How to teach a dog the command "Sit"

A similar command is taught to the dog at the initial stage of training, because without it further mastering of certain knowledge and skills is impossible. Despite the fact that most animals quickly absorb it, there are still complications. How to teach a dog to sit on a team so that the pet can not only carry out the task, but also fix it?


Preparatory moments

Suitable conditions can be called half the success. It is recommended to start training at home, but after the dog begins to perform the command, classes can be moved to the street. Here the task will be more complicated - there will be various annoying factors. Initially, it is better to choose a place habitual for the pet, where he will not be nervous and distracted. Ideally, if it is a fenced area. But after that he must learn how to execute the team in any, even extreme conditions. to teach the dog to the team to sit

It is important not to overload the pet and not allow it to lose interest in the process. A few repetitions are enough to consolidate the skill. In puppies concentration of attention is lower than in adult dogs, therefore it is not worthwhile to adjust to long training.

It is recommended to look at the mood of the pet. If the dog is collected and set up for training, but gradually begins to be distracted, then he needs to take a short break, though only after he has completed the last task. You can not allow a situation where the dog refuses to perform the exercise, and the host allows it.

Begin to teach the puppy with short lessons, the duration of which is 5-7 minutes, gradually increasing their duration. In the process of training is applied as a method of punishment, and encouragement. You should prepare small-sized delicacies, as they will have to be given often during dressing. It can be both industrial products, and natural - pieces of fruit, jerky meat, low-fat cheese. Important: food should not be harmful to the animal's body.

Learning process

Before starting training, it is recommended to draw the attention of your four-legged friend. To do this, you need to stand in front of the dog so that she can see and hear the owner. In the hand you need to take a treat, and so that the dog understands what is at issue, but could not grab it. Usually dogs show maximum interest and catch every look of the owner.

Vkusnyatinu give a sniff the dog, and then start it behind the head of a four-legged companion. Do it slowly, so that he can smell and follow the eyes of the movement of food. Naturally, when lifting the head, the pelvis of the animal will drop until the dog sits down.

To the pet could not contrive and snatch a tidbit, it is required to keep it closer to the head. If the dog has almost adopted a suitable pose, but continues to hold the back of the weight, you should hold the delicacy for a certain time in the same place, without changing the position.

If the dog acts differently - instead of raising his head and sitting down, he retreats, it is possible to work off the team in a more suitable place - the corner of the room. This will not give the dog the opportunity to step back and she will have to obey.

In some situations, you can help the dog by lightly clicking on the area of ​​the croup, but only in the first approaches. When the pet sits down, you need to tell the team and give him a treat. But only if he fully fulfilled the task.

During the training it is not worth to pester with phrases, constantly uttering a command or accompanying the process with various comments - "impossible", "wrong", "no", "sit", etc. Only the team and the subsequent verbal praise should be present. Also, it will not be superfluous to pet the pet. This will save the dog from confusion and confusion, the animal will soon understand what is required of it.

Be sure to release the dog after he has completed the task. To do this, you can use the phrase "walk" or "freely". It is gradually recommended to reduce the number of treats, initially, once giving a treat, and the rest of the time limited to praise. For some time, you can back up the voice command with a characteristic movement of the hand, but after a couple of weeks you can just say "sit!"

To the dog learned the skill, enough a day to do a couple of approaches for 5 minutes each. Usually, after 10-14 days the dog is able to perform the team perfectly under any conditions. Of course, if the owner does not forget about the regular repetition.

Useful recommendations

When starting to learn, the owner must take into account the individual characteristics of his pet - not all dogs are trained easily. For example, the willfulness of certain hunting breeds can significantly hamper the process, and phlegmatic people, such as the St. Bernards, need time to think about the team and how to implement it. the little dog is sitting

In the memorization of the team an important role is played by practice - it is necessary to repeat the task every day so that the dog does not forget the material already learned. Praise is the most powerful of motivators, and the pet should hear it, but only after the correct exercise. You can not rush a dog, if the dog can not understand what is required of him, it is necessary to take a break and start repetition in a few hours or even the next day.

The dog eagerly responds to the execution of commands, if he loves and respects his master. It is important to win the trust of your friend, not to offend or humiliate him, even if training is not an easy matter for both. When the pet begins to follow the command implicitly, it is possible for other family members to ask that they periodically give it to the dog.

The command "sit" is basic, after the owner will often pronounce it, both in normal life and during training. Therefore, it is worth devoting more time to mastering it so as not to experience any difficulties later. This is one of the first steps on the path of teaching, education and establishing good relations with his four-footed comrade.

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