How to name a Chihuahua

Chihuahua is not an ordinary breed, because its representatives are rather unusual. Not only is their life expectancy greater than that of other dogs, they are the smallest dogs in the world. And, in addition, these babies can be found on ancient frescoes, which belong to the period before our era. Really such a pet does not deserve the most suitable name, which can tell a lot about its owner? How can you call a baby a chihuahu?


Nicknames for a Chihuahua Boy

If you choose a nickname for your tiny four-legged friend based on the character, then do not "offend" the baby. In fact, unlike other representatives of decorative rocks, chihuahua is stress-resistant, has a strong psyche and is by no means cowardly. So, a dog, "without jokes," can be:

  • Bonaparte;
  • King;
  • The volcano;
  • Dexter;
  • Arnold;
  • Napoleon;
  • Bruce Lee;
  • Rimbaud;
  • Hercules;
  • Richard;
  • Brave man;
  • Sheriff;
  • Ares;
  • Cyclops;
  • The Viking.

In addition, the dog-chihuahu have a charming appearance, and to emphasize this can be a beautiful nickname. For them, the following names suit perfectly:

  • Archie;
  • Brooks;
  • Bruno;
  • Bruce;
  • Greg;
  • Ginny;
  • Maurice;
  • Lance;
  • Larry;
  • Lenny;
  • Leonard;
  • Ozzie;
  • Oxford;
  • Patrick;
  • Simon;
  • Elwood;

If the owners have a good sense of humor, then their dog can get a funny name. But it is worth remembering that the cool nickname should in no case be offensive, it can be:

  • Vitamin;
  • Zhuzhik;
  • Limit;
  • Peach;
  • Lemonchik;
  • Orange;
  • Citrus;
  • Tsukat;
  • Coconut;
  • Latte;
  • Expresso;
  • Bounty;
  • Bagel;
  • Biglion;
  • Papitis;
  • Pelmen;
  • Ruble;
  • Scooby doo;
  • Dill;
  • Pie;
  • Dollar;
  • Disney;
  • Almond;
  • Forex;
  • Funtik;
  • Lace;

The active kid can become Shustric, Zhivchik, Yurky, Egoz, Jumper, Shalun, Shukher, Shmel, Scotch, Tomahawk, Kipish, Igrun, Kurazh, Kubik, Shkodnik, Shumkom, Zvonkom, Piratom, Flint. chihuahua

A fanciful mare who is glad to people, but not all, Fikus, Cactus, Hedgehog, Kolyuchka, Zubastik, Kusun will approach.

Of course, the representatives of this breed, although they possess a brave heart and are fearless doggies, yet they are the crumbs and pets of the family, which means that the following names are suitable for such a crumb:

  • Amigo;
  • Bambino;
  • Gambling;
  • Baby;
  • Kid;
  • Boy;
  • A crumb;
  • Kroshik;
  • Kinder;
  • Little;
  • Smarty;
  • The raisin;
  • Nutlet;
  • Sweeties;
  • Son;
  • The Lucky One (Lucky).

It's not so rare that dog owners turn to foreign languages ​​to choose a nickname for their puppy. Often they stop at sonorous and at the same time short German names. As for the Chihuahua, the following is suitable for them:

  • Bernie;
  • Walter (Valley);
  • Werner;
  • Günther;
  • Dieter;
  • Klaus (Klaas);
  • Chris;
  • Peter (German, Peter, Petty, Pete);
  • Sven;
  • Thomas (Tommy);
  • Henness;
  • Heinz;
  • Stef;
  • Jurgen.

Sometimes the owner wants to name a new member of the family in such a way that the nickname has a hidden meaning. In this situation, one can look at variants from Eastern languages, some words are rather sonorous and have a suitable translation:

  • Aiko is a favorite;
  • Ren is the lotus;
  • Yuki is snowing;
  • Urtok is a friend;
  • Lal-ruby;
  • Nariko is thunder;
  • Torik is dark;
  • Sher - the lion;
  • Humo is a bird of gamayun.

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Nicknames for Chihuahua Girls

Chihuashki-girls are affectionate dogs that do not worship souls in their master, they are devoted and loving. How can you name such an amazing tiny creature? Naturally, graceful babies are ideal for beautiful, euphonious names:

  • On A: Alpha, Amanda, Assol, Amelie, Annette, Ariel, Arizona, Anfisa, Allegra, Avril, Agnes, Adeia, Adeline, Avdotya, Agata, Agrafena, Aguilera, Ariadne, Adelaia, Alira, Alisa, Alisha;
  • On B: Babette, Barcelona, ​​Blackie, Bella, Bessie, Britney, Beylez, Brianna, Briat, Barcelona, ​​Bozena, Bonitta, Bohemia, Ballerina, Beatriz, Belinda;
  • On B: Vanessa, Vivien, Valencia, Venice, Viola, Vesta, Vanilla, Velessa, Vienna, Venisuela, Valessia, Venus, Valdez, Vendetta, Violetta, Viya, Veselina, Vestalka, Velma;
  • On G: Gabriela, Gracia, Gordelia, Hera, Havanna, Gracia, Guinea, Gordi, Golda, Gloria, Gelsi, Gracie, Gulnara;
  • On D: Jesse, Dolly, Dixie, Darina, Dinara, Delia, Delilah, Diaz;
  • On E: Eve, Elonka, Elvetta, Euphemia, Egina, Yellow, Ermion, Ezhenka, Yesenia;
  • On W: Jasmine, Jessie, Jessica, Juliette, Pearl, Geneva, Jeanine, Zhenivieva, Justin, Jacqueline, Julien;
  • On Z: Zemfira, Zarina, Cinderella, Zayushka, Zvezdochka, Zimushka, Zulfiya, Zlata, Zayka, Zuleika, Zorka, Zolotko, Zephyrka, Goldilocks;
  • On I: Yvon, Ithniti, Infanta, Yvette, Indira, Ilona, ​​Iolanta, Iolletta, Irena, Isabella, Izzy, Infanta, Iveria.
  • On To: Caramel, Cleopatra, Cleo, Kerry, Casey, Canada, Kalinka, Kesmeia, Kaira, Carolina, Cenari, Christie, Calypso, Kimberley, Corsica.
  • On L: Lily, Lillian, Lola, Lolita, Luna, Laguna, Luciana, Lexa, Lelea, Lianna, Lionora, Lady, Lucia, Lana;
  • On M: Maya, Miriya, Myla, Molly, Milka, Melissent, Merlin, Minnie, Milena, Mirra, Merinda, Mystic, Montana, Mirabel, Maggie, Malta, Melissa, Muse;
  • On H: Nicole, Nona, Nani, Ninetta, Nelli, Nefertiti, Nessie, Nora, Nice, Nezhenka, Find, Nerva, Neya, Nyabel, Neya;
  • On the O: Orchid, Ob, Olis, Oliva, Olisia, Oleander, Otava, Orionna, Aureia, Octavia, Oddi, Orsi;
  • On P: Perseus, Penelope, Piper, Pandora, Perez, Princess, Panochka, Peleia, Pelagia, Pearl, Pelagia, Penny;
  • On R: Raquel, Rebecca, Romona, Regina, Rina, Rihanna, Roventa, Rosa, Rio, Ressie, Ripley, Robin, Roxy, Regina, Ronda;
  • On C: Silva, Stela, Simona, Sale, Cecilia, Cecile, Sania, Snowball, Snowflake, Sunset, Sibylla, Sofia, Safina, Sapphire, Suzzy, Selina, Savannah;
  • On T: Tory, Tracy, Theon, Tiara, Tabbi, Tiffany, Trisha, Taylor, Tessa, Tili, Teffi, Tuscany, Tammy;
  • On U: Ursula, Luck, Ulia, Unia, Uslada, Wendy, Ullmir, Usolia, Ursulia;
  • On F: Fabia, Freya, Phoebe, Philadelphia, Felicia, Fairy, Fifa, Flora, Felin, Ferry, Freesia, Theophanes;
  • On X: Helena, Holdy, Chloe, Hilary, Hannah, Charisma, Haley, Juan, Heppi, Helga;
  • At Ts: Tsunami, Tsvetaniia, Tsvetik, Tserzei, Tserrera, Zeissi, the Flower;
  • At Ch: Chelsea, Cherrokee, Chara, Chasey, Charmy, Charovnitsa, Cherry, Cherlitt;
  • On Sh: Sherry, Cher, Shayna, Shenny, Shakira, Chantal, Sharman, Cheryl;
  • On E: Eleanor, Emmy, Ashley, Eureka, Elvira, Elma, Elfijka, Esther, Aeneas, Emilia, Eclair;
  • On Yu: Juno, Eugene, Yucca, Junia, Judith;
  • On I: Java, Jasper, Amber, Yasmina, Yalon.

But not only beautiful nicknames attract Chihuahu owners, sometimes you want to call these crumbs an amusing nickname that makes you smile. And here we should not forget - the name should not be offensive. The girl can become a Bun, Cheesecake, Wax, Waffle, Iris, Barbara, Cherry, Zest, Kilka, Catopult, Pippi, Pixie, Flash, Simka, Pelmeshka, Olive, Button, Pussy, Seed, Lyalochka, Fifa, Malinka, Blackberry, Businka , Barbie, the Doll. chihuahua lies

And if the baby is not too accommodating, then it is quite possible to call her Zlyuchka, Bullet, Furia, Echidna, Sinister, Erinia, Kusachka, Jaguana, Zuzhei. If you take the nickname with a value, then the pet of this breed will do the following:

  • Bonito is happy;
  • Hotaru is a firefly;
  • Haruki - shining;
  • Sakura is a cherry blossom;
  • Kokoro is the soul;
  • Aiko is a favorite;
  • Assa - morning dawn;
  • Kaori is a pleasant fragrance;
  • Chiki is a baby;
  • Aki is the autumn.

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What to look for when choosing a nickname?

Chihuahua is a small dog, even a tiny one, but full of dignity and very smart, which means that the owners should think about how to name their pet. For the representatives of this breed, you can safely take the names of various deities, yet the chihuahuas were once considered sacred animals. In addition, they lived for a long time only in noble families, so it is possible to borrow the royal name, and this will not be a mockery.

But do not forget that the words that are difficult to pronounce, which will not only be difficult to pronounce, but the dog can not learn, it is better not to choose. And there is no need to hurry - there is always the opportunity to get accustomed to the pet, its appearance, behavior, perhaps, a suitable name will come by itself. Such a nickname will be the best option and, undoubtedly, will please its owner.

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Acquiring a tiny four-legged friend, the owners, first of all, think about the name, and this is correct. Moreover, the chihuahua is sometimes not just a pet, but a member of the family and even successfully plays the role of a baby.

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