How to teach a dog to the team "lie"

Dogs are the smartest creatures that grasp commands almost on the fly. However, not all of them are ready for unquestioning obedience, sometimes they are inclined to self-will and display of obstinacy. That is why, in certain situations, even such a simple team as "lying down!" Causes some difficulties, not only for beginners, but for experienced dog breeders. So, let's see how to teach a dog to the team to lie down.

Learning Algorithm

The command "lie" - is often used in everyday life. It helps when visiting a veterinary clinic, it is at the heart of other, more complex tasks and is an indispensable element of upbringing. You can teach a month-old baby, but, only given one nuance - punish the dog can be only from 3 months. Therefore, while only positive reinforcement is used. teach the dog the team to lie

The team "lie down" does not require special attention, it is usually included in a complex training, together with other teams. You can conduct classes at home, however, without forgetting about street teaching - otherwise the dog can show perfect obedience at home, and not pay attention to what the host says to him on the street.

To facilitate the task, the owner can use a step-by-step instruction:

  • When the dog sits near the owner's left foot, and the latter has a leash in his hand, you need to take a treat and put it to the dog's nose, while saying the command and dropping the piece down.
  • Most often, dogs do not give up the opportunity to eat and lie down to reach for the delicious. It is perfectly! You need to say praise: "Lie, well, you're done."
  • If the dog changes position without permission, then it is not recommended to treat it! For example, the pet showed obedience - lay down, and then independently sat or stood up. In this situation, you can severely tug the leash down, putting pressure on the back of the dog, offering her to return to the desired position. That is, the dog performs another command, instead of the required one, so it must be punished.
  • It is recommended to use a treat for the dog to take a recumbent position, but one of the 10 dogs is helped by a slightly different technique: the dog is located at the left foot, it is necessary to sit in front of it, clasp both front legs, say the team and pull for them to put the dog down. Once this happened, you need to treat the pet with delicious food and caress.
  • If the dog does not stay in the right position and, having just lowered himself, gets up, it means that it is necessary to add rigor: only the dog has risen, it is necessary to immediately pull the leash down. If it did not work, repeat the jerk, but more intensively. It is necessary to stop on such force of jerk which will not do much harm to the pet, but will force it to submit.
  • There are dogs that do not try to lie down after a delicacy. They can just sit, not reacting, or they lead with interest and draw their necks. Such behavior does not deserve encouragement! It should be clearly and loudly say "lie down!" And jerk the leash down.
  • Strictness is the key to successful learning, a dog gets a tasty treat only when he lays down without pressure from the owner, only after hearing the command.

A particularly difficult situation arises when a dog categorically refuses to take a reclining position. He twists, his paws seem to be wooden and do not bend, in general - in every way tries to sit or stand up. Then the most ideal time for training is the period when the dog wants to lie down.

Watching the behavior of the pet, the owner sees how he is going to lie down? You need to act on the lead - quickly come up, say the command "lie!". It turns out that the dog lay down not himself, but after the words of the master. Of course, in this situation, the training will be longer, but, if not retreat, the dog will still obey.

What are the rules?

Training does not tolerate mistakes, and the owner must know how to approach training, so as not to harm. There are a number of rules that are recommended to adhere to:

  • Offering the dog to lie down for a treat, it is not necessary to treat her every time. That is, give a tasty morsel is better through the team - once the dog lies down without a treat, and next time already receives a well-deserved reward.
  • You do not need to separate the commands, for example, give the command to "lie down," and after a few seconds, another. It is important that the dog can orient and perform the task accurately. And the race for quantity here is inappropriate - the dog does not need to perform tasks on time.
  • Give the pet only one command! You can not repeat it many times and even two repetitions are superfluous. The dog must learn that obeying the master must be done immediately, and not when the time passes and he begins to get irritated.

It is important not to hurry, to remain calm and not to jump through the stages. The dog's skills must be stable, it should not be distracted by external stimuli and be in the established position until the owner releases it. You should gradually increase the time that the dog is in a reclining position, give a command in crowded places and with other difficult situations. the team is lying

When the animal learns the skill and will execute the command without question and without the intervention of the host, one can start a more complex task - to teach him to react to the command, being away from the owner and without a verbal command, but by gesture.

Of course, not all owners go further, and many have enough of the result. But if a pet needs more than just being a darling, then you have to work hard and teach it to more complex teams.

The command "lie!" Is quite simple, and even a child can teach a puppy this simple maneuver. But the difficulties also arise here, you have to go to the end, not retreating. In the bundle "man-dog," the main person always remains, he sets the pace of training and is the initiator. But do not forget about respect - you can not offend your four-legged friend, treat disdain, because he deserves a good treatment.

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