How to brush a dog's teeth

If there is no specific experience in caring for a dog, but it appeared in the house, a lot of different questions arise. What should be done, and what is better to avoid? So brushing your teeth is no easy task for most dog owners. Do I need and how to brush your dog's teeth at home?


Why brush your teeth

How to brush a dog's teeth

Caring for your own oral cavity, a person knows that it will save the gums and teeth from the bacteria, keep them in a healthy state. And this, in turn, will relieve the unpleasant smell emanating from the mouth.

As for dogs, even in this case it is necessary to brush your teeth for absolutely the same reasons. And they have food particles stuck between the teeth, an enamel plaque forms, there is a risk of inflammation in the gums. In addition, most dogs have a habit of picking up various objects and food residues on the street.

If you do not care for your pet's teeth, they may well get sick, and in some breeds this may be the reason for their complete loss.

Caries, fistula, periodontitis - this is not a complete list of ailments affecting the mouth of a dog, and in addition, diseases of the teeth can cause unbearable painful feelings for the animal. How to prevent such a prospect and learn how to clean the teeth of a dog, without causing irritation on her part?

Teaching a dog to brush teeth

Yes, few, even domesticated, animals will be delighted with the fact that someone penetrates into their mouths. If we are talking about a puppy, then in this case, everything will go quite simply, but with an adult dog will have to tinker. This is one of the reasons why the process of schooling is better to start from puppyhood, then the pet will be able to adequately respond to such a procedure.

The whole process takes only 8-10 minutes, but this is if the dog does not resist and allows you to do everything as it should be. Otherwise, time is greatly increased.

Professional vets do not recommend immediately start using a toothbrush. For the first time, the dog owner's finger is perfect - the dog must get used to the fact that there is something alien in his mouth.

The algorithm is simple:

  • It is necessary to prepare a fragrant strong broth on meat.
  • The index finger is dipped into it and placed in the dog's mouth.
  • This procedure should be repeated until the pet becomes accustomed to adequately respond to such actions.

If the owner plans to perform with a pet at various exhibitions, the dog should be trained in the performance of the team - “Show your teeth!”, It often becomes a prerequisite for participation in the competition.

The benefits of brushing your teeth are indisputable, the methods of teaching to find someone else's object in the mouth are also understandable. How to properly clean?

How to brush your teeth properly

Proper teeth brushing

As soon as the pet understands that the master's finger in the mouth does not bring any unpleasant sensations, you can proceed to the cleaning itself. The easiest option is the following:

  • put on your finger a few layers of bandage (three or four will be enough);
  • squeeze the necessary amount of toothpaste onto the bandage;
  • wipe your dog's teeth with your finger, avoiding strong pressure, as you can damage the enamel and gum.

If the procedure is carried out for the first time, then, most likely, it will not be possible to clean all teeth at once. Prolonged cleaning can tire a pet or cause irritation, so it would be a rational decision to do it in a few tricks.

The teeth are cleaned only outside, as the dog itself is able to take care of the cleanliness of the inner surface.

In order to defuse the situation during the procedure, you can offer the dog teeth cleaning as a kind of game, then the pet will not be afraid of it and avoided. A gentle tone and kind encouragement will be useful. In this case, the dog will have positive associations associated with this action.

If we talk about the frequency of brushing your teeth, then two procedures a week are enough for dogs. The duration of one procedure should not exceed more than ten minutes.

After each cleaning, it is necessary to inspect the mouth for bleeding. If damage is found, then you need to treat them with hydrogen peroxide.

Once this procedure is positively perceived by the pet, and the owner learn to carry out the whole process in a few minutes, you can replace your finger with a toothbrush with a small head, and it is better to give preference to the nursery. Also in veterinary pharmacies and specialized departments you can buy a brush designed specifically for dogs.

Read how to care for a domestic dog .

When is it better to teach a dog

To simplify the process, it is worth starting a pet to brush your teeth at an early age. The kid will perceive the purge game much more favorably than an adult animal. If you have to teach an adult dog, then you should be prepared for certain problems.

Puppies can be taught from the age of two months. Of course, the baby is unlikely to be pleased with such an intervention, however, he will quickly get used to this manipulation.

As a basic means, in addition to a soft toothbrush (child or special), you must purchase and toothpaste. They are in specialty stores offer a large selection, you only need to pick up on age and with suitable taste for the pet. And yes, you should not worry that the dog will not rinse the mouth, but only swallow the paste, its composition is exactly what this is intended for.

It is not necessary during training to put too much pressure on the pet, here it is necessary to act gradually, without haste. You can also complement the process with strong motivation. To do this, after each successful cleaning it is necessary to treat the dog with its favorite delicacy and not to stint on the praise.

Toothpaste selection

Toothpaste for dogs

Properly chosen means - half the success. Dog owners should be aware that it is not recommended to use their toothpaste to clean their teeth. Firstly, its composition is not very suitable for dog enamel, and secondly, most pastes contain mint, which negatively affects the sense of smell of a pet. It is also worth giving preference to pastes that do not contain fluorine.

Dogs are produced with the taste and aroma of chicken, bacon, etc. Dogs are characterized by the formation of tartar, so it is best to choose a paste that fights with a similar phenomenon.

As already mentioned, special pastes can, without prejudice to health, be swallowed. If this prospect does not suit the owner, you can rinse the pet's mouth with a syringe without a needle, using not only water, but also herbal infusions, such as chamomile.

Strong and healthy teeth - the key to excellent health

Every person, at least once in a lifetime, was bothered by a toothache. Sensations, to put it mildly, unpleasant, and sometimes unbearable. In dogs, it manifests itself in the same way, although much less frequently.

When a toothache pet can whine , but it is more related to puppies, but adults can endure suffering silently. Lack of appetite, lethargy, refusal to play, can also signal that a dog has teeth ache.

So is it worth admitting to this, can it be better to prevent this? Most people think that by purchasing special bones, sticks, designed to clean the teeth of a dog, they are more than replacing traditional brushing. However, this is not at all the case; they have only an additional preventive role. The main method of treatment is the traditional teeth cleaning.

In addition, with mandatory veterinary examinations, time and condition of the mouth should be given. The doctor should evaluate how the teeth look, gums, whether there are any diseases. You can also carry out more thorough cleaning of teeth in veterinary clinics, which are carried out with special devices.

A healthy dog ​​is the merit of a caring owner, it is a devoted and cheerful friend who delivers only positive emotions, and timely teeth cleaning is one step towards this.

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