How to teach a dog the team "Fas"

A four-footed pet can be just a friend and a favorite, but sometimes it's not all the functions assigned to it. Some dogs are expected to protect, guard, both the owner and his family, and property. Naturally, in this case it is desirable to train the pet to specific commands, including, and inducing the animal to attack. So, let's see how to teach the dog to the team fac.


Features of training

The guard dog should have some malice, and directed at a stranger, not animals. Naturally, these are, rather, innate characteristics, and it is impossible to make ideal guards and guards from certain dog breeds. Such breed conditions should be taken into account. facet

You can start training when the puppy turns 5 months old, although the adult dog, if necessary, can be trained. There are several nuances that provide a more comfortable training:

  • According to generally accepted rules, the dog is taught protective functions only after mastering the commands entering the general training course. The dog must have an excerpt, unquestioningly carry out the commands. If the dog was not given much time to educate and educate, then it is better to forget about training protection - a pet who does not listen to the owner, is unlikely to be able to fully protect it.
  • The preliminary team is the "alien" team, it prepares the dog for the upcoming conflict.
  • Dog defender is a healthy, physically developed animal, therefore it is necessary to provide the pet with sufficient physical exertion, regular walking and full nutrition.
  • It is important close contact of the dog with the owner - a dog who adores his master and is attached to him to the maximum extent, will effectively protect and protect.

Any mistake can cause a violation of the psyche of the animal, so it's important not to cross the line and do everything in a timely manner.

The first stage of training

First of all, it is recommended to observe the behavior of the pet: how much the dog behaves aggressively towards people like themselves, is it afraid of strangers , frightened by sharp sounds, reacts to drunken passers-by? If the dog actually turns out to be a coward, it may be necessary to have a professional help.

The cynologist will show gestures that help coordinate the animal's actions:

  • The dog sits next to his left leg, a man holds his leash. Also, the dog can be tied to a pole, the owner is again located on the left side.
  • The Assistant Assistant approaches the pair, showing cowardice and waves in front of the muzzle of the animal with a rag. If the dog starts to growl, bark and tries to grab a rag - this is the most expected reaction.
  • The command "Fas!" Is clearly and loudly served when the dog is ready to attack, while the person must make the whole body advance forward.
  • When a dog tears a rag, the owner needs to be given a command for retreat - "fu!", But at the beginning of the training physical impact will be required.
  • The first approach is completed - the "attacker" is retired, and the owner should praise the dog.

It is important to choose the right moment to give a command, and it's easier to do if the pet is on a leash - in this case you can feel it, even if the dog starts to growl silently. Representatives of some breeds, for example, Moscow watchdog and Brazilian fila, prefer to attack noiselessly, but it is not recommended for people without experience to independently train such serious dogs.

Another important feature - certain commands the dog learns better in a game form, but not this one. Training should not be like a game action. But not only excessive benevolence can prevent, anger and sharp cries are also inappropriate.

How to properly work out the team?

In this case, the dog should no longer be tied to a tree, the dog should sit at the owner's foot. And as soon as the "intruder" arises nearby, the owner adjusts the dog to attack. The attacker is already using not a rag, but another object is a plastic bottle filled with croup. Such improvised weapons will not cause serious damage, but produces sharp sounds.

The command is given when the distance between the dog and the assistant is 3-5 meters. The assistant begins to substitute those parts of the body that the dog should pay more attention to during the attack - this is, in a way, a clue. For example, he starts tapping a bottle on the forearm, and the dog attacks it. There are a number of prohibitions, for example, you can not train a dog to work on the groin, neck and face area. How to teach a dog a facial command

Teach the dog to rush to the offender, in fact, not difficult. It is more important to teach him to let go of a person, and do it immediately, as soon as the owner says "fu!" Experts confirm that this work will take longer than training the main team. You can begin training without using a leash in the event that the owner is sure that the dog will be able to release the offender.

All the same, we advise you to read: how to teach the dog to leash .

After the dog learns to attack the attacker, the next stage is the attack of the evader and his delay until the owner arrives. A dog can overtake an attacker, bring him to the ground and keep or bite if the dog's dimensions do not allow using other methods.

If you approach the training competently, the dog will learn not just to rush to the person who is a threat, but also be able to assess the situation. You can go through a special training course, and the pet will learn to even distinguish the type of weapon. The dog will not in vain attack, and in some situations will choose a more effective tactic, for example, if a person has a gas canister in his hand, then the dog will try to rush from the back.

Experienced dog breeders warn that it is very dangerous to turn your four-legged friend into a formidable weapon. After all, such a dog can threaten both the surrounding, and the owner, and his family. It takes a lot of responsibility from a person - because what an incorrectly trained pet will do will be on the conscience of his master.

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