How to call a cocker spaniel

This breed belongs to the English origin and, as a rule, puppies are already born with their pedigree. Spaniels are characterized by tenderness and affection for their master. It is necessary to approach a choice of a name especially carefully. The eared breed will suit both English-speaking and Russian nicknames common in Russia. In this article, you will learn about the nicknames for a Cocker Spaniel boy and girl.


Nicknames for a Cocker Spaniel boy

Spaniels are kind, active, sociable. They can not refuse in the natural intelligence and common sense. It happens that they themselves become entertainers when choosing a game, turning it into a real adventure. It would be good to get a puppy if there are many children in the house. These friendly pets choose for themselves one of the family members - a pet and are strongly attached to him. Cocker Spaniel

Nickname for spaniels - a great many. The main thing is that the name should sound beautiful, indicate the qualities of a given breed, or have any specific meaning. The most beautiful names include: Colin Fred, Cosmos, Jim, Max, Maris, Baby, Sanchos, Roman, Mane, Dania, Chris, Cream, Blues, Charlie, Ronnie, Jerry, Klim, Tommy, Roy, Patrick, Karen, Watson, Leicester, Nathan, Simon, Zeus, Travel.

Canine advise to find an approach and win over a pet, so that he reciprocated. You can choose a cool nickname, if you want to highlight your Spaniel-boy from the general crowd: Rolex, Lucky, Casper, Noah, Hobbit, Latte, Twister, Pegasus, Ninja, Mickey, Chaplin, Cactus, Fruit, Tiktak. No less suitable to match the shaggy paws of the spaniels will be the names from the books: Sam, Hobbit, Baggins, Bilbo.

Some owners, choosing a nickname for a spaniel, strive to have some definite meaning or match the characteristics of this breed, have distinctive character traits or color. In this case, you can call the spaniel:

  • Akira (pearl);
  • Rokuro (sixth son);
  • Tsukiko (moon child);
  • Yuki (snow);
  • Takara (treasure);
  • Aimi (love);
  • Kokoro (heart and soul);
  • Ren (lotus);
  • Akito (autumn);
  • Michiko (marvelous);
  • Shinju (pearl);
  • Haru (spring);
  • Keko (happy).

Ears will suit nicknames: Corwin, Tai, Ayr, Geiner, Liard, Eksin. Spaniels, like English purebred puppies, are distinguished by a perky and playful disposition, so the boys can be called by such names as: Jim, Jumper, Guslyar, Voiced, Igrun, Sharp-sighted, Spark, Dexterous, Fox, Saiga, Tikhon, Nerka, Mirny, Sly, Circus artist, Walker, Rustle, Clear, Bright, Shaman, Tenacious. If desired, the wool color is taken into account, emphasizing on this: Gray, Brown, Black, Goldie, Brown.

The English Cocker Spaniel is different decorative, but the representatives belonging to the Russian breed are hunting dogs, so such names as Ryzhik, Ribay, Chernysh will not do. Also unusual for hearing: Bite, Catch up, Grab, Fly.

Some owners are inclined to the names of Slavic mythology: Falcon, Anchar, Bury, Valdai, Wild, Nehai, Nadym, North, Umka, Clear, Yuri, Zaman, Miner, Chubuk, Armagh, Rebus, Parus, Pakhom, Pirate, Parom.

English boys Cocker Spaniels - cheerful, active, moderately playful. Names like: Zador, Wind, Whirlwind, Cupid, Ataman, Musket, Corsair, Cowboy, Werther, Aramis. These nicknames are easy to remember and are able to emphasize the image of the pet.

If you dream up, then you can pick up a rather strange name: Ingvar, Vord, Frank, Maxwell, Hermes, Lord, Tomogavk. However, in no case should the name be a household name. For Spaniels, more than 1000 names are known, the main thing is to choose the most suitable of them to fit the character, appearance, and habits of the pet.

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Nicknames for a Cocker Spaniel girl

Spaniels-girls - lovers to dominate and bark without a reason (see about the dog barking wean ). Although it speaks only about the wrong educational measures. In fact, the breed is smart and easily trained. Beautiful English and foreign names are suitable, but, preferably, not to give too long and fancy.

Acceptable nicknames with English accent for girls spaniels: Floris, Tracy, Lizzie, Barbie, Daisy, Magee, Jena, Buffy, Chery, Nancy, Doni, Laura, Gabby, Enis, Gracie, Eileen, Mary, Carmen, Moriarty, Molly, Horses, Cora, Dafa, Shaya, Yukka, Ethel, Ellie, Athena, Cleo, Sabina, Quincy, Bell, Linda.

From the names with a Russian accent fit: Bead, Button, Knop, Chamomile, Toffee, Dewdrop, Bag, Snowball, Sparta, Bagheera, Nick, Gamma, Sonya, Yana. Spaniels have long and cool-looking ears and impressive wool, which correspond to the nicknames: Plush, Kish, Toffee, Crush, it sounds harmless and quite affectionate.

Wanting to give special nickname special significance or to take as a basis the month of birth of the girl spaniel, you can call the pet with such names:

  • Takara (treasure);
  • Natsuko (summer);
  • Naomi (wave);
  • Hibiki (sound);
  • José (star);
  • Hotaru (firefly);
  • Sakura (cherry);
  • Haruki (radiant);
  • Akito (autumn);
  • Curry (pleasant as a perfume);
  • Hiro (generous);
  • Daity (wise);
  • Ren (lotus);
  • Shinju (pearl);
  • Megumi (blessing).

Spaniel girls are pretty playful and energetic dogs, and such beautiful names as Tarona, Tracy, Santa, Usula, Umka, Klara, Larry, Nori, Roxy, Rent, Helga, Gerd, Guria, Barbie, Vitana, Lyme, Liza, Gerd, Assa, Hella, Jenny, Laurie, Moxie, Tilla, Stacy, Uma, Nyx, Claire, Ora, Frida, Paiva, Corey, Donnna, Quince, Alice, West, Ghana, Darcy, Irma.

If you search in Greek mythology, then for eared Cocker Spaniels with shaggy paws the names from famous books are appropriate. The main thing is that the nickname should be short, consonant, easy to pronounce and, preferably, with the presence of sonorous consonants better perceived by spaniels.

At the spaniel own name should be worthy. Affectionate, diminutive nicknames like: Kitty, Lapushka¸Kutka, Cutie, like cute nicknames, but they knock down the table and are not suitable for noble spaniels.

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Tips for choosing

Cynologists say that the name of the spaniels should contain letters that are nicknamed by their mother and father. It is desirable that the name starts with the same letter, for example - Leon - Leo, Molly-Mary. Must be traced character in the name.

Spaniels are characterized by ingenuity and ingenuity. They are always on the move and love to be on the street. Begin to start shaking their paws with each walk. Therefore, when choosing an estate, first of all, you should look at the habits of the dog. Usually they are already clearly visible at 1-2 months of life. nice cocker spaniel

Spaniels never lose heart, so names like Fun, Smart, Jolly, will be good nicknames. Prompt a suitable nickname will help appearance. If the dog is black - Niger, white - Bley. Cocker Spaniels are funny lords, Englishmen. Why not then call: Magda, Jessica, Bill, Chard?

Sometimes hunting dogs are named: Catch up, Bite, Cast. But the words cut the ear and are not suitable for noble spaniels. It is necessary to say aloud a nickname several times and observe the reaction of the pet, in order to understand whether the nickname is appropriate or not. What else can you look for when choosing a name for a spaniel:

  • the presence of voiced vowels in the word, so that they can be clearly heard when the dog is being called up;
  • Convenience in pronunciation, and the language when pronouncing should not be stray;
  • the opinion of family members so that the dog's nickname should be to everyone’s liking
  • the use of predominantly English names, because the Cocker Spaniel is an English breed;
  • consider color, habits. Simple English phrases - the most acceptable option.

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Cockers are perky and cheerful, especially girls. They bark loudly and begin to move their ears when the host or stranger appears in the house. Suddenly your dog, when he grows up, will become famous at exhibitions and thereby confirm his English pedigree. The name must be chosen wisely, not forgetting that love for the pet comes first.

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