Dog grooming

Grooming - this concept came to us from the UK, where for more than one century there are people - groomers, professionally engaged in the care of animals. In their competence haircut, drying, care for claws and more. Of course, much has changed since that time. The needs for the appearance of dogs are constantly changing, and groomers follow fashion trends and use new technologies. What includes the modern grooming of dogs. What does it include and who needs such services?


Grooming - comprehensive dog care

Dog grooming

Grooming is a whole range of animal care activities. If we talk about dogs, then the following procedures are included:

In addition, a professional groomer can get absolutely free advice on how to properly care for a particular dog breed .

Professional dog wash

Grooming dog wash

Most dogs can not be bathed often, two or three times a year is enough. This is not enough for pets who often participate in exhibitions. Not all owners of four-legged friends, especially dogs of the show class, do this on their own, because there are professionals who will do it according to all the rules and using special means.

The groomer will not only wash the dog, but also relieve him from the lumps of felled wool, select the most suitable shampoo. Before important events, it is possible to use dubbing agents to make the dog's hair more bright and attractive.

He will not allow the ingress of water into the ears, and quick drying with a hair dryer will prevent the pet from possibly getting cold. Proper drying will lay wool properly, which is a prerequisite for participation in the exhibition. Thorough washing with suitable products will allow your pet to stay clean longer.

In addition, during washing, a specialist may notice health problems (ear mites, tumors, etc.) and immediately inform the owner.

Grooming - hair cutting and wool plucking

Grooming dog grooming

If we consider in more detail, then grooming is a mass of various manipulations, giving the pet a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, and most of them are not entirely clear, foreign names.

For example, grooming dogs:

  • Hair cutting is done with a typewriter or scissors. After the procedure, the coat of the animal becomes uniform and thick. These include "clippervok" - processing wool machine almost bald. Two types of technology can be used - in the course of hair growth and against. Which parts of the body are subjected to a similar haircut depends on the requirements of the standard for the breed. Used hand, or electric tool. Another type of trimming is flatback, a treatment aimed at maintaining one coat length, mostly short, in certain areas. This haircut is performed using scissors or a typewriter.
  • Blending (leveling) is a procedure that makes transitions from long to short wool imperceptible. Gives the haircut a finished look. Apply special scissors for thinning.
  • Top notes are dog hairstyles with various accessories - elastics, hairpins and clips. Haircut is most often used for long-haired decorative breeds. It is mandatory for dogs that have a hair coat longer than 10 cm in length in the head area, as well as for pets wearing bangs or having bulging eyeballs.
  • Creative haircut - in this case, the master moves away from any standards. The dog's coat is colored, tinted, weaving techniques are used, as well as a tattoo on the hair. Entertainment and showiness - these are the main advantages of such care. Performed both for special competitions, and simply, at the request of the owners of the dog.

You can cut the dog from three months, but short haircuts are not recommended for up to six months.

Each dog has different hair regrowth periods, so when a pet needs a haircut, it's hard to say. The ideal period between haircuts is 2-3 months, if there is no possibility for such frequent events, it is recommended to cut the dog very shortly at least once every 12 months - with the onset of the warm season.

If the owner of the dog with a rich head of hair decides to do the haircut on his own, then the groomers recommend purchasing a special dog grooming machine. It is better to give preference to a battery tool - you can take with you to exhibitions, use removable knives, or a rotary one - the most powerful unit that can cope with the most shaggy quadrupeds. The latter option is suitable for overall pets.

Other techniques are also used:

  • Trimming (stripping) - removal of dead hair in dogs with a hard coat. This procedure is required for the following breeds - schnauzers, terriers, long-haired collie and others. With the help of stripping it is possible to take care of wool and skin, which cannot be trimmed, and it is possible to maintain the perfect hair structure. Plucking is done with a special knife.
  • There is another technique - rolling , this is one type of stripping. It is used for animals of the show class, often participating in exhibitions. Pinch is carried out gradually, which allows you to leave the dog hairs of different ages.
  • There is also a manual plucking — a crying , during which the master uses his thumb and index finger, as well as a plack — the chips are sharp and fast, the very tips of the wool are captured. If you do not remove dead wool, then in addition to a sloppy appearance, the pet may appear irritated on the skin.

Pet claw care

Grooming dog grooming

This is another type of procedure that groomers perform. Of course, the main inspection, washing the paws after walking - this is what every owner does at home. And specialists are most often addressed with more serious problems:

  • Carefully cutting the hair between the fingers is a necessary hygienic procedure that protects the dog from the development of fungal diseases.
  • Trim claws - long claws can interfere with a pet when walking, adversely affect its gait, and even grow into the footpad, thus causing the dog to suffer from pain and inflammation. The groomer uses special nail cutters - with a guillotine mechanism or with a sickle blade. It is also possible to file the claws and sand with manual or automatic grinding. At the request of the owner, the surface of the claws is covered with decorative varnishes, reinforcing means.

You can perform the procedure at home, however, in pets with black claws, it is very difficult to do everything correctly, since the core of the nail plate is not visible.

For self "dog" manicure should follow the advice of professionals:

  • if you do not have hair cutting skills, you can file them once every two to three weeks with a flat file;
  • proper filing is the movement of the tool from top to bottom;
  • you should not be afraid to put pressure on the plate at the first procedures, later it will be much easier.

Care groomer for the eyes and ears of a dog

Dog eye care

The specialist performs a hygienic haircut. A haircut in the area of ​​the eyes and ears provides pets with excellent vision and hearing. This is a rather complicated and delicate procedure, which is better to be entrusted to professionals. If necessary, the groomer plucks the hair inside the ear.

The groomer gently removes litter and dirt that accumulate in the corners of the dog's eyes, using tampons soaked in special means. There are lotions designed to care for the hair around the eyes, as well as to lighten the brownish spots on light breeds.

The care of brachycephalous - dogs, with bulging eyes - bulldogs, pugs , Pekingese, Boston terriers, griffins, and others causes particular difficulty. In addition to professional procedures, it is necessary to remove the accumulated formations from the corners of the eyes every day with wet wipes.

Grooming dog ears care

Dogs need to clean their ears every seven days. At home, this is done with the help of available tools - hydrogen peroxide, vegetable oil, etc. The experienced groomer has an arsenal of tools and tools suitable for various breeds. Careful cleaning even for dogs of dwarf breeds with narrow auditory passages, and owners of hanging ears that are difficult to clean.

If a four-legged friend appeared in the house, then naturally he needs care. Cleaning of wool, ears, claw clipping, grooming, etc. - are mandatory procedures that are included in grooming, and dog owners have two options - to carry out the procedures on their own, or to seek professional services.

No matter, a purebred dog or an ordinary mongrel, he deserves to be well-groomed and happy.

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