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The specialists managed to find out that the hound breeds of dogs are the most ancient of all who helped our ancestors in the hunt. People began taming wild dogs for this purpose and as a result received excellent companions. It became easier to get the game, that is why hunting with hounds caught on and gained popularity.


What are the advantages of beagle dogs?

There are various hunting breeds, what makes hounds among them? Representatives of such breeds are able to trace a beast on a trail and drive it up until it beats out. The entire pen process is accompanied by a loud, bark of biting water. Having caught up with the prey, they must hold it, waiting for the hunters to arrive. two Russian hounds

To hunt in this way, dogs must have long ears, a nose with wide nostrils and a muscular physique. The hounds are very hardy, energetic, which allows them to move for a long time without keeping up the pace. If it is important for the greyhounds to make eye contact, then these dogs are able to lead the beast, relying only on a sharp nose. Hounds are quite capricious, active, but often they make excellent defenders and family pets.

Various types of hounds

The development of the breeds was ascending, many varieties of hounds began to appear, oriented to a certain game: otters, foxes, raccoons. Also, a breed was bred separately, which works fine along a blood trail. two transylvanian hounds

According to the International Canine Federation, the hounds make up the 6th of 10 groups, which includes 75 breeds. This group is the largest. The standard distinguishes several types of hounds: large, medium, small, and also working in a pack. In addition, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Dalmatian are considered breeds akin to beagles.

The best breeds of hounds

Who belongs to this category?

  • American Foxhound. The breed was due to the crossing of two hounds - English and French. These are graceful dogs, capable of developing great speed and possess a keen sense of smell. At home - it is a tender, docile pet, while hunting - a warlike dog, capable of running around the clock without fatigue. American Foxhound
  • Poitevin. The foxhound and several hounds were taken as a basis. The result was a tall dog with a light, lean body. Poitevins are used for hunting in various localities - swampy, mountainous, lowland. Among wolf hunters, representatives of this breed are considered the best. Poitevin
  • Russian Pinto Hound. At the beginning of the 20th century, a new breed of hounds, the Russian pinto hound, appeared through long selection work. She immediately gained popularity among fans of hunting, but not everyone was afford. At home, the dog behaves quietly, but only if he receives regular discharge in the form of hunting. Russian Pinto Hound
  • Billy. Representatives of this breed are the best hunters for roe and deer. For their breeding they used several distinct, though half-forgotten, breeds - seri, larry and montenfeb. Billy - proud, bold, fast and active dogs, able to bark, using different timbres, by which you can find out what game the hound went for. Billy
  • Harrier The English breed, which they bred to hunt a hare, however, the harriers showed themselves well on hunting foxes and wild boars. Among the ancestors of these dogs there are Foxhounds, Tablothounds and Southern Hounds. Representatives of this breed need a long and persistent training, but the result will be a great hunter. Harrier
  • Transylvanian Hound. An old breed that is ideal for mountain hunting. These dogs are well oriented on the terrain, able to move in difficult areas. Their hallmarks are perseverance and courage. Transylvanian Hound
  • Laufhund The genus of these Swiss hounds comes from dogs that were hunted back in Ancient Egypt. Laufhundy are very hardy, obedient and faithful. In the hunt, they show unprecedented courage, with them you can go both on hares and wild boars. Laufhund
  • The beagle Most of the small-sized hunting breeds turned into domestic dogs, however, the Bigleys still remained working dogs. They are suitable for hunting various small game, including feathery, and are also excellent anglers. Beagle
  • Basset Hound. The phlegmatic appearance of these short-footed dogs is deceptive - they can run very fast. They are used for hunting burrow animals, possums and pheasants. At home, they are good-natured and calm pets that do not cause much trouble. Basset hound
  • Russian Hound. These are strong dogs, graceful, with excellent working qualities. They do not require complex care. But such a pet is not recommended for beginners - Russian hounds are freedom-loving, wayward animals that can be stubborn. Russian Hound

Beagles are working dogs that are best made to be used for their intended purpose. If you keep such a pet in four walls, you can not only make problems, but also spoil the animal.

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