How to get rid of the smell of canine urine

A dog in the house is not only fun, a loyal friend and guard, but also a great responsibility. It is necessary to understand that a puppy is a child who is naughty and can go to the toilet at home for the first time. The same applies to sick, old animals, who also often can not control the process of urination. In addition, often the males thus mark the territory. Naturally, you should get rid of the reason for this behavior or show patience, if nothing else remains. But in any case, you need to know how to get rid of the smell of canine urine.


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Urine in dogs under the influence of oxygen acquires a persistent ammonia odor, so it is important to clean it as soon as possible. But not always this is enough to ensure that the house does not fill with an unpleasant "aroma", since urine is often absorbed into the surface. In addition, dog owners can get used to it without noticing the "fragrance" coming from things, furniture, carpets and other things. But there are effective ways to eliminate the smell of the urine of an animal, regardless of when the stain was left.

To bring a puppy to the street

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the previous "trouble": to take out the puppy as often as possible, and if it is a question of an adult dog, then also to accustom it to the street. For sick dogs use special diapers or wear absorbent diapers. Naturally, this will not give a 100% guarantee, but will help reduce the risks of leakage.

It is worthwhile to hedge and remove carpets and coverings in the places of movement and rest of the pet. Also, dogs can urinate on rags, pillows lying on the floor, you should remove all this.

You can wash the soaked clothes with detergents containing enzymes. In addition, the usual food soda, added to water, along with the detergent, works perfectly well in the urine.

If the carpet is soaked, you should thoroughly clean not only it, but also the surface under it, as the left stain under the carpet will "smell" for a long time.

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How to remove the smell of fresh urine

Once a puddle is found, it is necessary to punish the pet at once (naturally, if it is not an old or sick animal), until the crime scene is cleaned. Otherwise, the dog that is adult, that the puppy, and do not understand why they are angry with her. This is an educational moment and you can not get away from it anywhere.

After the pet was ashamed, you should clean up. If the stain is on the carpet, you need to get wet with a napkin or paper towel. For the same purposes, toilet paper or a filler used for trays will do. If the latter option is used, then, after it absorbs moisture, it should be vacuumed.

Remove the liquid followed by blotting movements and in no case, it is not recommended to rub urine into the pile. If it is grinded, this will complicate the removal of the smell.

How to remove the smell of canine urine

Then you should prepare a solution - one part of table vinegar for three parts of water. It is recommended to pour the prepared mixture on a damp place. Vinegar is able to influence the substances that make up urine, which are the cause of ammonia odor. In addition, it disappears in a short time and leaves no traces on the surface being cleaned.

After drying the vinegar, the stain should be sprinkled with baking soda. If this is done before drying, then there will be a chemical reaction of soda and vinegar and the effect of substances on the urine will decrease significantly.

After purification, hydrogen peroxide is added. It is diluted with water, adding a small amount of soap (liquid) or degreaser used for washing dishes. The mixture must be poured onto a layer of soda, pre-foaming well. This remedy will remove all residues of urine and an unpleasant odor. Peroxide has an active disinfecting effect, which is important for home hygiene. This is especially important when there are young children in the house.

The dried up area must be vacuumed. This procedure, carried out in the proposed sequence, at the level of chemical constituents destroys the urine. Therefore, timely treatment in this way will relieve not only the urine, but also subsequent unpleasant odors, before they occur.

Vacuum the site where there was urine

Another option to eliminate fresh spots and "fragrances", especially suitable for fabric surfaces - laundry soap. A small piece should be grated on a fine grater and dissolved in warm water. It is necessary that a jelly-like mass is obtained, which is subsequently applied to the surface spreading an unpleasant ambre. The mixture should impregnate the fabric well, it takes about 15 minutes. Then, using a container of clean water and a foam sponge, the area to be cleaned should be thoroughly rinsed.

Juice of a lemon will help to relieve furniture from a smell of urine, necessarily freshly squeezed. The stain should be treated and left to dry, after which the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth.

Naturally, it's easier to get rid of fresh spots and aromas than from old ones.

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How to cope with a chronic smell of urine

But what if the pet made a puddle in the absence of owners and their house was already waiting for a "fragrant gift"? Or if the child is cleaning up for his pet not as carefully as we would like, allowing the smell to be absorbed and spread to all housing? For such a situation, of course, there are its universal ways of removing the smell of chronic dog's urine:

  • Smells volatile, they impregnate everything that is in the apartment, and not just a wet place. Therefore, to completely remove the corrosive ammonia flavor, you should wash everything you can - bedding, towels, blankets, bedspreads, blankets and so on. It is necessary to wash the curtains and all removable furniture covers. The washing water must be as hot as possible, naturally, recommendations for things should be taken into account. Use of flavoring air conditioners is welcome.
  • All that can not be washed - upholstery, carpets and other should be treated with cleaning agents and special brushes. Surfaces without fabrics - laminated chipboard, tiles, fiberboard, plastic panels, etc. can be washed with water with the addition of whiteness or another chlorine-containing agent. For parquet and laminate it is better to use individual detergents.
  • If the house does not have suitable means, then you can apply the contents of the medicine chest. With the smell of canine urine, hydrogen peroxide, an ordinary manganese, works great. Also in this case is suitable citric acid, acetic essence, food soda. These components should be diluted with a small amount of water and surface treatment with a sponge, or even better spray the solution on the surface of the spray gun. After the treated surfaces, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Another effective tool that can save from corrosive odors - bleach. This powder is diluted in water - a tablespoon per glass of water and, after moistening the sponge in the solution, you should wipe the stains. Chlorine is an aggressive substance, therefore it is recommended to carry out treatment in protective gloves. In order not to spoil the tissues, the treatment should be started from the application of the solution on the reverse side of the product. Then continue the procedure if neither the color nor the surface structure has changed.
  • To clean the laminate or wood coating, you can use an iodine solution. It is prepared from the consumption of 1 teaspoon of antiseptic per liter of water. Then the liquid is sprayed onto the surface. After literally 20 minutes, the floor can be wiped with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry. You can be sure - the smell has disappeared completely.

If the animal has chosen a permanent place for the toilet and regularly spoils in the same place, a serious approach to weaning from the bad habit is required. In this case, medical alcohol will help - the treatment allows them to effectively cope with the unpleasant odor, stains, disinfect the effect and leave behind an alcohol loop. The latter will become an obstacle for the pet: after smelling this smell, the dog will stop shitting in this place.

If even after cleaning, the fragrance does not disappear, then you can use an ultraviolet flashlight. It can be purchased at a zoological store. In the dark, when there is no sunlight, it is necessary to enlighten the beam with all the corners in the apartment, not forgetting to look under the furniture. Stains of urine under the influence of ultraviolet are reflected and become visible. This will reveal the old spots and get rid of the source of this not very pleasant smell.

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In addition, in order to help owners of four-legged friends in pet stores sold special funds that remove odors, including stool. They have a gentle formula, so they do not harm the treated surfaces and the pets themselves. Among them you can note ORGANICS Zoo-WC, Odorgon for pets, WC closet "Absorber of smell" and others.

Almost any owner of a pet can face a similar problem, be it an accidental oversight, an inexperienced dog, a health problem or a protest. But, in any case, this is not an excuse to refuse a pet. It is necessary to find out what is the reason for this behavior and if possible to correct it.

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