How to call a French bulldog

The French bulldogs are dogs with an extraordinary appearance, so to speak, “an amateur”, however, judging by their popularity, these lovers have a lot of fans. These little descendants of the Molossians, fighting dogs, have become wonderful pets, cheerful, unpretentious and good-natured. But in case of danger, he will rush to help without thinking. If such a pet will soon be home, you can already look at the appropriate names.


How to call a French bulldog boy

Given the size, constitution and appearance of the French Bulldog, it will suit a short nickname, harmonious and well pronounced:

  • ABL: Axel, Alf, Henri, Armani, Archie, Atila, Arash, Arbat, Alir, Argus, Ark, Achilles, Boatsman, Batman, Barney, Belis, Boyd, Bug, Bizzy, Byrd, Bibi, Bucks, Burke, Bond, Butch, Buddy, Bucky, Bruno, Bingo, Wolf, Willie, Vincent, Valli, Walter;
  • GD: Hephaestus, Hector, Goya, Gourmet, Harry, Henry, Gucci, Gran, Gerd, Gaston, Grady, Granny, Gold, Dart, Denis, Dave, Donato, Gini, Jiper, Daxi, Dixie, Dantes, Dante, Yenisei, Erosh, Yerofey;
  • MF: Zherrard, Jacques, Jean, Zuk, Zhaur, Zhou, Zhosh, Zheus, Zephyr, Zidane, Zane, Zak, Zag, Zair, Zorg, Zorro, Zeek, Eli, Ilar, Indigo, Irk, Iris, Ymir, Ingur, Ilir, Inter, Iraq;
  • KLM: Caliph, Carat, Casper, Clyde, Cupid, Cooper, Corsair, Quest, Kord, Corey, Case, Ken, Corey, Craig, King, Cousteau, Chris, Columbus, Larry, Lloyd, Louis, Lux, Laurie, Laurent, Marcy, Minnie, Mason, Mitch, Mobi, Moor, Men, Mark, Mix;
  • OO: Noris, Naruto, Ned, Next, Nemo, Knight, Nero, Nico, Nats, Neville, Olaf, Oliver, Olevier, Oddi, Ozzy, Orion, Prince, Paris, Patrick, Pilot, Pies, Parks, Porter, Picard, Presley;
  • R-ST: Rocky, Reno, Rio, Rems, Rolly, Rum, Ryan, Rum, Ryan, Royal, Reef, Ritz, Rey, Rush, Sig, Sid, Sandy, Silver, Spike, Simba, Sponge, Sparky, Sky, Spleen, Sprint, Tobbi, Tubs, Thor, Trevor, Tyler, Tori, Thorn, Tibet, Torro, Tai, Torch, Trump, Taco, Taco, Trix;
  • U-FH: White, Wally, Hugo, Urry, Unik, Unther, Ulysses, Uyan, Fabio, Fors, Bassoon, Fry, Fakir, Frank, Feint, Fly, Flyer, Frankie, Fresh, Flash, Fel, Hawk, Haggis, Hati, Horst, Hopper, Hein, Juan, Hitch, Henk;
  • Ts-H-Sh: Tsina, Citrus, Tserius, Tsar, Tsars, Candied Ones, Tsunami, Chase, Chucky, Chain, Chipsi, Chappy, Cherry, Chigay, Sheikh, Shayn, Schnapps, Schultz, Shaman, Shel;
  • E-Yu-Ya: Evan, Elar, Elfi, Enri, Edgar, El, Eric, Ekryu, Eclair, Etienne, Aeneas, Yuan, Yurus, Yugo, Yugan, Eugene, Eustace, Yapsi, Yaris, Tier, Yago, Yaggi, Yaguan, Jason, Yamal, Young, Yamur.

If the kid shows character (there are fighting dogs among his relatives), does not allow other pets to descend and does not allow strangers to liberty, then his nickname may mark such a feature. Bulldog can become Bandit, Barmaley, Buyan, Vulcan, Grizzly, Demon, Couscous, Herod, Hurricane, Cerberus, Shocker. little French bulldog

But most often the French do not show such qualities without special need, they like to lie, to reflect and at the same time to take a nap. Such funny names as Arbuzik, Babbi, Eggplant, Barberry, Butuz, Tambourine, Burito, Dwarf, Kefirchik, Kubik, Couturier, Lemon, Marmalade, Funtik, Froggy, Kokos, Rubik, Pepper, Puch, Hobbit will suit your pet.

Since the French bulldogs have a slightly rounded format and are robust, it gives the owners the opportunity to call the baby Bubble, Patty, Pups, Puzik, Gingerbread, Hamburger, Pelmen, Puzan, Fatty, Hog.

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Nicknames for french bulldog girls

Although the appearance of representatives of this breed can hardly be called elegant, yet for owners, in most cases, this original “grunting” and snoring girl is the most attractive and beloved. So, it is quite possible to choose a melodious and beautiful nickname for the French bulldog:

  • On ABB: Ada, Adji, Alita, Armagh, Aya, Athena, Isa, Alisha, Arizona, Buggy, Boni, Bon, Briza, Britta, Beauty, Betsy, Bentley, Wendy, Witt, Vega, Wanda, Varna , Veronique;
  • On GMD: Gabby, Hera, Gracia, Gressy, Gabsi, Gwen, Gerd, Geer, Gita, Dacie, Dixie, Debbie, Deborah, Dila, Delilah, Dora, Dari, Desi, Delphi, Doty, Eve, Europe , Ezhen, Elli, Eniya, Esna;
  • On FZ-ZH: Zhadi, Zhador, Zhane, Zhasni, Zhesi, Zhudit, Zhuli, Zayn, Zana, Xena, Zarina, Zessi, Zosya, Winter, Zlatka, Zoe, Asterisk, Zita, Izzy, Irma, Ivona, Ibiza , Illy, Ithaca, Iris;
  • On KLM: Kerry, Kimberly, Costa, Carly, Cora, Cassie, Candy, Candice, Carly, Quest, Curry, Coddy, Korda, Lara, Leda, Lakki, Lotta, Lola, Luna, Lolita, Lyanka, Lisa , Leia, Latifa, Lexi, Maggie, Maggi, Mamba, Marcy, Mina, Maris, Morissa, Martha, Marne;
  • On N-OO: Nora, Nabi, Nexia, Nessi, Niki, Nola, Naiad, Nelly, Nigra, Nymph, Odette, Oddi, Ophelia, Orsi, Audrey, Oxy, Olivia, Ollie, Onyx, Rations, Pammy, Pandi , Persia, Percy, Polly, Perry, Panochka, Penny, Peggy;
  • On P-ST: Runa, Reggie, Rada, Regina, Rhonda, Robbie, Reisi, Rafi, Rennie, Rexie, Roxy, Ripley, Setty, Satie, Sally, Snezha, Siba, Silva, Sorbonne, Sweetti, Salma, Tori , Tracy, Trypsy, Tala, Tammy, Tabbi, Tessa, Techno, Theon;
  • On W-FH: Ulma, Wally, Ursi, Uni, Uni, Uzzi, Whitney, Phoebe, Fiona, Frau, Feda, Fanny, Fabia, Fensi, Frankie, Phyllis, Heidi, Holly, Helen, Hershey, Chloe, Hamsi , Hobby, Herri;
  • On Ts-Ch-Sh: Cerry, Zilli, Tsimey, Tsei, Citro, Tseba, Tseksi, Tsushima, Chani, Charlie, Chase, Chinita, Chaga, Chrka, Chara, Chelsea, Cherry, Chess, Chin, Shaini, Shin, Shusta , Shade, Chanel, Shadow, Shiva, Shirley.
  • On E-Yu-Ya: Abby, Eba, Eliada, Esther, Esti, Erin, Era, Ellie, Evita, Eggie, Eda, Asha, Elari, Yubbi, Yuggi, Yuji, Yugra, Yuzhanka, Yukka, Yushka, Yunsi, Utah , Juno, Yuf, Yanik, Yanita, Yanta, Yadvig, Yanun, Yalin, Yanta, Yara, Yashma, Yaffi.

French bulldogs girls can be given simple funny nicknames consisting of two identical syllables: Mi-Mi, Ji-Zhi, Ju-Zhu, Zi-Zi, Lou-Lou, Bi-Bi, C-Si, Fi-Fi, Ts- Tsa, Tse-Tse. Also, the dog can be called Baby, Busey, Dusey, Zosya, Pusey, Tusey, Qusay, Bucha, Basha, Vaksa, Beetle, Bunny, Iris, Kiwi, Pipa, Pepsi, Pussy, Scarecrow, Chick, Baby, Milky, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Fearsome, Pepsi, Pussy, Stuffed, Chicken, Little, Sweetie, Lovely, Lovely, Sweet Petsi, Pussy, Stuffy, Chicken, Little, Sweetie, Lovely, Pepsi, Pussy, Stuffed, Chicken, Little, Sweetie

If a new pet, while still a baby, shows character, then the name Bully, Piranha, Bite, Fury, Gargoyle, Rogue, Yaraya will suit her. Yes, not too melodious nicknames, but they reflect the character of the dog.

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How to choose a nickname

Going to take the pet into the house, the owners initially choose the breed, based on preferences and conditions. But often the kid is taken in return for the one who “ran away through the rainbow” and tries to make him look as close as possible to the departed pet. It is not necessary to give the new family member the same nickname, because it is a different animal, with its own character and characteristics, even if it is very similar to the past pet. French Bulldog

It is not necessary to pick up a nickname before the puppy appears in the house - initially you need to look at him, but it is better to watch at first. Perhaps Butch will be Apollo, and Venus - Bun or Zhuzhey.

If a certain letter is attached to the pedigree, it significantly narrows the search - you can give the puppy a complex name, for example, double or with an adjective - Crystal Blues, Bagration, Lunar Flower, etc., and at home to call the pet in abbreviated form - Bluesy, Looney, Buggy.

French Bulldogs are companion dogs and get along well with all family members. Therefore, it would be better if all family members, including the younger ones, will participate in the selection of the nickname. It is important that the selected name is pleasant to everyone, it is easy to pronounce, and the pet quickly learned it.

Dogs respond best to nicknames that begin with a consonant and consist of 1-2 syllables. Another point - the most easily digestible sounds - hissing.

It is useful: than to feed the French bulldog .

The French Bulldog is a breed that has gone through serious breeding work, having turned from formidable dogs for hunting beasts and arenas, into domestic pets. They have some health problems and need care. And the first steps that owners take in this direction, choose a suitable name that will accompany the dog all his life.

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