Dog from the movie Elektronik


Dog from the movie "Electronics"

Often the characters of films or cartoons become animals. Children's musical film "Adventures of Electronics. Ressie - a dog from the movie "Electronics" won the hearts of boys and girls. Not surprisingly, many spectators were interested in the four-legged companion of the robot boy. The story of the appearance of the ... Continue reading

cute German Shepherd puppy


How to choose a German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd is a very popular breed. There is a great demand and a corresponding offer for puppies of this breed. Therefore, to find a suitable nursery, professionally engaged in breeding German shepherds is easy in any country. But before you buy a pet in it, you need to know a few rules ... Continue reading



How to choose a puppy

The dog has lived side by side with a man for many millennia, changing with it, mastering new skills, bringing great benefits to its owner. Sometimes a pet in the house appears suddenly - the puppy is brought from a walk by the kids, someone from close relatives offers ... Continue reading

best friend


Best movies about dogs

Dog lovers are engaged not only in raising a pet, but also enjoy watching Soviet and foreign films and TV shows with the participation of four-armed. Film, in which the protagonists are dogs, a lot. Consider the best movies about dogs. White Bim, black ear 1976 ... Continue reading

doggie with a beautiful tail


Why does the dog have a tail

Almost every third family has a four-legged barking pet, and in some, not one. However, adult dog owners rarely ask themselves about the anatomical features of their pet. But children often wonder why a dog needs a tail, big ears, hair? Why ... Continue reading

beagle on the couch


What kind of dog is better to have in an apartment

The dog has been living with man for thousands of years, following him everywhere. With the advent of cities these animals adapted for living in urban conditions. However, this did not happen to some breeds. We will tell you which dog is better to have in the apartment. ... Continue reading

Dog and religion

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Dogs in religion

Perhaps, all will agree that dogs are the best four-footed friends of a man and it is hard to find a devotee of an animal. However, from a religious point of view everything is not so unambiguous. What place do these animals occupy in different beliefs? Dogs in Orthodoxy According to the Christian, including ... Continue reading

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Dog Rescuers - Let's Talk About the Heroes

A lifesaver is not a breed, it's a vocation! No, they will not be able to provide first aid, they can not give the person life-giving water and they will not relieve the pain. But rescue dogs are able to give more - life, finding the victim in time and notifying about it ... Continue reading

How to choose a Chihuahua

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How to choose a Chihuahua

Choosing a four-legged friend is not an easy task, especially when it comes to decorative chihuahua babies. Lovely and funny, they, however, have their own characteristics, of which an ignorant person may not know. How to choose a Chihuahua and what should ... Continue reading

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Why does a dog eat grass on the street

The owners of four-footed pets notice that animals periodically eat grass. And there are no special preferences for shaggy "vegetarians". They are happy to use as rough plants - wheat grass, field grasses, hiccup, and bright flowers, fresh juicy grass. Accordingly, the question arises: "Why the dog ... Continue reading

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