How to give the dog a medicine

Each owner of a four-legged friend is faced with such a question as giving his pet a medicine. And not always such a necessity arises in connection with the dog's disease, because dogs need regular dehelmenization. In addition, they often have to give vitamin-mineral preparations, which may not be to the taste of the pet. Tablets, capsules, liquid preparations of the dog, in general, do not favor, and in some cases the owner needs to show all his ingenuity to feed the pet with a similar "delicacy." How to give the dog the medicine correctly?

How to give the dog a tablet, capsule or dragee

How to give a dog a pill

There are several options, each of which depends on certain factors. For example, some medicines can be given with food, and others before or after eating. Also there are tablets that should not be bitten. In general, it is worth to start from the data specified in the instruction. There are three main ways to give the dog a medicine in the form of a capsule or tablet.

I option

This is the easiest way when a pet, without any difficulties, can eat a medicine, of course, if the dog is not too scrupulous in matters of food and has an excellent appetite. A tablet or capsule is put in food, and the dog eats it along with the usual diet.

However, often dogs, especially small ones, eat cautiously, choosing what is more tasty, or eating only pellets of food, leaving a foreign object without attention. And, as already noted, not all medicines can be given simultaneously with food.

II option

It can be used if the drug can be given along with food. In this case, the drug is given along with the delicacy by placing a tablet in a piece of meat, a boiled by-product, a piece of minced meat. Usually dogs are happy to get a treat even without reason, but if this is not practiced, then you can give the dog a couple of commands and encourage for good work.

If the pet knows how to catch objects on the fly, you can roll a few balls of minced meat and put one "stuffing" in one of them, the same is made of cheese, although it is more difficult to hide the "surprise" in such a product.

It is worth throwing "test" balls that do not contain medicines, then throw the ball with the medicine. Complete the fun should be 1-2 goodies without a dirty trick. But even here there is a possibility that the pet will guess the owner's intentions and the spilled tablet will be on the floor. In this case, it is necessary to resort to a more rigid third method.

III option

It is used when gaming and incentive methods have failed, or it is required to feed the drug separately from food. Of course, you can put the medicine on the dog's tongue, but the probability that she will swallow it voluntarily is low. If this happened, then the pet is definitely worthy of praise. If not, then proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • The pet should be comfortably planted. A tiny dog ​​should be placed on a table, medium or large size - invited to a corner where there will be no escape opportunities. If there is still such a possibility, then you can take the help of another person, so that he holds the dog in the shoulder area.
  • It is necessary to open the mouth to the animal, for this, the palm should be placed on the bridge of the dog, and with the thumb and forefinger to grasp the upper lips. You need to press a little, as if trying to push your fingers inside.
  • When the pet's lips are pressed against the teeth, the dog will have to open its mouth, so as not to bite itself by the lips.
  • You should place the middle finger in the middle of the lower jaw and gently push so that the pet opens its jaw and pulls the other hand slightly back.
  • When the head of the animal is raised, it is necessary to push the medicine as deep as possible into the mouth, closer to the base of the tongue. That the person lay on the root of the tongue can not spit out the pet, and even feel that it is bitter or not, because there are no taste receptors on this site.
  • After the work is done, it is necessary to take out a hand from the mouth of the dog and close it with your fingers. Keep it until the dog swallows.

There are situations, then the drug sticks to the surface of the tongue and does not pass into the pharynx. In this case, water will help: it is typed into a syringe without a needle and poured into the dog's cheeks on both sides. The dog will start to swallow and the tablet will be pushed. It does not matter how the dog ate the medicine, in any case it should be praised.

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We give the dog liquid medicine

Well, with tablets all is more or less clear, but what to do if a remedy is given in a liquid form? A solution, syrup, suspension, broth. They do not always have pleasant taste qualities and aromas, so persuading a pet to take them is even more difficult.

How to give a dog a liquid medicine

It is worth noting and the fact that the spit out pill can be picked up and offered to the pet repeatedly, which can not be done with the liquid. In addition, it is difficult to control the amount of the taken remedy, when it is partially swallowed, and some of it flows down the muzzle.

Experts warn that it's impossible to just pour liquid into the mouth of an animal! There are several methods, how to give the dog a medicinal liquid:

  1. Again, a method based on the love of dogs for goodies. The solution can be diluted in a drink that the dog likes - vegetable juice, tea, milk. Drops can be added to the mass of mashed egg yolk or a piece of minced meat. The method is good, but only if there is no prescription, take the medicine on an empty stomach.
  2. The second way is to use a dispenser. It takes the necessary amount of the drug and approaches the dog. It should be noted that in this case the usual team "to me!" Should not be used, since the dog may have a wrong association. You need to sit on the side of the animal, throw your arm through the area of ​​the withers, in order that if possible, you can hold the dog. The same hand should fix the head, holding it by the lower jaw. A syringe is placed between the dog's lips, but to unclasp the jaws or try to push it by the cheeks should not be. The piston should be moved slowly, thereby sending the medicine into the mouth of the pet. It is necessary to be calm and act slowly, without trying to speed up the process. In addition, if at this moment to tear the dog's muzzle, so that the medicine quickly gets into the throat, you can achieve that the pet just chokes.

Treatment of dogs or preventive measures are necessary, therefore, every owner should be able to properly digest his pet's medication. But often dogs very quickly understand the good intentions of their master and not only do not resist therapy, but also in all ways help, speeding up their recovery.

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