Worms in dogs

All owners of dogs at least once in their life faced helminth disease in their pets. This ailment is caused by various parasitic worms that penetrate the animal's body. They can be located almost in any organ and detrimentally affect the entire body as a whole. How to recognize worms in a dog, relieve it of this unpleasant disease, or even better - to prevent infection.


The main types of worms in dogs

Types of worms in dogs

In fact, there are a lot of parasites that need an animal body, but most often the dogs diagnose the following types of worms:

  • Heart worms - the disease that they cause is called dirofialiosis.
  • Intestinal worms - they include round, tapeworms, whipworms (whip-like worms) and hookworm (nematodes).

Veterinarians basically allocate various infestations and, based on the diagnosis and the revealed parasite, prescribe the appropriate treatment of worms in the dog.

What causes helminthiasis?

The widespread opinion that worms most often suffer stray dogs, in the root is not true. Without appropriate prevention, the risks of infection in domestic and stray animals are almost equal.

This is due to their wide distribution. Eggs of parasites can be in any place, including parks, green areas, entrances. In addition, they are often infected with food.

There is still a connection between the animal's immune system and the possibility of infection. Pets with low immunity are more susceptible to helminthic invasions.

Worms affect dogs of any age, even very small puppies can suffer from helminthiasis. But if an adult healthy deworming enough to get rid of parasites and return to normal life, then the organism of babies of such an invasion may not survive. That is why it is important, as soon as possible, to identify and destroy them.

Unfortunately, there is no means that could once and for all etch out parasites. And preventive measures are aimed only at reducing them, but, nevertheless, it helps to maintain the health of the pet and helps it to develop properly.

How the dog becomes infected with worms

Many are interested in the question of whether a person can get infected with worms from an animal. Some species of worms perfectly coexist in the human body, and most often they are found in children. This is another reason to take care of preventive measures.

Infection with helminths can occur in two ways:

  • Thanks to external sources, infected eggs of parasites . They can be feces, water from puddles, fish without heat treatment, especially river and so on. This method of infection is the most common and occurs while walking with a pet. Naturally, it is impossible to completely protect the dog from contacts with possible danger, but it is worthwhile to make sure that the dog does not pick up anything and does not drink dirty water.
  • Parasites are transmitted through carriers - other animals, as well as through organisms that are intermediate hosts of worm larvae. They are fleas , ticks .

Symptoms of worms in adult dogs and puppies

Virtually all owners of four-footed friends, especially dogs, are interested in the question, but can you determine whether a pet has a worm or not?

In fact, there are a number of signs that allow this to be clarified, and the symptoms depend on the type of pathogen and degree of injury.

The main symptoms of helminth infection are as follows:

  • Prolonged diarrhea can be caused by round worms or whipworms.
  • An admixture of blood, mucus in the feces can become a signal that the dog is infected with hookworm or a whipworm.
  • Parts of the body - segments of cestodes (tapeworms), can be found in fecal masses, as well as in the wool cover near the anus. Outwardly, they have a similarity to rice grains.
  • Round and tapeworms often provoke prolonged vomiting in the animal.
  • A severe swelling of the abdomen is a symptom of infection with nematodes (roundworms), most often accompanied by a loud rumbling.
  • Virtually all parasites , except hookworm, cause a significant weight loss in dogs.
  • The condition of the coat and skin can also signal the presence of worms in the body. If the wool has lost its shine, it is possible that the reason lies in round worms. They can also provoke skin irritations.
  • If parasites live in the intestine , then they take the bulk of incoming nutrients from the animal body. Naturally, this leads to various disorders and most often to the development of iron deficiency - anemia. You can detect it if you examine the gum of the animal, with anemia they lose their usual color and become pale. Such a symptom most often speaks of the infection of a hookworm dog or a whipworm.

The behavior of the animal in helminthic invasions can also vary. Tape worms cause pain syndrome - the animal becomes agitated, very often pets feel the itch in the anus and try to get rid of it, as if hanging on the ground.

A marked decrease in the activity of the pet should alert the owner, perhaps the animal is infected with hookworm or a whipworm.

It is much more difficult to determine the presence of cardiac parasites in an animal, this is due to the fact that during infection, this type of worms for a long time does not make itself felt. Even with severe damage to the body, signs of illness appear:

  • swelling in the abdomen;
  • abundant hair loss ;
  • cough ;
  • general weakness.

Also in this case, the pet becomes difficult to breathe, or, on the contrary, breathing becomes too frequent. The danger is that with such symptoms, the animal can not be saved.

For timely detection, you can only recommend that you regularly apply for diagnostics to the veterinary service.

As for the puppies, all the above symptoms concern them as well. If the baby has lost the shine of the coat, he has ceased to be active and gain weight, you need to urgently contact the veterinarian, without waiting for the manifestation of more serious symptoms.

What drugs to choose for degelmentizatsii

Of course, any symptoms of helminthic invasion are the reason for seeking medical help. But independent treatment is not recommended, as it is possible not only to not achieve positive results, but also to aggravate the condition of the pet.

To establish the type of parasite it is necessary to pass a feces analysis for a laboratory study. Only after the results the doctor will be able to prescribe effective therapy with the use of anthelmintic agents.

Puppies such drugs prescribed only with age, the most common of them are:

  • Drontal Junior - an effective remedy against nematodes, you can give puppies from two weeks of age. You can also see Drontal Plus . Drontal Junior from worms in dogs
  • Prazitel - a universal tool that affects virtually all types of parasitic worms (round, ribbon, flat), often appointed with a mixed type of infection, it is also possible to treat the puppies from two weeks. Prasitel from worms for dogs
  • Prasicides in the form of a suspension are an antiparasitic drug with a wide range of effects against nematodes and cestodes. Allowed to take only three weeks. Prasicides for dogs from worms

Among effective anthelmintic agents suitable for adult dogs, we can note the following:

  • Helminal - a suspension that relieves the body of an animal from tapeworms and nematodes. Helminal from worms in dogs
  • Dronzit - comes in two forms - in liquid (in the form of a solution) and tableted. Has a powerful effect against intestinal worms. Dronzit from worms in dogs
  • Milbemax - a remedy for small breeds, with its help you can save the pet from round and ribbon parasites. Milbemax from worms in dogs

Before giving the drug to the animal, you need to carefully read the information specified in the instructions and follow the recommendations specified in it. It is necessary to observe the dosage of the drug, otherwise active components of the drug can harm the weakened worms of the pet's organism. If you reduce the dosage, then parasites can not be withdrawn, a large dose will cause intoxication.

Prophylaxis of worms in dogs

As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to completely protect the dog from helminth infection. Even room dogs, using a tray for need, can become infected from street shoes if eggs of parasites enter it. But in the human power to still reduce all risks to a minimum, if regularly engaged in prevention.

Given the possibility of transferring parasites in the period of gestation, the animals must be given anthelmintics two weeks before the planned breeding. The first deworming of puppies is carried out from two weeks of age.

There should be a planned procedure, including the use of antiparasitic drugs. Veterinarians and experienced breeders recommend doing this every three months.

Preventive measures against worms in dogs

It is not necessary to choose a preventive tool yourself, it will be better if the professional does it. Drugs are purchased exclusively in specialized pharmacies and pet stores. Strictly required to comply with the terms and conditions of storage.

In addition, you need to exclude the possibility of free walking , it will reduce the ability of the pet to eat something from the ground, look into the street urns, talk with homeless relatives.

Some varieties of worms in the transition period (in the form of larvae) are transmitted through other parasitic organisms - fleas, ticks and lice. Therefore, timely antiparasitic treatment of the animal will allow you to get rid of two problems at once. In the warm season, when the risks of catching fleas are much higher, it is recommended to wear a special flea collar for the pet.

You can not allow a pet to communicate with wild animals, contact with carrion and feces. Especially vigilance should be shown in relation to dogs, which, due to natural instincts, lie in carrion, feces, to remove their own smell.

During the paddock it is better to stay away from places with high humidity and an abundance of insects, including mosquitoes. Preventive measures need to be supported by maintaining cleanliness in the home. The floor must be washed daily with a detergent, two to three times a week to use disinfectants. This is especially important for the place where street shoes are left.

Obligatory washing should be subjected to all dog accessories, the sunbed should be regularly washed. Since worm eggs can be found in food, meat and fish must be purchased in stores, and in no case on street markets. Before serving, it can be frozen, this will reduce the risk of infection. All offal products should be thoroughly heat treated. Adhering to simple rules, the owner will protect his beloved pet from helminth infections.

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