margo , Chita, Britney, Kunya., Toffee.

Sometimes girls are called: Barbie, Apricot, Jasper, Marquise, Lady, Bona Kilka, Bulka, Shishka. If you choose, you can refer to the ancient mythology.

The most popular names for Spitz girls are Daphne, Juno, Avos, Nymph, Bendida, Aurora, Vesta, Melissa, Lada, Mecca, Nika, Daphne, Nymph, Etna, Cybele, Flora, John, Dolly, Lily, Molly, Tweety, Lucky, Lissa, Reina, Chelsea, Sherry, Andy.

All the same Spitz - Pomeranian, elegant breed and deserve a royal name. To any canine breed, in particular, for girls-Spitz come the nicknames with the meaning:

  • Aiko (beloved);
  • Tsukiko (the moon);
  • Haruko (spring);
  • Kaori (pleasant);
  • Miyako (beautiful);
  • Hosiko (stellar);
  • Etsuko (joyful);
  • Kyoko (happy);
  • Hotaru (light);
  • Kokoro (sincere);
  • Yucca (snowy);
  • Asa (morning).

Girls are comparable with dolls and puppets. You can give a name: Monica, Sabrina, Barbie, Doll, Jasmine, Iris, Bertha, Amalia, Daniella, Petra, Nicole, Marlene, Lily, Catherine, Karla, Irma, Helga, Charlotte.

The name can not be snarling and vulgar. You should only positively influence your favorite pitomitsu without introducing negative, so do not call it - Dracula, Monstrik, Monster. If you want to cultivate calmness and poise in a dog, then choose a friendly, sociable and simple to pronounce name.

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Tips for choosing

The nickname forms the basis of education in puppies. Spitz - playful dogs and always in search of something new, while quickly getting used to their nickname. Before you name, you need to pronounce clearly and aloud several times the name you like, follow the reaction of the pet. Spitz, like little foxes, come up with affectionate, funny names. Their reaction is quite good for loud-sounding and even growling nicknames. Pomeranian with a ball

For this breed suitable emotional names, because these dogs are always active, cheerful, run up and spin around their master, vigorously and vividly showing sympathy. Choosing a nickname for Pomeranian Spitz, it is worth following these rules:

  • easy pronunciation;
  • short words;
  • susceptibility of dogs to the presence of sonorous or snarling sounds in the name;
  • taking into account habits, habits, temperament.

First of all, the nickname should be consonant and easily recognizable by the pet. Poorly sounding or stupid nicknames can cause laughter, bewilderment, or even aggression in strangers on the street. It is not advisable to call a dog a human name in honor of one of the members of the family, or pick up a rough, vulgar one.

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It is unacceptable to call your dog in honor of any country or by sounding in the form of commands: "up", "lie down", "sit", "walk", "to me". In addition, you need to call once and for all, without changing your decision throughout the life of the pet. This can cause confusion in the dog, and contact with the host will be lost for an indefinite period.

Call your pet to yourself, clearly pronouncing the chosen name. If he starts to respond quickly, then he likes it. The approach will be quickly found.

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