How to name a pug

Pugs owners call "a bunch of happiness" - because they are amazing little dogs that are not capable of upsetting their owners. Since ancient times, representatives of this breed lived side by side with a man, and not anywhere, but in imperial palaces or noble houses. Naturally, such a habitat left a mark on the nature of pugs, but did not make them arrogant conceit. Yes, the pug demands respect for himself, but with a benevolent attitude, he will love his master and all household members. It's not just a pet, but a friend and even a family member, which means that he needs the best nickname. Let's see how to call a pug properly.


Pug's nicknames for boys

Pugs, if not handsome, then certainly charms, and they are suited to short capacious nicknames - easily pronounced and pleasant by ear. A boy can be called by choosing one of the following names:

  • On ABC: Archie, Alan, Alf, Alex, Arnie, Buddy, Best, Beal, Bruce, Buster, Barney, Bonnie, Ben, Bobby, Bailey, Bonch, Butch, Wolf, Valley, Willie, West, Screw ;
  • On GDD: Henry, Greg, Gwain, Gaudi, Gredi, Grem, Hans, Grimm, Hamlet, Jackie, Johnny, Duke, Dew, Jai, Denny, Dickey, Jag, Erosh, Enir, Erek, Ermak;
  • At the Zh-Z-I: Jean, Zhora, Jaur, Gerard, Jek, Zuy, Zeus, Zur, Solt, Ziggy, Zest, Ikar, Irt, Inter, Ibis, Iris, Ichar;
  • On K-LM: Clyde, Kif, Kaus, Kroks, Kresh, Kaffi, Kurt, Quest, Kerry, Luke, Lux, Lint, Lex, Lorik, Lur, Lakki, Leo, Lexus, Mobbi, Mickey, Marcus, Matthew , Met, Murphy, Miffy, Muffin;
  • On N-O-P: Knight, Nero, North, Nato, Nuker, Nice, Nemo, Noris, Oji, Opal, Otto, Orso, Oliver, Austin, Olive, Oppi, Olaf, Ordi, Persian, Percy, Poker, Parks , Pamir, Beijing, Prince, Patrick, Patch, Peter, Pegasus, Poco, Pride;
  • On the R-C-T: Randy, Ryde, Ren, Rennie, Ricci, Ricky, Ray, Reef, Rigie, Rocky, Rudy, Rial, Scamp, Slip, Pig, Spice, Scout, Scott, Scotty, Strike, Scooter, Sven Stitch, Sky, Steve, Sweet, Sendie, Tobby, Tucker, Toffy, Torik, Troy, Tyson, Torrey, Tripsy, Trip, Toros, Tuffer, Theseus, Theo, Teddy;
  • On UFH: Upam, Urs, Ulaf, Walker, Unik, Ulni, Urgas, Ursic, Frank, Pound, Frodo, Farley, Flipper, Frank, Freddy, Fox, Fox, Phlox, Faun, Horn, Hunter, Huter Harley, Hart, Hoops, Henk, Hutch, Haris, Hook;
  • On the Ts-H-Sh: Zeiss, Citron, Citrus, Cent, Caesar, Tserri, Chuck, Chakka, Chase, Chase, Choker, Chef, Charlie, Chan, Chile, Shark, Sheriff, Shelton, Sean, Shawnee, Shah, Chef , Shelley;
  • On Shch-E-Yo-Ya: Shcherbet, Shchebby, Edwin, Eros, Emir, Earl, Elliot, Elwood, Aeschylus, Effie, Eric, Erius, Eugene, Yurik, Junior, Jung, Yard, Jacobs, Janis, Janus.

Such funny kids with a funny face can give a cool nickname that would reflect their peculiarity - character, appearance, habit, etc. Mopsik can become Bingo, Google, Havs, Duce, Dollar, Zephyr, Raisin, Krosh, Cube, Cactus, Coconut, Kayfom, Keksom, Coffee, Karabasom, Latte, Lipton, Maksikom, Mucho, Mokko, Nafane, Pippo, Piston, Pong, Poof, Punsh, Pokemon, Radis, Rumbik, Scooter, Snickers, Scotch, Stitch, Scout, Troll, Tetris, Uryukom, Funtik, Fuki, Fakir, Shmel. the mopsy is running

A cheerful pet who is capable of various scams and always prepares a new "surprise" for his owners can be Merry, Shukher, Hulk, Zhivchik, Pirate, Bandit, Egoza, Savage, Shalopei, Plaque, Rogue, Shilom.

Many Pugs love to eat, but if you are not recommended to feed your pet, then no one forbids giving him an appetizing nickname, it can be Bublik, Donut, Pie, Zhorik, Winnie the Pooh, Bubble, Zhyrok, Cheburek, Belyash, Pelmen.

The name of the boy-mopsy must be short and well-sounded, and one more nuance - the baby should respond to it.

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Pussy tails for girls

Charming girls with expressive eyes, also suitable short names, but they can be very, very beautiful.

  • On ABC: Ali, Alia, Agnia, Akhta, Harp, Alma, Asti, Buna, Briana, Brit, Bonita, Brooks, Blondie, Bessie, Baxi, Beta, Brea, Britney, Bohemia, Barry, Bebbie, Betty , Vixi, Vega, Viola, Vivian, Vivien, Valley, Veta, Valma, Venus, Violetta, Vesta;
  • On GDD: Gate, Grace, Heleksy, Gera, Goldie, Gobi, Gaby, Gladys, Galia, Gerda, Gety, Gloria, Glory, Desi, Jodi, Joyce, Dixie, Dominic, Delia, Dana, Danae, Delilah , Jay, Dinard, Elga, Eve, Etty, Hermas, Ewitt, Blackberries, Elenka, Yelonka.
  • On M-Z-I: Giselle, Jolie, Jacqueline, Justine, Zhenya, Jeanette, Judit, Zura, Zeya, Zora, Zola, Zimushka, Zlatka, Zolotinka, Itsy, Irlin, Isis, Iskra, Ithaka, Illada, Irena, Yvette , Ivory;
  • On K-LM: Cleo, Quincy, Coquette, Kara, Corey, Kerry, Kirby, Catherine, Cuba, Kia, Courtney, Lesta, Lucana, Lizzie, Lana, Liana, Lota, Latifa, Lava, Leila, Lakki, Lottie , Leda, Mystic, Maura, Milori, Maggie, Maya, Melody, Meris, Maggie;
  • On N-O-P: Naomi, Nelly, Nessie, Nymph, Niagara, Nora, Navarre, Naiad, Ney, Narine, Find, Olsi, Olivia, Orchid, Ojie, Ophelia, Ollie, Penny, Platinum, Perseus, Pinky Pye, Palermo, Peacock;
  • On the R-C-T: Rachel, Rihanna, Rhea, Ramona, Roxy, Rosie, Racy, Ronda, Rufina, Scotty, Sally, Savana, Suzy, Sofieka, Scarlett, Sendie, Cecilia, Temmi, Tilda, Trisha, Toleda, Tyra , Tanisha, Trixie, Teffi;
  • On UFH: Uriya, Upsi, Winsley, Unita, Uzzy, Fairy, Feri, Frisbee, Fanny, Feda, Felissa, Fiesta, Themis, Floksi, Fiona, Faina, Hatti, Hale, Helly, Holly, Hannah, Hilary , Chloe;
  • On Ts-Ch-Sh: Tsarina, Celia, Zeissi, Tsilya, Tserzei, Cholita, Chile, Cherry, Charlie, Cherut, Changxi, Cheroedeyka, Chesma, Shelley, Sharon, Shainey, Charlize, Sherry;
  • On Shch-E-YU-S: Scherbet, Schenny, Evita, Elli, Emmy, Etna, Esther, Evita, Eskimo, Eva, Earley, Juwitt, Juno, Yuzhanka, Yadviga, Java, Yanina, Yalta, Yant.

In addition, the baby may be approached by a nickname that evokes a smile on the faces of the surrounding people. In this case, the girl's mopsy can be called Gadget, Businka, Cherry, Freckle, Gulka, Dusya, Zhuzhei, Zhi-zha, Iris, Button, Kroshka, Kapley, Koketka, Kalinka, Kiki, Koko, Candy, Lyalka, Mimi, Minnie, Mopsi, Fly, Fly, Muley, Nusey, Olive, Button, Piggy, Pixie, Pepsi, Pony, Poncho, Pupsay, Pipette, Ranetka, Topless, Tutti, Frutti, Tequila, Fifa, Franta, Pistachio, Persimmon, Cherry, Shuney, Shoubbeby, Shusha, Shchuchka.

Baby, who does not mind a lot and tasty meal, will be happy to receive a name like Buns, Buns, Forks, Eclair, Meatballs, Meatballs, Pelmeshki, Buzy, Condiments, Potatoes.

If you take the nicknames associated with the homeland of the breed, the following will suit the moussy:

  • Kiku - chrysanthemum;
  • Hala is a flower;
  • Sakura - cherry;
  • Hinata - sunflower;
  • Akane is a red flower;
  • Aimi is a flower;
  • Hotaru is a firefly.

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How to choose the right name

Pug is a doggie for a family, so it's best to choose a nickname, coming together, even if the dog was bought as a gift for one member. In any case - this kid quickly disposes of all the household.

The second point, the name should not be offensive, difficult to pronounce and selected hastily. Given that the baby will live in the family for more than one year, do not rush, you can choose several of the most liked options and try on their four-footed friend. The puppy should also like the nickname. the mopsy is lying

For dogs with a pedigree, there are separate rules - they should be consulted by the breeders. After this, most likely, the range of names is significantly narrowed. If you choose a name consisting of 3-4 or more syllables, it is best to shorten to a diminutive nickname - Archibald - Archie, Elizabeth - Lizzie, Elleonor - Ellie. This "shortened" nickname is much more convenient to use on walks, during training, and in the home circle.

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Pugs are the dogs of emperors, while they are considered the most cheerful of four-legged pets. They like to accompany their master everywhere, lie on the couch next to each other and enjoy delicacies. This brings them even closer to man and makes them irreplaceable companions. Of course, to name such a pet, it is worthwhile to come up with the most suitable name.

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