Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are by far the most popular decorative dogs. And they deserve the love of millions not by any working qualities, but by an incredible appearance and a positive character. Yorkies are so sweet and cunning that their owners do not even understand how in a short time this toy creature gets the rights of a junior member of the family with all the ensuing consequences. Where did this breed come from, and how did it manage to gain worldwide recognition?


History of the breed

Looking at these cuties, only one version comes to mind - this breed has been diligently taken out so that the dogs will delight the high-ranking owners with their presence. But no, in fact, representatives of this breed is not the origin of secular salons. Yes, and the ancient history of Yorkshire terriers can not boast either.

Yorkshire Terrier

In fact, according to reliable data, these dogs were withdrawn by workers in the coal mines of a small town of West Rydeng, which was located in the Yorkshire-Nottingham coal basin. And the challenge before the Yorkies was not easy - to destroy a crowd of rodents that live in mines, and to search for the accumulation of ore gases. They turned out to be excellent rat-catchers, and besides, bypassing the law prohibiting the appearance of animals in mines, they successfully penetrated the sleeves of workers.

But this turn in the history of the breed was short-lived, since the mila were seen by ladies from high society and very quickly, leaving the coal mines, they became lodgers of salons and boudoir.

In the 19th century, under Queen Victoria, it was a bad thing to attend social events without a tiny pet on your hands. And the tiny the pet was, the more he was valued and evoked envious glances.

But the documented history of the breed began only in the 70s of the 19th century, when the English kennel club was organized, and the UK studbook appeared. Officially the club recognized the breed only in 86 of the last century, then the dogs were called "Yorkshire terriers". The adoption of the same standard occurred later, in 12 years.

The founder of the breed is P. Eden, a connoisseur and true connoisseur of various canine breeds. He acted as an expert at various dog shows, where the first representatives of the breed were represented. He was also the owner of a york with the nickname Albert, who was the first to be inscribed in the British Studbook. Pesik was an excellent founder of the genus and gave many of his descendants excellent qualities of character and beautiful wool. 74 times Albert was a prize-winner of various exhibitions.

Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

The second owner of this eminent dog was Mrs. Foster, who also made a significant contribution to the maintenance of the breed. She organized the first nursery Yorkshire terrier, and half a century she selflessly engaged in the favorite thing.

In those days, the size of most Yorkes was not as compact as that of modern crumbs, and many dogs simply did not fit into the established standards. But the official standard tightened the requirements - the weight of the representatives of the breed had to vary from 1350 to 3150 grams. At the same time, attention was paid to the length of the coat, its softness and color.

The dogs of those times were somewhat different, painstaking selection made modern dogs more elegant and elegant. Breeders managed to get animals with a tail of high planting, a straight back and small ears.

The popularity of Yorkshire Terriers increased significantly after World War II ended. Since then, these miniature creatures have spread throughout the world, winning the hearts of many millions of people.

Description of the breed Yorkshire Terrier

Description of the Yorkshire Terrier

Breed of Yorkshire Terrier dogs photo

Many lovers and admirers of the breed claim - Yorkies - extraterrestrial beings who came to earth from distant worlds. But this unusual exterior is not so much external qualities, as the work of owners and specialists in caring for dogs. Only quality care gives the dogs an unearthly appearance:

  • Dogs have a small head , slightly flattened from above, with a nice, medium-sized, muzzle. Yorks have dark brown eyes-pearls, which are seen through the abundant coat.
  • The ears of the pups are erect, they are V-shaped. The limbs are not visible due to the wool, but they are located straight and parallel to each other. Paws are round, with tightly assembled fingers and claws of black color.
  • Yorkies are very fast and mobile, which is a sign of true terriers. The tail is highly planted, it is stopped at half before the age of 5 days. In a good mood, as a rule, he has a "pipe" with a dog.
  • One of the external virtues of the breed is the long, shiny, silky coat that hangs evenly on both sides of the body.

Yorkshire terrier colors

  • Yorkshire terriers of blue-silver color on the trunk and tail are more common, and in the head and sternum the coat color resembles a golden tan, sometimes it is creamy-golden. Blue-silver Yorkshire Terrier
  • There are thoroughbred representatives of other colors: they have predominantly wool of black color , or a combination of black and fiery shades. Black Yorkshire Terrier

Puppies of this breed are born with a black fur, and only on the face and legs there are bright red small spots. Multicolored Yorkies are much more valuable, as their wool looks luxurious, as if the dog visited the salon and went out with a fashionable coloring.

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Nature of the breed

Of course, each dog has special character traits, but some of the similar characteristics are common to most Yorkies. Most dogs are energetic, but lately, they are also more calm and phlegmatic. These milaques are characterized by high intelligence, and this quality they deftly use for their own purposes, in order to get what they want. But for owners, the sharp mind of the pet greatly facilitates the training , provided that it will be able to interest him and lure the process.

Character of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier dog photo

Do not forget that yorkshirts, first of all, terriers, and this gives their character one characteristic feature - the desire for independence. If you do not specify the pet, who is in charge of the family, the dog himself will determine himself for this position. It is worth noting that they also do not hold stubbornness and perseverance. The historical roots of the dog have not lost, so any creature of the same size or smaller becomes their prey. It is worth paying attention to this during the daytime.

Despite the extremely modest size, the pet will protect its space from other animals dared to invade its territory. However, in new, unusual conditions, the dog may become confused. Yorkians are very attached to their owners and sincerely love their family, showing amazing tenderness. Despite the long life in high society, dogs are people of the people. Therefore, they always act simply and clearly.

This is one of the most cheerful creatures, and only the ill-treatment of owners can eradicate this quality. But, basically, Yorkshire terriers - are curious, good-natured and almost always in a good mood, infecting the positive around them.

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Yorkshire Terrier Care

Buying this tiny, affectionate creature, you should count on your strengths and have free time, as the exterior of the terriers requires careful care.

Wool is the first and most important item in the care procedures. She is gentle, long, capricious at Yorkies. Beautiful and attractive, it will only be with constant combing. If there is no possibility to do this every day, then you can cut your pet, good, salons offer a lot of model haircuts for this breed.

Yorkshire Terrier Care

Photo - Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Also, the wool cover requires frequent bathing , it should be done every 7-10 days. It is most convenient to carry out the procedure in the bathroom, avoiding getting elastic water jets on the dog, as a yorkie can scare it. To apply better special detergents, in extreme cases, you can use a mild shampoo for children, but before diluting it with water. To improve the quality of wool and to facilitate combing, it is recommended to apply a balm or a conditioner for dogs to the wool, and then carefully wash it off. All actions should be made in the direction of growth of the coat.

After taking a bath pet should be dried by a hair dryer, wrapped in a towel or diaper. After drying, you should immediately take a hairdo, combing the pet, and sprinkle the hair with a spray. If there is a desire, you can wind strands on hair curlers.

Eyes also require daily care, they should be wiped in the morning with a swab soaked in water and combing the fur down, so that the individual hairs do not injure the eyes.

Ears Yorkies are not so demanding, it is enough once in 7 days to inspect them and clean the formed plaque with a cotton swab and a special lotion or liquid. Care should be taken, since too deep penetration can cause injury to the auricle. Ear hyperemia or the appearance of an unpleasant odor is the reason for contacting a veterinarian.

The nose of Yorkies, like that of other dogs, is an indicator of health. A healthy lobe wet and cool. But the formation of a white border or the appearance of abundant secretions should alarm the owner.

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Photo of a Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier with a puppyYorkshire Terrier on the couchLong-haired Yorkshire TerrierPuppy Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier with toyYorkshire Terrier on the floor

Video about Yorkshire terrier

Good to know:

How much does a yorkshire terrier puppy

The cost of puppies depends on their size. The smaller the puppy, the more expensive it is, respectively. For example, in the capital, a one and a half kilogram kid can cost 25,000 rubles, but private breeders can cost him and much less - 15,000-18,000. Babies of larger sizes in well-known nurseries cost about 12,000-15,000 rubles.

As for provincial cities, here the cost of the doggies of this breed is quite affordable. Depending on the size, color and titulity of parents, the price of the Yorkshire terrier ranges from 7,500 to 20,000 rubles. By the way, statistics show that in Russia the lowest cost of puppies of Yorkshire terriers. This is due to the very high demand and prevalence of the breed.

Yorkshire Terrier - not a guard, a bodyguard or a hunter. It's a companion dog, a friend and even an equal member of the family. It is bought for the soul and for a pleasant company. But do not forget about its roots terrier and the appearance of an aristocrat, which requires certain costs and time.

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