How to call a yorkshire (Yorkshire terrier)

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy dog ​​that has already forgotten its roots when its ancestors were caught in the mines of rats. Today it is an exceptionally decorative, charming pet that can melt the coldest heart. How can you call such an amazing crumb?


Nickname for boys boys

A toy toy, but a Yorkshire terrier puppy is still a dog, which means that it differs from its fellow humans in character, behavior, or has features of appearance. In any case, the owner of hundreds of similar kids, will certainly find out his four-footed friend. So, the nickname needs to be selected individually. It can be serious:

  • On the letters A-B-V: Cupid, Augur, Alain, Aragon, Baron, Barry, Blade, Bastian, Volt, Winston, Velez, Vincent, White;
  • On the letters GDE: Gray, Helios, Henry, Harold, Dark, Diego, Dorian, Dickens, Davis, Danai, Esaul;
  • On the letters Zh-Z-I: Jasper, Gerard, Zamir, Zorro, Icarus, Ymir, Eastwood;
  • On the letters K-LM: Casper, Chris, Claude, Candy, Loki, Lakki, Lotus, Lancer, Marcel, Milo, Morris, Morgan, Martin, Mario, Marshall;
  • On the letters N-O-P: Nelson, Next, Nestor, Newton, Narcissus, Neville, Neptune, Oscar, Oliver, Orlando, Onyx, Odin, Patrick, Parker, Perry;
  • On the letter: R-C-T: Richie, Ryder, Ringo, Rex, Raymond, Simon, Solomon, Samson, Samuel, Sammy, Thomas, Topaz, Timon, Tamerlane;
  • On the letter U-FH: Walt, Urwin, Winslet, Uranus, Fry, Flyer, Fred, Phantom, Figaro, Fabio, Farian, Hatiko, Heppi, Charon, Hugo, Hancock;
  • On the letter of Ts-Ch-Sh: Caesar, Cyclone, Centaurus, Charlie, Cheyne, Shakespeare, Shawn, Shenon, Sheikh, Schumacher;
  • On the letter E-YuY: Elliot, Elvis, Elf, Andrew, Eragon, Eustace, Junker, Janis, Yantar.

In addition, an overly active kid who can not sit still for a minute can be called Fun, Balamut, Zhivchik, Pepper, Typhoon, Shkodnik, Shustrik, Drive, Wind, Igrunov, Volchok, Neposedy, Rogue. Yorkies

Also, a playful nickname, which in contrast to the size of the dog, will emphasize its importance for the family, and will always evoke a smile. With the light hand of the owner, a tiny York can become Goliath, Gulliver, Viking, Velikan, Varyag, Vulcan, Vesuvius, Terrible, Hercules, Zeus, Napoleon, Rimbaud, Tyson, Titan, Giant, St. Bernard;

But you can also vice versa, to emphasize, what a small pet is a dog Yorkshire Terrier. The following nicknames will suit him:

  • Baby;
  • Dwarf;
  • Zhuzhik;
  • The raisin;
  • Kroshik;
  • Knopik;
  • A crumb;
  • Klepa;
  • Minik;
  • Mouse;
  • Kid;
  • The mouse;
  • Sweeties;
  • Snoopy;
  • Funtik;
  • Shpuntik.

Often, the owners prefer funny nicknames, more likely even positive, and as the Yorkies are funny, sociable dogs, either one of them can come up to the restless kid: Apricot, Bonya, Bamsi, Bublik, Benya, Bobby, Bugs Bunny, Venya, Jusi Fruit , Frutti, Eroshka, Erik, Evrik, Zhorik, Kiwi, Krepysh, Kabachok, Kubik, Keksik, Luntik, Luchik, Lemonchik, Motya, Nolik, Major, Peach, Pumbaa, Pikachu, Pokemon, Poof, Rublik, Smiley, Syrupchik, Scooby Doo, Smurfik, Ushastik, Clever, Shrek, Chudik, Yaponchik.

The puppy can also become a Pet, a Lucky One, a Sonny, a Lialik, a Handsome, a Glamor, a Frant.

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How to call a york girl

Elegant dog with a funny face is often the favorite of the whole family. She accompanies her master almost everywhere, including at social events, so a beautiful nickname will suit her perfectly:

  • The letters ABC: Anfisa, Aigul, Avesta, Aleya, Athena, Assol, Aelita, Barbie, Beauty, Bessie, Bonnie, Blondie, Venus, Vion, Virginia, Verona, Valerie, Versalia;
  • On the letters GDE: Gerda, Gracia, Gloria, Gladys, Hermione, Gracie, Gabby, Jesse, Diar, Darina, Delilah, Darling, Dakkara, Danae, Delik, Evita, Yesenia;
  • On the letters ZHZ: Josephine, Genevieve, Jasmine, Jacqueline, Zlata, Zolotinka, Inessa, Irene, Irinia, Iolanta;
  • The letters K-LM: Camelia, Kessi, Camilla, Kerry, Carmen, Kitty, California, Lassie, Lizzie, Lola, Laima, Laura, Maya, Molly, Milady, Monica, Muse, Maggie, Melissa, Mystic, May- tai;
  • The letters N-O-P: Navarre, Nymph, Nora, Ninel, Olivia, Ophelia, Puma, Olli, Onancis, Peris, Persona, Penelope, Patricia, Polly;
  • On the letters R-C-T: Rada, Rochelle, Ronda, Ruta, Rosie, Rosica, Cynthia, Sonata, Serenade, Sally, Suleika, Taisia, Tina, Tess, Tomila, Terry;
  • On the letters UFH: Ursula, Ulyana, Undine, Phoebe, Florence, Philadelphia, Floksi, Francesca, Fortuna, Chloe, Holly, Helena, Helga;
  • On the letter of Ts-Ch-Sh: Tsarina, Centuria, Tserzeia, Sheila, Sherry, Shayna, Charlotte, Chinara, Charmi, Charuta;
  • On the letter E-Yu Ya: Eleonora, Etna, Angie, Emilia, Elite, Ellada, Elli, Yuzhanka, Juno, Judit, Yanina, Yadviga, Yasmin.

In addition, the name can match the miniature size of its owner. The York girl can become a bead, cherry, freckle, flies, babe, zugzhe, button, drop, fly, minni, olive, seed, simka, button, rannet, crumb, baby, manuney, berry, pipette;

If a girl with a character got into the house, then you should not miss this quality from sight. A small dog can be called Zlyuchka, Kusachkoy, Zadira, Furia, Ukusonya, Kus-Kusey. Another option is a funny, funny name for the pet. But do not forget that the nickname should not offend a four-legged friend or humiliate her dignity.

For the Yorkshire Terrier girl, the following is suitable: Orange, Caramel, Candy, Coquette, Bon appetit, Persimmon, Snezka, Frosya, Fenechka, Tsatsa, Tsypa, Shusha, Shumka, Chucha, Chunga-Changa, Kilka, Barbarisa, Lolita, Lapka, Lyalka, Medok ; Iriska, Blot, Pixie, Pussy, Umka, Donna Rosa, Wasabi, Tiramisu, Cocoa, Mokko, Almond, Oreshek, Totti, Kunya, Kola, Syab, Bentley, Blackberry, Strawberry, Malinka, Grunya, Brandy.

A good appetite is one of the differences between the representatives of this breed. This quality can be emphasized in a joking manner, calling the favorite Sausage, Meatball, Meatball, Cutlet, Bun, Pompushka, Donut, Bamboo, Chavkalka, Plushka, Sturgeon, Meat Grinder, Sharpener.

All the names are good - choose to taste ... But if there are difficulties, then, it is worth to consult the advice of professionals.

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Basic rules for selecting a nickname

Very often, Yorkies find themselves in the family because of fashion trends or as a toy for a child, however, after a couple of weeks the doggie fascinates all family members. Yes, in this they have no equal. Especially, such a charming pet, you need a suitable name. milash york

If it is a dog with a pedigree, then you should consult with the breeder and find out how to properly call a york, and what rules should be followed. According to the established norms of the RKF, the name of the nursery is necessarily attached to the main name, where the baby comes from.

Thus, it turns out that the crumb has a name and a surname. But the club's progeny does not have a surname, and the owners are offered a letter with which the nickname should begin, according to the registration book.

You can choose several nicknames you like and gradually check which baby reacts more actively. Another option is to take your time, look at the new member of the family and, perhaps, a suitable name will come to your mind by itself. For example, Josephine might in fact turn out to be Zuzhei, and Boni, none other than Caesar.

In addition, the owners themselves must pronounce the chosen nickname, and even at a fast pace. Do not consider long complex names - it's enough if they consist of 2-3 syllables. Dogs perfectly perceive by ear sizzling sounds, short words, the first letter of which is the consonant.

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Yorkshire Terrier - a delight for the eyes, a little positive, causing a smile. But each dog has his own charisma, characteristics of character, and therefore the choice of a suitable nickname should be approached individually.

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